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  1. Thanks for that link. It looks promising. I'm worred about trying it however, because I can't seem to alter the config.sys and autoexec.bat files. Every time I add something to them, for example the EMS memory configuration lines so that I can run old dos games, when I reboot, they have been replaced with new, blank files. I can't figure it out...

  2. The guy is 20... he has his own place... He is an adult. He can joing the army and go and kill other people, he can kill himself too, and it is in no way the fault of the parents. Maybe they were rotten parents, maybe they were good parents. They are idiots for sueing EQ... except they might end up winning..., but beyond that, we know nothing. We know the guy was a dumbass... He has epilepsy, so he spend 12 hours in front of a game that has the potential to induce fits... this, however, has nothing to do with anything. Epilepsy doesn't make you suicidal. He didn't smash his brains out during a fit, her killed himself, intentionally.

    I'm 21, if I do and shoot someone, are you going to blame my parents? No, because its not their fault, its my fault. What, fundamentally, is the difference? I kill myself, I kill someone else... the difference is that one is stupid, and one is mean.

    Blaming the parents is just as stupid as blaming EQ. Either way is moving the blam from where it belongs, on the dumb nerd that offed himself. Some people want to die... its free will. Maybe its dumb, but its free will, and there is no one else to blame but the dumbass.

  3. It will be very easy to do all of those thing in epIII... Lucas pukeass gets all of his storylines from historical models. The orignial trilogy is simple an american war of independace in space. The rebel voices are all yankee hicks, and the "empire" is very obviously the british imperial empire, imperial navy etc.

    The fall of the republic and the rise of the empire are the same as either the roman paradigm, or a nazi german one... en either case, the leader of the democratic system is granted emergence powers to quell an immediate threat, and then declars himself ceasar/dictator... very simple, very classic. As soon as the emperor declars himself such, the republic loyalists revolt and break off, and have to fend of the clones (aka the clone war), where the seemt to kill most of the actual clones, but still get beaten into hiding. The two terrible actors love intrest is to the point where the brats will probably have been spawned by the time the next movie picks up the story. The foreshadowing of anakin turning is so heavy handed that he is practically evil already. As seen from the first two screenplays, a trained monkey writes this stuff, so it really isn't very hard to figure out.

    Now to bashing the movie proper.... I'm really good at hating things, but this heap of feces left me speechless for days... but now I'm ready.

    The acting was bad... it was bad. But all of the actors have demonstrated talent elswere (even anakin), so the fault would seem to lie with the director being really heavy handed, and the script being the worst script ever written.

    The "characterization" was heavy handed and terrible, sacraficing any subtly and quality to make it very explicit, who was what.

    The love scenes... the dialogue was bad enough, but the cliches... the running throw the meadow full of dandilions... police academy made fun of that cliche years ago. There is no excuse for that. Yes, the love intrest had to be there. There are people that can actually write a good love story. Most great epics involve a love interest. There is no reason it had to be that terrible. The characters didn't even act as was in the nature of their characters. In what world does the pick up line "not just the men, I killed the women and the children too" result in sympathy from a woman? Especially given that her character is defined as being compassionate and proper... There is no way her character would not think what he did was wrong, love or no love.

    The dialogue at the clone place... McGregor can act, but no one can make that dialogue make sense... It was painfully obvious that he had no clue what was going on, and no matter what mind trick, even Jar Jar wouldn't have believe a word Obi said the the long necked weird, badly done thing.

    Why would anyone clone a bounty hunter for their army? Why not a real, loyal, soldier?

    Why was the evil jedi so pathetic, dull, and uninteresting? Villains are the fun part.

    Where does a cenetor learn to pick a lock?

    Who would trust Jar Jar to be a cenetor?

    The special effects were good, but I like the old puppet better... flawed though they were, the were often more convincing... yoda for example, was better as a puppet. I also miss the models... the model ships were better then the CG ships, to my taste anyway. There was lots of CG stuff that was beautiful though, like the water falls... although, it look a lot like niagra with a meadow in front of it.

    The movie was terrible. The writer of the script should be executed for crimes against literature. The plot was dull, the dialogue was terrible, how can it get worse? So the battle scenes were good. Start trek is about adventure, and adventure is about heros, characters, and dialogue, otherwise its just 2 and a half our game of DOOM that you don't have any control over, with lots of boring stuff in between...

    Oh, and when your are "protecting" someone, you do not go out into a field, in the middle of no where, with no one around, with no cover for 100 of miles, and no way to escape if you are attacked, in a place associate with the person you are trying to protect. Even a cocky jedi, shouldn't be that stupid.


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  4. I did see the "I lived under socialism" statment... And I don't know the exact circumstances, but I imagine that's where you get your irrational fear of socialism, which is understandable. I don't doubt that capitalism looks pretty damn good when compared to whatever was labeled capitalism or socialism there... However taking the particular and making it the rule, the generality, is innapropriate and silly. Whatever label it had, doesn't make it socialism, and there is no rule saying that all socialist setups must be designed and implemented that way.

    You are also partially right in saying that "that guy" in a capitalist system does ged rewarded, big time... In some cases that is true. A good employer will reward his staff... however, as you are all so fond of pointing out, human nature can't be trusted, so there is absolutly no reason to assume that that is generally true. Even if your personal experience was a good one, that doesn't make the system good. If you were a high ranking government officer in russia while it was communist, you'd have thought communism was pretty damn good. Your problem is that you fail to look beyond your immediate environment, and you make the erronious assumption that all other discomfort, disorder, pain, suffering and bad luck is the result of laziness and stupidity. This, in itself, is the height of inhuman, stupidity and narromindedness.

  5. That is a help. Thanks. I still have strange problems, like when I try to set up EMS memory, or in fact, set up any drivers at all... configurations that I know work with my hardware, because I tried them back when I had win98...

    I also hear that there was a "patch" that allowed you to shut down to DOS mode in windows me, just like you would have in 98... Does anyone have any more ideas?

  6. 1 People are continually confusing socialism and communism. They aren't the same thing.

    2 There is really no reason why a person can't be rewarded under a communist or socialist system. The idea is simply that the people that actually do the work, get the reward. Instead of all the money going to the CEO or the sharholders, it gets dispersed as the workers see fit. If I am say, a grunt that assembles machinery, in a sucessful company in a capitalist system, I am, by definition, being rewarded less than the income I actually produce for the company I'm working for. What makes that fair exactly? Becaus the guy that owns the company worked harder than I did to get there? What dream world are you living in?

    If I own x compay because my daddy died and left it to me, I'm not on top because I worked harder, or better, or am superior (as opposed to genetically inferior as the scary neo-nazi guy mentioned) it is a result of chance. If I, for the sake of argument, pay some guy to run the company for me, and he vastly improves the profitability of the company, he is still getting the same salary, I, who do nothing, am making vastly more money... This can and does happen in capitalism. In what way is that "encourage hard work?" Maybe that's the best job that that chump I'm paying can get, so he can't just leave, and screw me over. So I'd be screwing him over. A socialist system could be set up so that the ammount of income my labour actuall produces is actually given to me. The better workers would then make more... This isn't how the communist manifesto explains things, but no one said it was the bible.

    Of course, people can, and do, build their own companies. I have nothing but admiration for these people. They do not however make up the majority of the population. Why should the system be set up to benefit a minority?

    And who says production is the primary objective of life? What did John Milton actually produce? He is the perhaps the greatest figure of english literature, but did he make anything you could sit on, or eat? No.

    Anyway, communism, or socialism, isn't the ultimate answer to anythig. That doesn't mean that it doesn't have good, positive ideas that could be implemented to the benefit of everyone. Capitalism, also, is not a the end all and be all of economic theory, and social systems. Just because it is the current system, doesn't make it the best system, and even if it were, it doesn't mean it can be improved/limited/ revised.

    Lets all sit on our asses, secure in the belief that the world will continure on its happy way because we all believe in capitalism. A system based on the principle of infinite expansion, in a world of finit resource and space. Surly it'll never cause problems. Inflation doesn't exist. Oh, and just as capitalism encourages the best in people, it'll encourage the best in social conscience, and environmental concern. Surly it'll result in the best option for out environment (and our continured existence) even if it isn't the most profitable course of action... Ignorance IS bliss isn't it?

  7. The Thin Red Line

    Blade Runner:director's cut

    The Vanishing (The Dutch/french one, not the silly american vrap version.

    The Excorcist

    Wild Zero

    Dr. Strangelove

    Full Metal Jacket



    Run Lola Run



    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

    Star Treck 2

    Star Wars (all of the original ones)

    Blawk Hawk Down

    In The Name of the Father


    Das Boot




    The Hunt for Red October

    Death to Smoochie

    Battle Royale

    The Life of Brian

    Lord of the Rings

    Ghost Dog

  8. How can anyone not love Death to smoochy!!!???

    I mean, you have to have a bit of a sick sense of humor, but it was great. Actually, I was expecting and hoping for something a little darker, but it was still good.

    How can you not laugh at a purple rhino kids show host singing to neo-nazis? Hail smoochy!

    And that happy, bubbly, annoying rainbow rudolph theme song with the subtextual reference to penis-envy? Size doesn't matter because friends come in a all sizes?

    It is sick, it is insane, it is brilliant.

    bastard son of barney...


  9. Fair enough with the bungors, but my problems don't need bungors, all I have to do is look at things in tacops.

    The celeron, also, is not overclocked. That's how it came as part of a standard packaged IBM.

    Upgrade to a newer video card.


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  10. ┬À Pentium III 500Mhz or equivalent AMD processor

    ┬À 128 MB RAM

    ┬À 32MB DirectX 8 compliant 3D graphics card with TnL

    ┬À 16x CD-ROM

    ┬À DirectX 8 compliant Joystick

    These are the recommended specs from the product info page... Rather than being barely minumum, my specs seem to be rather double the minimum, and even in excess of the recommended, so I think I'm justifyed in being a bit disappointed that I can't vist the same planet multiple times without the grinding to an unplayably slow framrate.

    Reguardless, I thank you for you explanations and I'm satisfied that there is nothing broken, and nothing to be fixed short of buying a new computer, and I'll enjoy the great game inspite of the unfortunate limitations imposed upon it by my system.

    Thank you for you time.

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  11. I suppose that's the best bet... I've been trying also to tractor it with a shuttle, but that doesn't work.

    I'll have to just use the hold thing in tacops and do it that way... I always feel like I'm cheating when I use the hold button... it kinda negates that real-time aspect.

  12. So, then, it is pretty much impossible for anyone, reguardless of their machine, to visit every area on a planet with the same profile, whether you try all visit them all at one time, or go back to the planet on several occasions?

    I don't mean to ask dumb questions, I just want to be clear. If it is a problem with my machine, or with my setup, I'll keep trying to figure out what my problem is, but if it just a fact of the game, I'll just ignore it.

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  13. I was wondering if anyone else was using a TNT-2 card, and if they could share their experience with me. The game runs perfectly, with two exceptions: I still have the prescan crash problem periodically, and I still have opaque rebuilding structures which, as I understand, are related to driver problems.

    If anyone else has had these problems with a TNT-2 card, and solved them, I would appreciate any imput they could offer.

    I understand from the FAQ that the det 3 1080 or 1101 are recommended for TNT-2 cards, but the problems persist when I try those drivers, and I find I generally get better performance with the newest Nvidia drivers that are indicated in my system profile.

    The only information I can add to my system profile is that I run the game on the lowest recommended gaphics setting except that, as per the FAQ, I run with in 32 bit screen depth to correct problems with model rendering, which although it unfortunatly reduces performance, is necessary.


  14. I have a similar lag, but if it occurs if I simply visit 20 different mzone scenes. After I've explored a few places on any given planet with tacops, whether I actually interact with them or not, I can do anything on the planet with out teh FPS grinding to a halt. I'm writing mostly to satisfy my curiosity, and I just wanted to know if an area is processed differently once you've visited it, and if there is any way to "close" the area. I hope the question isn't too dumb...

  15. It's is a fast little monster... I sent four fighters after it, but they just keep hypejumping after it it and by the time they come out of the jump, its gone... Nothing can catch it. I did try mining a jumpgate, but I' can seem to position the leeches so that anything actually collides with them, which is unfortunate, because they would definitly do the job...

  16. I have a pecular CTD problem. I started a new game after uninstalling and reinstalling BCM, updating to the .07 patch. I lost one of my fighter craft in a battle, FC1 specifically, and when I got together the cash to buy a new one. I lauched it and had it return to base after a while, and the second it docks, the game crashes to windows. I had save prior to launching the fighter, so I restored and tried it again. Launching, and immediatly ordering it to RTB and as soon as it docks the game crashes. I can launch any of the other fighters, and have them dock with no problem, but FC1, the one I had to replace, crashes the game every time.

  17. I find that in order to make the time requirements of acm, you have to severly limit your use of frontend controls. game time still passes while using them but, as far as I can tell, nothing actually happens in the game world while you are in a front end screen.

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