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  1. IrishArmy

    Demo Error

    Fileplanet, Midwest server I believe using their new download control.
  2. IrishArmy

    Demo Error

    btw im using Windows XP Professional SP1
  3. IrishArmy

    Demo Error

    I just downloaded the uc_full_demo. When I run the exe, the following error transpires: Cannot load VDM IPX/SPX Support Program too big to fit in memory Any ideas?
  4. IrishArmy

    Misc Tech Support Issues III

    Just a general FYI, Today I downloaded a program which seems to be gaining in popularity among Windows XP users called CursorXP. All it does really is change your cursor and make use of some new visual styles available to XP users. Later on today I attempted to 'fire' up BCM, and it wouldn't load. All I would see is the splash screen, but that was about it. I knew nothing had changed since the previous day when it was working, except that I had installed this utility. I killed the process and relaunched BCM, and it worked fine. So this may be something to keep in mind if you install this app and BCM malfunctions. The utility can be disabled by simply going to the Mouse applet in the control panel, selecting CursorXP tab, and checking "Disable All". -Keith
  5. IrishArmy

    Misc Tech Support Issues II

    I seem to be crashing fairly often. Unfortunately I can't seem to pin down any common steps I am doing when it crashes - it just crashes to the desktop without error or warning. I realize this isn't enough reliable information to really do anything with, so I will list my system specs and if there are some known issues with my configuration, I would appreciate the information. Please note that the CTDs have occurred both pre-patch and post patch (BCM Version is dated Dec 7th, 2001). CTDs occur at random periods, but generally after about 15 minutes of gameplay. CTDs have never happened while idle, always when I'm moving either on a planet or in space. Operating System: Windows XP Professional (Up to date with Windows Updates) Processor: Intel Celeron 1.5ghz Ram: 256MB Video Card: nVidia Riva TNT 2 AGP 64MB (Model 64) Sound Card: Intel Integrated Audio Direct X: 8.1 (I can provide detailed DX diagnostic tool info dump upon request) Disk Free Space: ~2GB Desktop Resolution: 1152x864 @ 32bit Color Depth No AV or Anti-Crash programs running Noted anomalies: 1: Textures on planet surface suffers "tremors" or otherwise has constant shaking. 2: I have noted on some rare instances while zooming down onto a planet via TACOPS screen I will be brought back to the Bridge screen, sometimes even seeing both I apologize for lack of steps to produce this problem, but it is becoming highly annoying. On a side note, this is my first experience with any of the BC series. I had my doubts about it when I purchased it, however this is one of the best games I've played this year (and I buy a lot of games). Great job Mr. Smart.