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  1. Ack! My nephew is hooked on those 'Baby' videos too, although he was also pretty interested in watching me play Gamecube. Great pic!
  2. I didn't think the soundtrack was 'bad', I just didn't think it was nearly as strong as the rest of the movie. I didn't really mind the Enya song, but I am talking more about the orchestration of the entire movie. John Williams and James Horner are more than capable of creating beautiful 'celtic' style orchestrations (i.e. Horner's score in 'Braveheart' and William's score in 'Far and Away'. Funny how there was also an Enya song in 'Far and Away'.) In general, I thought the music was good but not as good as the other relements. It just seemed to be lacking the memorable kind of themes for such a wonderful movie (in my opinion), and occaisonal it seemed out of place to me as well (could be more a fault of the theatre I was in or the mixing, but at times it seemed the soundtrack covered up some of the actor's lines). But don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved the movie! It's just that if I had to find one area to critique, it would be that.
  3. Fantastic movie, absolutely fantastic. If I had to nitpick, I would criticize the score which I felt was inappropriate at some moments and not very memorable. However, everything else about the movie was fantastic. I'll be counting the days until the next one!
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