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  1. responding to ohso, i'll venture a guess as to why there was so ill will towards bc during its initial release. back in the old'n times (sorry... sorry!) seriously, back around that time, i don't think internet access was as wide spread as it has been in the last year or so. i think it was still a bit of a challenge at times to get game patches out or even just find them. i'd like to think that up until resently most companies were a lot more careful about the software they released simply because correcting any bugs would be difficult. these days, seemingly everyone is on the net and its not too hard at all to find a patch or an update for titles these days. a lot of us probably even buy games half expecting to be downloading patches very soon, even it the title was just released. so, to summarize a lot of rambling, i think people were mainly upset because it wasn't as easy to find or download patches as it is these days. people still bought games expecting them to work near-perfectly. my 2 cents... but what do i know. its friday and my thoughts are revolving around how i'm gonna waste all my time this weekend.
  2. my first exposure to bc3000 was when i purchased the game a few years back. well, i ended up with the rushed-to-market version and was sorely disappointed. a year or so later on, i found out bc3000 was alive still and being worked on. i stopped by this site every few months just to see what was going on. honestly, at first, i was still kinda bitter over the fact that i paid money for a game that wouldn't run. over time, i finally read into the background behind that initial release and pretty much lost any bad feelings towards bc. by then i had enough experience to know this was a "publish the game asap and patch after we have the money" kind of world. well, yesterday i was checking out ebworld and couldn't believe it when i saw that BCM was nearing release. anywho... here i am. derek, should you read this, i just want to say that i'm honestly impressed with the effort and determination you've shown over the past few years. you seem to demonstrate a work ethic i wish was more predominate in this country... get it done right and stand behind your product. best of luck to you in the upcoming months as BCM's release nears! can't wait to get my hands on the demo!
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