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  1. Thank God. Can't wait to dump my EVE account for some real sci-fi. Very much looking forward to this. Best of luck Derek!
  2. Is it multiplayer? I'm guessing no...
  3. Getting this when I try to enlist on the board... >>Error registering: Duplicate entry 'Caseck' for key 2 Help plz? I've tried to register with a couple of fleets, but have gotten no reply, so I'm assuming I've somehow gummed up the works with multiple applications... Trying to join EARTHCOM/VANGUARD fleet currently...
  4. My question is, would they have still died if he had put them in the shuttles? Would the shuttle life-support still function in that situation? (Granted of course, depending on the ship, they couldn't have ALL fitted in the shuttle(s)...)
  5. You know, it's kinda' funny. We contemplated rear firing missiles back in the '80's when it looked like we were going to go toe-to-toe with the Warsaw Pact. I'm curious that nobody from Boeing or Lockheed has anything to add to this thread. The missiles were intended to be pointed aft on some "future combat aircraft" but I don't know what they intended to target the missiles. I seem to remember the missile itself had thrust vectoring. This all became academic because nowadays most planes fly around with their radars off, waiting for AWACS to vector them to a target. If they have to fire up their radar at all, it is only to illuminate their targets. Why worry about rear-firing missiles when we haven't had a real dogfight since vietnam? (I blame American complacency. It would be little trouble to mount a simple thermal sight, or utilize the IR threat warning reciever pointed aft from the tail to target such a rear-firing missile.) The missile tech to maintain stability in a rearward boost would be the biggest hurdle. It's all feasable, just not something anyone will push until we need it. But I'm sure those Vietnam F-4 pilots would have surely welcomed such a trick against the pesky Mig-17s and Mig-19s they ended up in knife fights against.
  6. (Two posts in one day... Scary!) Anyway, Freelancer Demo is out. So puny... So shallow... So weak... Still waiting on BCG... Go SC GO!
  7. But doesn't "CLASS: STEALTH CRUISER" just look good? Stealth isn't a device, it's a way of living... (An 8 min device doesn't make up for ingress-egress. Useful in a pinch, but not the same as having tactical limitations on sensors.) But hey, really, it's the SC's game. If he thinks FOW is too much of an additional layer of complexity, I don't have a marketing analysis to dispute him with. My gut feeling doesn't agree, but again. It's his game, and I can respect that.
  8. Wouldn't adding to a degree radar "stealth" and the playstyle that entails, actually broaden the fanbase to sub fans? If not I'll just keep waiting for subs and stealth in BCO!
  9. Just would like to put in my 2 cents and say that NOBODY should be a number! Even marines and medics should have names! (And I voice my support for naming them. I'd assume this will occur anyway when the game goes online, because anyone can fill pretty much any position.) It just gives more personality to the game to be able to have buddies with you in spirit (as bridge crew or fellow marines) if not in person...
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