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  1. Well Duncan, That sounds like a challenge to me...perhaps all gamers ,especially those with the sidewinder series, should send some E-mails to Microsoft and let then know what we think about this policy. It would seem that maybe game developers and publishers would have a vested interest on this issue also.
  2. quote:In other words, we're living in a world of terror. LOL It's a war.......and the best we can hope for is a "Cease-Fire". [ 02-04-2002, 12:28: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  3. Tac, A very good topic. Alot of this stuff is already in the works. I know they were testing a Combat suit at Ft. Benning a few years ago.I don't think they had worked their way up to the full Titanium armor yet......But I know it had a "Smart" rifle with an Integral camera hooked to a helmet that you could use to magnify your sight picture and even use to fire around corners and behind you without having to turn around. When you take that "Starship Trooper/Traveller" Battle dress type Armor and combine it with the Cybernetic enhancement and direct neural interface from "Cyberpunk"(which I understand the Tech boys are hard at work on) Then you have a pretty formidable Grunt there. As computer CPU's continue to shrink to the molecular level the onboard computer capabilties of such a system could give the man on the ground unprecedented real-time threat analysis and tactical coordination. Not to mention high quality recordable Humint for the Intel guys at the theatre level of operations. Meanwhile those,DAT's( Dumb Ass Tankers,for you non-Infantry type folk) have a working Tank Mounted RAILGUN !!!( Gauss Gun,Mass driver ) Capable of throwing a round at 3 times the velocity of chemically propelled rounds...now if they just solve that portable power source problem......or get longer extension cords... Can't wait till they solve that Input/output differential and get a working Fusion reactor. Speaking of Railguns....be cool to have a Spinal mounted Mass Driver on my CC......Uhhhh I better be quiet before SC swings his crosshairs this way [ 01-29-2002, 22:55: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  4. Nathilus Glad to see you finally decided to jump into the fray....now let's see.... Each one of the Items In BCM have been assigned a specific Cargo bay that they are stored in....when you go to purchase them in tradcom it gives a little info screen down in the lower right....This tells you which Bay that particular Item will go to....these are NON transferrable...Ie. if It goes in cargo bay 1...It only goes in cargo bay 1. When upgrading make sure that you are NOT docked...you can only install upgrades when you are free of a station...also make sure that everyone needed to Install said upgrades is where they need to be.....ie chief Engineer, sysengineers on station. hope this helps... and by the way.....have ya thought about joining a Fleet yet?.......when ya do,give us a look see over at Wraith HQ
  5. That is Truly Pathetic. How does one become the shadow of a person that is "Shirley"? To hate somebody this much is not only borderline psychotic, but it also seems to be an almost Love/Hate relationship. It would seem that his entire online life is led in Dereks shadow. Having been spurned,he seeks to attach himself to Derek in the only way left to him.....as the ever present pain in the ass. While Derek attacks life, is bold, straightforward, outspoken and enjoys the respect and admiration of his fans and friends for his creative genius, "shirley" is nothing but a troll. Hiding in the shadows,making feeble attacks in an attempt to be somebody.trying hard to forget that he will never be able to create anything so noble or enjoy the admiration of his peers....or be part of this community and this experience...which deep down ,under the hate,Is what I think he desperately yearns for...... What a Sad, Pathetic little man... I know that this post was probably inappropriate, I'm not of the mind to get into the flame mode..it's just the way I see this. [ 01-24-2002: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  6. Seabee, RC stands for "Release Candidate" It's an incremental test-version of a patch that is released internally for the Beta-Testers to test drive before the final patch is released to the public. You'll have to forgive Nova there....It's hard for him to slow down enough for us commoners to understand him......It's the medpacks, you see....he just keeps going and going and going.
  7. Gustavo, Your Probe will move around the zone that you have it in....You have to order it to move to another zone.....And the fighters attacking it probably don't have a firing solution or just can't hit the damn thing.....They are hard to hit............... all of this has been covered before.... USE THE SEARCH ENGINE. Cheers
  8. Duncan, I suppose you can add me to the list also...I am having the same problems also...the error after exiting the game and trying to run it again,and the occasional corrupted saved game....but, I save often and I don't really mind rebooting....I hadn't mentioned it before because I'm really not in the same league as some of you guys ,in the technical department.....I'm just really HAPPY that the game runs and is otherwise stable!!! Sorry, I guess I should've said something sooner.
  9. Ganjo, The best way to lower your fuel consumption is to upgrade some of your systems...namely your Reactor,Engines and Shields...The upgrades are in the appendix on the CD.......How am I going to be able to afford those things,you say? Weeeeellllllllllll...you have several avenues you can use to get some cash...you can deploy your mining Drones on a planet or moon and allow them to collect precious minerals which you can sell or use if applicable, or you can Trade from Station to Station....I've found the Galcom HQ to Wraith Station in Lyrius to be a very profitable circuit. ABOVE ALL, I know you've probably read the manual and perused the online appendix, but I must Stress that you read them over and over because there are things that you will miss the first, third and fiftieth time you read it!! ALSO: Look through this forum and use the search engine provided to research any topic you might have a question on...there is a wealth of info here and someone else has probably asked the same questions you have... and finally, welcome to our nightmare ...lol... You will not find a better game, more dedicated developer or more tight-knit, helpful and intelligent gaming community anywhere else in the world....glad to have ya!
  10. ROFLMAO OMG......I think you've just came up with a whole new genre of computer sim!!!! LOL uhhhhhh.........what kinda system requirements do ya think you'd need to run something like that?.......lol [ 01-15-2002: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  11. LOL Some people just have too much time on there hands !!! Just like those guys that did all the calculations and then announced that Niven's RINGWORD was UNSTABLE.......LOL.....AS IF
  12. Although I guess it would be cool. I don't think it would be realistic. I'm pretty sure we would have a decent chance of detecting something the size of a Megaron with a nuclear reactor in local Earth-space even at our current tech...and this is supposed to be 1000 years in the future..... Not to mention the fact that even if this were true ,all inhabited systems would have a massive, interlocking, double redundant broad-spectrum sensor net of buoys, satellites and repeaters... such is the military mindset...And while that poses some interesting tactical play ....God, would it clutter up the tacops display. [ 01-12-2002: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  13. I say we give it a few days. With the new patch deleting the game saves,I'm still trying to get back past the point of worrying about survival, upgrades and money.....and I won't use the cheats .......
  14. GR, If you put your cursor over the area just below the PTA Icon.....It's where it shows your location...you'll see a little blue square light up,...left click....and then pick your poison. [ 01-06-2002: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  15. Race, I've been sitting here reading through your post...I know that I've read it at least 10 times... I was unsure if I should reply or not... let me start off by saying that I'm really sorry you had to have this experience. The first time you experience the result of a violent death really shakes you up and causes you to question alot of things in life....I know it did me....that experience is much worse if that person is a friend or a loved one... I sincerely wish you could've been spared that experience.. I don't think that anyone should have to go through that. However, even though I disagree with the somewhat callous tone of $ilk's reply, I do agree with most of the content... Not because I'm a right winger or any B.S. like that... but because I know it's right. How do I know it's right? Well, I know it's right because I believe in this Country, I believe in our founding father's, and I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I know it's right because I've travelled to other countries around the world and saw what it was like elsewhere. I know it's right because simple causal logic tells me it's right. What I don't understand,and believe me I've tried, is that out of the story you related to us above you came up with "guns are to blame". your client getting shot was just an effect... and the gun was just a tool. As unfeeling as that may sound. It is the truth. What was the cause behind the situation? It seems that now days we concentate on "effects" and "tools" instead of getting to the causes of all these things that are happening around us. Why, I don't know... personally I feel that we're steared in that direction by the media and the government. Some of it may be because it is hard for people to admit that their really is evil out there. or that it makes us look at ourselves and ask "is there something more I could be doing or am I a part of the problem" many people are uncomfortable with the answers they come up with. This attitude assures that we as a society will run around trying to put out out the "brushfires of effect", while the "cancer of cause " lingers and grows. As I have already alluded to earlier,I believe that the "War on Drugs" is a sham.We spend billions every year on a "war" that cannot be won.Our jails and prisons are overflowing and yet you can go to almost any major city in the U.S. and still find drugs relativly easy.I used to be a Cab driver...I KNOW this to be true. So, It's fairly obvious that a new approach is needed. Instead on concentrating on "Why" people turn to drugs to escape their reality and work on fixing that, we criminilize the whole deal and assure that their will be a Black Market.WE assure that their will be pushers all over every city in the U.S.,We assure that their will be theft,assault, and murder and all of the other crimes that feed that monster.. I personally believe that the use of drugs leads to an addiction that enslaves the mind, body and soul. IMO though, If we took the money out of drugs by decriminalizing or legalizing them, applied taxes and tarrifs to any drugs coming into the U.S.,We could get rid of those guys selling drugs on the corner...because there wouldn't be any money in it..we could use that money from the "War on drugs" for treatment and therapy for those that want it, Social Programs to keep people from walking down that road to begin with, and more education for our children to show them the way. For those that still cling to that path and are ADULTS that prefer to spend their life in oblivion.........let them....however,no drivers license, No hospital treatment,etc....one proviso....if you get caught giving , selling, or slipping drugs to our children.....the death penalty. make people responsible for their own actions and decisions...as it should be. As for scary,What I find scary is the fact that out of the situation you described above you got "guns are bad". As for myself and probably others you might find "scary" in this community.I love my family and friends with a passion,I work hard, play hard, and try to be a good person. If I could go the rest of my life without hurting another person,that would be my wish. I also respect your right to disagree with anything and everything that I've said.I respect your right to a differing opinion and the right to voice that opinion. However,should you or anyone else try to abridge the rights of me or mine as guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights and as intended by our forefathers.....then yes...I can be "scary" Sorry I might have gotten a little off topic there guys [ 01-02-2002: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  16. Nimbus, When you go into the Tacops comp click on a planet area....then "Observe" tab.....this will show you a layout of the whole planet......click on a spot on the planet..er...at least once...maybe twice I don't remember....when you have done that the waypoint tabs should turn yellow and you should be able to delete your waypoints.... hope this helps
  17. Then we are in agreement on that point...those States that were formerly the U.S.S.R. probably could not stand against a conventional Full scale Chinese offensive. Another key factor I think would be a lack of centralized Command and Control.Not to mention the number of madmen over there who would see an opportunity to seize power for themselves. If China hit them hard at the beginning of the conflict, ie. a Blitzkrieg type offensive, someone over there might panic and hit the big red button.....and the Russian's have some serious nuclear warheads and delivery assets......all the makings of a global catastrophe. quote:.don't repair tanks, overwhelm them. Russia has many (yes maybe of lower quality) more tanks than China.They also have the manpower to staff them....china's main power is in it's infantry...armor vs infantry? thats a no brainer.. The Russian States may have more Tanks than the Chinese but I question their Technical and logistical support in the field....I don't think they could keep them in the battle. I'm not sure what you mean by "Armor vs. Infantry ,that's a no-brainer", Because such is not the case....This isn't Axis & Allies....unsupported Armor is cannon fodder to a well trained and supplied light Infantry. especially an Infantry with heavy Artillery support. The Russian military doctrine of the broad assault front using the Motorized Rifle Regiment in an on-line assault in an attempt to envelope the enemy will not work against the Chinese because the Russians can't maintain a broad enough front to keep from getting enveloped themselves. case in point about the Infantry. While I was in the Army, The only unit to EVER fight the OPFOR forces at FT. Irwin,The National Training Center for Desert Warfare, to a stand still was a U.S. Ranger Battalion....with the 10th Mountain coming close...both of these are light Infantry units....and that is an impressive feat since those OPFOR guys have their $hit together ,because they do it everyday and they know the Area of Operation like it was their own backyard....essentially it was. quote:plus china uses the type 80 ak47 model ...which is a smaller pos model, while russia uses the classic ak74..the one designed by kalashnikov himself. In this type of engagement the diference in quality between the Russian AK and the Chicom AK is of no great matter.....they both put hot steel down range ..... the golden BB theory is in effect ... lol as for the Spetznaz, yes they are hardcore and well trained...I just don't know how effective they would be against the Chinese.... and once again we run into those Command and Control and logistics issues....both of which are needed to run successful covert-op missions....using the Spetznaz for anything else would be a waste. It would indeed be interesting.
  18. quote:lol Terminator-class fighter LOL those are probably the kind that SC has on His CC
  19. Are you trying to delete them in the Tacops computer using the DEL button in the WAYPOINTS taskbar?....thats where I delete mine.
  20. quote:By that last question, I'm particularly wondering if there's a way to speed arrival to different parts of the planet - perhaps choosing where to descend from orbit. If you set up a waypoint on the planet for your CC when you enter the planets atmosphere you will be close to that waypoint.If your already on the planet do the same exit the planet into orbit and then re-enter and you'll come back down close to the waypoint.....there is NO time compression As for the shields.....sounds like it's time to do some trading...make some cash....and upgrade those puppies...lol.......Yes, Fighters can be very Dangerous in this game....Wait til MP when they're gonna have HUMAN pilots!!! It's gonna be great!! Have a wonderful day. [ 12-30-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  21. JJ, I feel that you are overly optimistic on the abilties of the Russian states to succesfully repel an invasion attempt by the Chinese.While it is true that no modern army has been able to push into the interior of Mother Russia,most of those attempts have come from the european front where the stalwart Russian people were aided by not only that hellish Russian winter but also by the Ural mountains. Russia HAS been taken though...by the mongol hordes of Ghengis Khan...riding ponies.....FROM the CHINA region...if they had that front coupled with the India and Pakistani territories, I think the Russian States would be hard pressed to defend against Chinese incursion ...especially in the Eastern regions including Siberia...lot's of untapped resources there.....We don't even want to think about letting this domino effect start!!! as for the table of organization of the Indian and Pakistani militaries go. sometimes numbers can be deceiving...alot would depend on how those assets have been trained and how they are used. and the nukes...the real question with them isn't number..but payload.What are they playing with. Are we talking some thing on par with Hiroshima, which was like 13 kilotons.Or do they have weapons closer to what we are fielding....I don't belive they do, but I don't know for sure...if they are fielding warheads 100 Kilotons and up it would definately effect countries outside their own region. In which case the U.N. would be forced to try and take some action....has anybody read or know anything about their nuclear payloads and delivery systems? [ 01-01-2002: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  22. Interesting discussion gentleman,I've really enjoyed following it. While I've looked into these topics from time to time, I'm not even close to being abreast of current events as you guys. I would like to stir up the pot a little though.I would like to hear how you guys think and what you know about some of things I'm going to bring up. While I was in the Army and after I got out I heard reports of our spec-war community being polled and asked would they fire on American citizens if the Gov't tried to disarm the populace. I've also heard ,from a source I trust and is close to said community, that our retired and ex-miltary spec-war soldiers feel that such a conflict is imminant under the aegis of a U.N. Global Government drive,and they have already started aligning themselves with the differing factions.......anybody know anything about this?....It seems remarkable,but my main source for this info is someone I trust with my life Has anyone read the book "Behold a Pale Horse"? and if so, does anyone have any thoughts to the validity of the information in that book, In particular a document titled "Silent Weapons for Secret Wars" or something like that. As for the M-16, I feel that it has gotten a really bad rap for jamming,I especially like the M-16a2 incarnation.If it is maintained properly I found that it really didn't jam all that much.While perhaps not as hearty in extreme envirironments and situations as the AK series it is much more accurate if zeroed properly. However if given a choice, I would probably go with the Israeli Galil, an excellent weapon. Of course my "Dream" gun is an MP-5SD OHH and if you've never fired a M-249 SAW and you're a gun enthusiast you have missed a VERY pleasant experience.....THEY ROCK...lol once again, gentleman , It has been a pleasure
  23. Well I for one do feel cheated.I've been running the game almost non-stop since the SC made his RANDOM challenge and now this.....guess you guys will beat me on this one ....I'll just wait and get it the old fashion way.
  24. Jeff, I'll start out by saying "Welcome" to the community. After reading your post I can't help but think that you have a difficult task ahead of you.I've had BCM for over a month now and I still find something new, that astonishes me, every day. Although you can have a blast with the other character castes and occupations, you don't really see the true heart of the game until you play a Military commander character. Once you start,and get through the initial awkward phase of trying to figure out what the hell is going on,and if you are gonna be able to do anything about it,the game takes on a life of it's own...er..well, a bunch of lives actually. When you stop yelling at the computer because it's kickin' your butt and start yelling at Paul Resnig because his incompetent marines can't find the intruders that just stole your Alien artifacts, Or you feel that twinge of sadness because YOU'VE just made it through a really grueling battle, but Hellraiser and Nightwing are floating out there in a fighter YOU sent them out in,ignoring your Return To Base command.....and why are they ignoring you?...because their almost intact fighter took a hit in the cockpit or life support and they are quite lifeless....dead....when you start caring where every person on your ship is and what they're doing....that's when you START to understand what BCM is about. Anyway,hope you have fun with the game...... and Happy Holidays [ 12-26-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
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