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  1. Damn Akira, That's friggin' scary when you put it like that. I didn't realize they were that close to moving against the PC. Is there going to be anyway we can stop that from happening?
  2. Epsilon 5, I've only went after one ODS since I've been playing.I cloaked and got very close and used my IOD set at 20%.....Those things are very hard to hit!!!! and very Tough!!!! it took me a long time to finally take it out..I tried using the PAD on it and couldn't hit the darn thing.... Best of luck!
  3. JJ. You launch a shuttle and then give it orders to "Cargosweep".It will then try to collect all the little cargopod's in the area.....keep an eye on it though...sometimes they like to wander off....lol....oh yeah if it's a cargopod that's near to a RED ODS you are likely to lose the shuttle so check the pod locations.
  4. It is very easy to make money in BCM,And if you can't figure it out yourself ,all you have to do is search this forum. There is a wealth (pardon the pun) of information on this topic in several threads here. Also, a number of people in this community have worked hard mapping out lucrative trading routes and techniques and made that information available to everyone here.It really doesn't take all that long. If you can't master this relatively easy aspect of the game,how can you hope to coordinate a planetary assault? all the answers are here...all you have to do is look for them. Have a Merry Christmas [ 12-25-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  5. $ilk, My respect for you has just grown by leaps and bounds.Between you and Akira you've covered alot of my own personal thoughts and beliefs,based on my experiences in life. So,Instead of trying to add anything to what you've said about the gun control issue,I'll instead ask some questions,and maybe give an opinion or two on things that I think might be closely related to this issue. Do any of you think that this tendency by the government and media to heighten and play upon the fears of the public is a precursor to a deliberate attempt to radically change the fundemental civil freedoms of the American people? Do any of you think that the "War on Drugs" is more or less a sham? By the simple rules of supply and demand,the Government is assuring that there will always be a drug trade. What is the possibilty that the smartest of Akira's "Bullies" have gravitated to the hall's of government with the action's of the "B"s paving the way....intentionally or not? and finally, It is astonshing to me, that alot of the "B"'s remain so adament in their views as long as someone else is bearing the brunt of their convictions,but quickly convert to "A"s when they,or their loved ones are at risk. Would love to hear what the reat of you have to say on these topics. Everyone have a Merry Christmas
  6. quote:You will lose EPs depending on the race/caste you were playing. Check out the appendix for the EP distribution list. Yeah, I already looked at that...I was a Ter/Mil capturing Ter/Ins New America....I thought that by the chart I would gain Ep...I thought maybe I was missing something else.
  7. quote:On the issue of the cloak raids, I guarantee, that everytime I attack a station or at ODS under cloak, I am ignored and free to pound them into rubble without fear of detection. Perhaps someone could try and reproduce this for me, so I can be sure this is an issue. I know that something is up, it works everytime for me. I've been using the same tactics and can take out any station that I've come across so far,while taking little or no damage. I discussed this with my fellow commanders in Wraith. I didn't know if it was a problem or not. I went on a run night before last and decided to capture them instead of destroying them.Worked like a charm.Although with a pad you have to be a little light on the trigger. I captured two stations...one of them being New America..gosh she looks much better in green than red..lol also have some neat screenshots of my Megaron INSIDE New America....really cool!!....The problem is that by capturing both of these stations I LOST EP. I went from 11,000+ at the beginning of the night to -800 at the conclusion of the operation against New America....I din't mention it before because I thought I had missed something .I've been reading and still can't find an answer to this incident. I consulted my Wing leader about it and he said he would check on it....If anybody else has had a similar experience I would love to hear about it.
  8. I am sooooo wounded. Here I am takin' flak for defendin' my Fleet commander's commanderness and the only pot you gentleman can come up with is 500 credits and a case of Vagrants?.....ok..I'll see your vagants and 500 credits and raise you a case of Falkerian whisky and a autographed picture of Paul Resnig in mint condition except for the dart holes in his face. However,I feel it is my duty to warn you that I project IOD bolts from my eyes and ride Vagrants for fun,and.... BOOM SLAP POW ....HEEEYYYY PUTT ME DOWNNNNNNNN...... NO ....NO .... DON'T OPEN THAT DOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. [ 12-20-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  9. [RP] Lieutenant JJ, Take care in the manner and tone with which you address the CO and XO of Wraith Fleet.Don't you guys have "protocol" classes over at Orion? ( you know about those guys and their "ranks and positions" lol),If not, we have plenty of things at Wraith HQ that need cleaning...lol [/rp] And welcome to you,Commander Black. As Wing Leader Marcel pointed out above, give us a visit over at Wraith HQ, we are always looking for good commanders. [ 12-20-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  10. Allright TAC let's not go overboard on this thing.My half-wits(...I guess quarter-wits would be more accurate) are already behind the power curve as it is.They are doing a fine job of mucking things up on their own without any help from some ancient artifact,the SC, or anybody else.... Sheeesh.... sadist!...lol [ 12-18-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  11. I, for one,would like to initiate a few new SOP's on board my ship. Ter/Ins Marine running through the corridor towards the shuttlebay duffelbag thrown over his shoulder,rounds the corner and------- (COMPUTER VOICE) YOU ARE NOW ENTERING THE SHUTTLEBAY PLEASE PLACE ALL WEAPONS,MINERALS,METALLIC OBJECTS,AND ALIEN ARTIFACTS IN THE PLASTIC TRAY AND STEP THROUGH THE DETECTOR !! GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL: Place your duffelbag on the conveyer any other contraband in the tray and step through the detector ! TER/INS MARINE: HEY! What is this?I come this way ALL THE TIME and this was never here! GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL: New orders.just do what I told ya!....oh yeah..has anybody but you had access to your bag today,sir? TER/INS MARINE: uhhhh..... No GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL: Well,Then let's take a look at that bag(zip..zip)Well now, what have we here, a PAD device?....Sir I'm gonna have to ask you to step outta that line and answer a few questions....Have you got a reciept for this device? TER/INS Marine: HEY!!(starts backing up) That ain't mine...I don't know where that came from.I didn't put that in there. GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL:HEY BOY!! are you trying to get smart with me....HUH!!!...WHAT"S YER AI BOY? TER/INS MARINE:..uhhhh...uhhhhh....19. GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL:19 !!!!.....19 !!!!......really? The GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL looks over at RESNIG's blank face.....back at the bunny marine....RESNIGS blank face...bunny marine. GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL:WANNA JOB?
  12. I think All of us here have duplicated it.....It really ticked me off when I went to attack a station...was boarded...tried to fire my PAD at the station....and guess what...it's a no go....my bridge crew is looking around like the half wits they are and then all eyes turn to Resnig...who has become rather red-faced and behind him on the vid are two big ugly guys carrying the darn PAD into the shuttlebay........meanwhile we're having a new a$$ ripped in the ship because the station has decided that they really don't care for us being around anymore.....yeah we've been through it. [ 12-17-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ] [ 01-01-2002: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  13. Am I the only one that is pinching themselves hoping to awake from a bad dream? I wish I had been active here long enough to understand what the H#LL is going on.we've all been waiting for BCM to get here and finally it's here and everything starts falling apart. SC,I can understand,that for you, it's about the game from a game designer's viewpoint.But what is a game for....why does the game exist? I thought that the answer to that question was "To be played".You have achieved that goal.But not only through the game,but through this collection of people present at this community.Through the game,you, and us there is a synergy that cannot be found elsewhere....ANYWHERE.For all of us out here this game has become THE GAME. many of us out here have been late for work,late for class,...er..cough..called in sick ...neglected other things and people...and why? because we understand the potential of what was happening here.that something was happening here that many of us have waited years and years for.And the sky was the limit.......no I take that back...there were no limits...this thing just promised to get better and better.I've had the most fun in years just interacting with these other people who were sharing the same experience with me.I spent days getting my Sig right and getting registered for this and that....I got excepted to a fleet and now my thoughts were filled with expectations of upcoming engagements,Fleet order of battles and my place in all of that.What a RUSH!!! I wanted to be a part of something like this.something that promised,despite your detractors and nay-sayers,to transcend anything that has EVER BEEN.To quote another person from this forum "This is gonna be SWEEEEET".NOBODY could stop this.......Well...nobody but you.Many have offered suggestions and help so that you could concentrate on the game and the frachise.But the game isn't just the code.it's also this human element that you've shared your vision with. I can't even run the game without getting emotional now,I can't imagine how the people who have been around here for years are feeling. I spent the last couple of weeks calling gamer friends all over the States, telling them " Hey man you have GOT to check this out....this is gonna be the SH!T ", Now I feel stupid.......... maybe I am. To all of you out there: I wish you the best of luck and hopefully I'll see you out there on some other site. To the SC: I hope you find the balance in your life that allows you to have fun with this and us again. quote:You can win the Battle,But lose the War [ 12-16-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  14. Welllll, There ya go....I was 100% WRONG!..lol I think I'll slink over here to the shadows and await the next opportunity to expose my ignorance for all to see...lol
  15. The things that make BCM the phenomenon that it is, It's depth of gameplay and dynamic universe, are the things that hurt it in casual review. I bought the game on Nov 21 and have played at least a little while every day,but usually I play for hours daily. I see something new EVERY DAY.....Or maybe I just comprehend something new every day. Anyway my point is that in a single weekend you just don't understand enough of what's going on, to know what your looking at out there. Given the deadlines given to journalist I find it hard believe that any reviewer would be able to put enough time into the game to give it a fair and accurate review.......even if he just happened to be a BCM addict like most of us here. [ 12-14-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  16. Gustavo, I'm not 100% sure about this.But,I THINK that this sound is a shockwave from a ship making a Hyperjump transit.If you hit F4 when you are in hyperjump and look behind you,you'll see some kind of shockwave or something forming behind you. [ 12-14-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  17. Schmendrick, And so what? Alot of us have probably encoutered such individuals. They are one end of the spectrum.But, I don't think they represent Gamers.at least to me they don't.The gentleman that introduced me to gaming was a PHD,Head of the County Board of Education,and a well groomed,articulate and well liked man.Since then I've met gamers of every stripe. All of this aside though.I feel it is entirely inappropriate to insult the man because he has had a different experience with gamers than you. [ 12-13-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  18. Simparadox, All of the above was very nicely said.I concur.
  19. Thanks for the sig logo Tyrn. [ 12-12-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  20. quote:38 Right on !!!! I finally found someone older than me around here Well OBAN,You've found another,I'm 35. In the last week I've also been called a DS sychophant as well as some other, "Not so flattering" things...lol.I really don't care...All I know is that I'm having a Blast!!! And I'm not taking any crap off of anyone because I love the game and like you People on this Forum..."sigh"...Yes, even the "Infamous" SC...LOL I just wanna make sure that "ALL Y'ALL" are here to take yer turn in my sights for MP When ya hear "There is something out there" and then Kendrick starts rattling damage reports.....that'll be ME.....LOL Seriously though,All you Vets are doing a fine job of getting us "nOOBS" squared away. Keep up the good work because I think many more will arrive....especially when MP and BCO are up and running.
  21. WELLL. ya know. The thing is. If the rule makes sense, use it. If it didn't, We didn't. It's hard to convince a bunch of Infantry grunts that their TW2000 M-16's were jamming,when their REAL M-16's didn't behave in a similar fashion. That's the mark of a good GM, knowing which rules to use,which are BS and which not to back down on. The best GM's I've ever gamed with always used the gaming mechanics as just a way to structure the Story.they never let game mechanics ruin the roleplaying. [ 12-10-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  22. Ahhhh..Some of my fondest gaming memories are from playing Traveller.....It's hard to believe that's been 20 years ago...lol But nothing compares with those weekend gaming marathons when I was in the Military.Drinking beer, eating pizza and playing Twilight 2000.Those were the days....can't seem to find a group these days,at least not one that wants to role play instead of pencil-whipping their characters to perfection. And who here as ever played "Morrow Project"? [ 12-10-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
  23. I saw "The making of..."also,It looks like it is going to be a masterpiece! Would really like to see the "Elric" saga and the "Wheel of time" series on the silver screen also. Speaking of "The Wheel of Time", I hear the new RPG is fresh off the presses. Has anyone had a chance to look at it yet?
  24. Greetings Gentlemen, I am honored to serve beside commanders of such high (and low) repute, as yourselves. I look forward to the upcoming campaigns and the chance to prove myself an able commander. Oh, and on a side note. I was wondering if the age old SPEC-OP formula for tallying kills is still in effect. 2x Asteroids 5x Cargo pods 3x Tramp freighters 1x Starmonk 1x disabled Shuttle 2x Farmers 8x Pigs 5x Chickens = 197 Confirmed Kills [ 12-09-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ] [ 12-09-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]
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