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  1. A GCV was destroyed during an AI strike against a station. His Marines have about one hour left of air, how can I retrieve them to drop them off at the closest starbase? or am I suppose to just let them die? Also I captured a base and when I left it, it went up like a Roman candle. What did I forget to do? Also what minerals should I stock up on for repairs? How many units of Radine and Plutonium should I maintian? Also how do I keep my probes in one sector and keep them from moving from one sector to another. I'm still having trouble registering my game. [ 12-27-2001: Message edited by: Joe Redhawk ]
  2. Derek Smart was right I didn't know which way my ship was pointing, nor did I know my PTA didn't come on when I turned my weapons on (hence only lasting three minutes while fighters and other hostile craft cut me up). My critique was when I was having trouble in the first five minutes. With helpful people pointing me in the right direction and IA missions helped. So now I roam and soon will gladly engage multiplayer combat (I'm betting I'll last a good five minutes, before my ship is burned stem to stern by several cruisers). Nor was I expecting Mr. Smart to reply, figure someone would tell me where to look (as for the appendix, I kept looking in the back of the manual... I mean why in gods name would anyone thing the appendix should be in the back of the manual not on-line documentation). So the moment you've all been waiting for.. I apologize for my harsh criticism originally and now that I last for more then three minutes and slowly catching up with the curve the game is fun to play but a real witch to learn. Speaking of ship pointing, if you set to jump to hyperspace and turn off the autopilot you can steer while in hyperspace and pull a 180. And that is the end of this thread for me atleast.
  3. Thanks to everyone who told me where to look, I missed it. It happens and now I'm not stuck trying to figure out things while getting shot to pieces. This game still needs a time accelerator badly. Sobak: I did register... I went to 3000ad/register and entered it all in. However, after finding the appendix my frustration with the game has subsided. BC3K left a bad taste in my mouth, except for the intro which just rocked (I copied the music from the game and have it on CD). Thank you for your offer, I will accept it. Stephanos: I was far beyond frustrated. I wrote it as a sort of first impression, because sooner or later I was going to figure things out. Not to mention I didn't even notices the appendix in the BCM directory. I'll bet dollar to donuts that Mr. Smart used experienced BC3K users for beta testers. I also want to see if other green captains were having trouble at the same points. Fendi: Thank you, thank you. I didn't notice the files there. However, judging from your rank you've been playing since BC3K (a guess) for sometime. Still the IA missions are no longer the Alamo and I can now last a full ten minutes and my ship only suffers the loss of several unimportant systems such as life support and main computer. =) S$lk: Patch, I don't have a game loaded in my computer that isn't patched up the whazoo. BC3K 1.0 which then had some super patch that gave me even more fits then 1.0, hence it was relegated to the dust bin. BCM was given a second chance, only to see that while it doesn't crash and the menu's don't go south but game play is still as grating as the original 1.0 release. My remark about the PDF was if the good manual was going to be too expensive to print then make it a PDF. Tyrn: I registered properly. I went from registering in the forum to registering the game. Wasn't asking for tech support. Jaguar: My F-18 comment was for the fighters, information helps. I did ask for help and I got help and the BC3K manuals are being downloaded now. I don't know the story of the game, don't know the races and what the heck is going on. My frustration with the game was showing. Malkuth: Thanks for the encouragement. Jeffery Eu: I found it, thanks. Simparadox: Actually they're not defaults, their storage for player power settings so you can get back to the game. The Tactical/Logistics/etc menus seemed like real time to me. Navitron computer has a problem, play an IA mission and try to go someplace if you want to see what it is (I know it's a different system, but think in terms of mods.. I'm being vague, but hey if you can figure out BC interface you can figure out what I'm talking about, just think in terms of exploration). Mr. Derek Smart, I didn't even notices the appendix and what good is that information if you don't have access to it. Thank you for being disrespectful and curt. I gave your game a second try, I owned BC3K V1.0 when it first came out. I wrote that critique since I was new and my comments were directed to where I was having problems. I should of left out the suggestions, since I was still learning the game. Yet I felt short changed by this game and at that time my patience had pretty much run out (an accomplishment in itself, then again it is the holidays). All the potential in the world doesn't amount to a hill of plutonium if you can't tap into it. BTW, this game still needs a time accelerator badly. Till later, Toodles, Joe "I'm the root of all that's evil but you can call me cookie."
  4. NO spelling errors in thread subjects please! I was trying to post this in the General Issue Tech Support forum, but it wouldn't let me. First I must say the Manual is useless, no technical data on weapons or explanation of what the missles do or their uses. For a graphic menu driven video game I get an all text manual. PDF file with graphics would of been more humane then that joke of a manual. Which was a problem with the original (this wasn't a good sign in my opinion), the hint of a massive patch coming up caused me to Gag. The training missions... don't. Things have changed dramatically since Battle Cruiser and the lack of explanation make getting into the game near impossible (the original with that cool intro, which for me was the only highlight of the game for me) and I never could get into the bug filled original. Interface, maybe it's good, but for some strange reason I have to play the game career and being a newbie I just get lost. I can't seem to keep up with the ship I am suppose to be escorting (which leaves me so far behind) and there is so much of the ship to run, that I have no clue what I'm actually suppose to be doing since hostiles seem to be attack various friendlies while I'm on an escort mission. (Not to mention the text messages from GALCOM HQ are wrapped in a weird way). If I do engage another battlecruiser, by the time I reconfigure my ship to engage I'm toast. A commanding officer knows his/her ship, I haven't got a clue. I have a feeling I'm gonna have to buy the usual hint book that in fact explains what everything does (in a sense a manual). Back on the tutorial missions, if that mission is suppose to get me familar with my ship's functions... It fails miserably. To be perfectly honest I bought this game to play as a ship captain, not a gropo. Battlecruiser title gives me the impression that it is first and foremost a capital ship game. Instead it's trying to be too many things at once. I would rather watch my marines engage in combat, then try to be a marine. COs are command officers they are not field officers, they get to watch victory and crushing defeat. Not to mention I'd love to watch Marines searching my ship for intruders and prisoners including the fighting. However, I'd give it up just to have a ship that works. Now on to some of my problems with the Interface: Speaking of marines, the fact that I have to go down a list one at a time (in real time) to activate them is tedious. Oh and the power settings need a condition memory (Like A,B,C,D,E) that give a situation you can adjust your power settings automatically and then fine tune them, let's face it, this game is happening in real time, some quick menus unless you want to add speech recognition (I can hear programing staff screaming now). Why does my fighter and cruiser huds look the same? They should be radically different, the bridge of the USS Roosevelt looks nothing like an F-18 Hornet for good reason. The fighter needs a horizon, turn and slip indicator, altimeter warning, Above Sea and above ground, quicker menus access. Cruisers with their sophisicated sensors should be overloading me with information about the hostiles. What they are, database information on ship's performance standard load out, possibly even a sensor scan of what she's truely packing. Oh yeah, how many fighters can my ship hold and if HQ has given command of a ship why is everyone else better equipped? A billion credit starship is still a billion credit starship. The navigational computer should not be a scanned JPG, but something similar to a GPS device. Tells me where I am and how many jumps to go where ever I am.. Also GalComm should send out NOTAMS (FCC talk for Notifcation of current rules and regulations for flights, etc) so I know where hostile sectors are, pirate activity, friendlies and not so friendlies. What good is a communications officer if I can't hail anyone? Maybe we could take Com. Office and replace them with a more useful XO, who can run the other half of everything. Hell I'd love it if my crew would give me some informational feedback like when we have too many hostiles. Oh and why isn't there an accelerate time mode in this game, it's not like I can get from point a to b in less then a real twenty minutes of doing nothing (I read my latest Multihull mag) Now I must add that I am having trouble with the interface and the lack of explanation of how my ship works adds to the negative opinion of the game. If there are better tutorials tell me where they are and I will go there and print them out until my little heart is content.. Sincerely, Joe [ 12-20-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
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