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  1. This game is incredible. You can even become a vampire and get your goth on.
  2. It boils down to the owners ego and the almighty dollar. The normal situation these days that causes a team to move is something like this: 1)Team (and owner) wants a new stadium and wants the taxpayers to pay for most of it 2)City says no, or promises less than the team and owner wanted. 3)City #2 says 'We'll build you a much bigger better stadium with sprinkles on top if you move here!' 4)Team (and owner) bail to the new city, sometimes keeping the same name (St. Louis Cardinals -> Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Colts -> Indianapolis Colts) and sometimes changing completely (Cleveland Browns -> Baltimore Ravens, Houston Oilers -> Tenessee Titans).
  3. Yep, a lot of good can come from reviews as well. I know I've been pleasantly suprised before trying out a well reviewed game that I may have normally looked over (easy to miss some games nowadays, especially if they're tucked between 9,000 copies of 'Final Fantasy X' and 'The Sims'). Sometimes it's interesting to look at past reviews that were written by the same person to see how your tastes differ (or coincide). [ 01-21-2002: Message edited by: White Castle ]
  4. The Steelers looked pretty darn good as well.
  5. Ack! My nephew is hooked on those 'Baby' videos too, although he was also pretty interested in watching me play Gamecube. Great pic!
  6. I used to collect comics and have always liked Spiderman, but that was years ago. When I stopped, McFarlane had only recently left Spidey comics to create Spawn comics. I still think he had the best Spidey action art in the series, although he was never very good at drawing people's faces.
  7. I played in groups, it's just that I was burnt out from EQ and although DAoC has a lot of differences and improvements, it's still the same basic game underneath. It seems to me that people who were sick of EQ and looking for something 'different' were not satisified. A very well done game though, if that's what you're into. Personally I am looking forward to Shadowbane to fulfill my fantasy game requirements, with Wizardry 8 and Morrowind to hold me over until then.
  8. You know, I thought the same thing when I first bought it. I thought that it was absolutely amazing and that I'd be playing it for a long long time. I haven't played it since three weeks or so after I got it. It seems, at least to me, a game that has a very high 'first impression' factor.
  9. You can't equip personal weapons. The individual ones that you can buy are only trade items currently (although who knows, you may be able to equip them come multiplayer).
  10. Ahhh, and here all along I thought the 'hold' button stopped the tactical screen updating, and not actual 'real world' updates. (I thought that it made everything on tacops hold still, so that I could select them easily when they were actually still running around as usual. That way, you could actually select a fighter instead of having to click just on the right spot at the right time)
  11. Wow, thanks for the tips Smileyman! I think I will try your method a few times today. One question though, how did you set the marines to SEAD? Did you do it by selecting each of them individually after they had landed? Also, might it be better to do the initial attack with MI marines, since they have rocket launchers which may help destroy air defenses faster. I tried my first base assault last night and I swear I could hear circus music playing in the background. My roommate and I dubbed it the 'Moron Invasion'. My (prepped) marine force just stood there while the enemy marine force stood there watching them a number of yards away. Periodically, the enemy marines would shoot at my marines and kill them, and my marines would point their guns threateningly but rarely fire (and never move). The few times they did fire, they didn't even come close to hitting. Luckily, my commander was wearing the one ring. Well, at least it seemed that way as I ran right up to all of the enemy marines and mowed them all down eventually with my wristlaser.
  12. Gameplay is obviously the most important thing, but this guy (from the most recent posted article) seems to be comparing the past to the present. Doom looked absolutely amazing when it came out, I was stunned. I wasn't thinking 'Well, these graphics aren't all that great but darn this is good gameplay!'. I was thinking 'AAHHHH, that thing just growled at me! Shoot it! Shoot it!'. Still, for years I have longed for a game that would be as fun and memorable as the Starflight series (both 1 and 2, although I enjoyed 2 more). I think that's one of my favorite aspects about BCM, it reminds me of a 3d version of those Starflight games I used to love so much.
  13. quote:And how do you prevent people from camping near the platform? OTS
  14. Ok, thank you. I think I may have figured out my artifact installation problem, although I would have to test more thoroughly to pinpoint it. My current guess, is that somehow in the middle of the installation of the artifacts, a command was given (not by me, I was away trading in a shuttle at the time) to send the system engineers off-duty. I'm also guessing that once they 'suspended' the installation of the artifacts to go off-duty, they were unable to be reassigned (since you can't fix artifacts). Anyway, i went back to an earlier save and started installing them again, only this time I took every officer off duty but the Chief Engineer, and I stayed aboard the ship on-station (didn't fly off in a shuttle or anything). They both installed fine that way. As for the 99% thing, I can assure you that it is not due to a lack of engineers or parts. The list of things I need to repair it all have zeros on them, and station engineers can't get it to a full 100% either. If I assign them, they just suspend it, leaving it at 99%. I've only ever encountered this on my fighter craft systems so far.
  15. I am currently using a Megaron class carrier. Still stuck with partially installed artifact upgrades though (I'm home sick with a bad cold, good time to play some BCM!).
  16. Hmm, I don't know if I can reliably reproduce it, but I'm almost positive I have a save game with a system at 99% that will not go up (have tried station and my own engineers), and not due to a lack of parts or anything. I also probably have a save with a fighter system at 100% but still brown (and considered suspended). One other question that has really got me stuck. Any help would be greatly (and I mean greatly) appreciated! After mining and trading for a while, I finally saved up enough money for some real upgrades. I purchased the Karanian Mark IV reactor artifact, and the Tachyon Anagram shield artifact to install on my Megaron class carrier (checked assets file and these are both viable upgrades). After I purchased them, I noticed that they were available as upgrade options (and the appendix does say that upgrade artifacts can be immediatly fitted) so I put 5 system engineers to work upgrading my reactor, and 5 to work upgrading my shields. My problem is that they stopped before they were finished! They installed the reactor to 67% and it turned brown (and since it is an artifact, I can't 'repair' it to make it go any higher). They did the same with the shield, only they got to 71% on that before it browned out (and they stopped working on it). I'll stress the fact that I did not take any damage while installing either of the upgrades (I was parked on earth). Is there anything I can do? I can't assign ship or station engineers to repair them, since they are artifacts, but I am unable to tell them to get back to work and finish installing them! Whew, this has really got me flustered. Oh, and thanks everyone above for the advice.
  17. Hello everyone. I've read through the manual several times, read through the appendix and VCF, and read many posts on this board in the last several weeks and have come across a few questions that I can't seem to find the answer to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 1) I notice that in the power area of the logistics computer I am able to vary the power to the engines and the solar reactor by units of 1 (although both seem to default to 5). Does raising these have any effect? Is it at all worthwhile to put both (or either) at 10? 2)While studying the appendix to choose which ship type I would like to command (for now), I noticed that there are different shield and hull values given for each. One carrier may have a shield value of 1500, while another (the Megaron I think) has a value of 3500. My question is, is this shield strength a proportional increase, or just the base value given Spectrum/A shields? If I were to upgrade two ships of differing starting shield values to Linear Spec IV shields (the same upgrade), would the shield strengths between the ships increase proportionally, linearly, or would they be equal? The appendix states that the shield upgrades offer higher protection, so I assume that the advantage is not solely the consumption of less plutonim (if indeed it they do consume less), but also a higher degree of protection (say from 1500 to 1750 or something). To illustrate my example, say I start with a Battlecruiser Mk III (1500 shield value) and a Megaron (3500 shield value). If I upgraded them both to Linear Spec IV shields, would the Megaron always have a shield value 2000 higher, or would it be more or less? Also, what happens if I installed the artifact shield on both ships? The appendix says that it gives 5000 units of protection, so I assume that in this case both the Megaron and Battlecruiser would have equal strength shields, irregardless of what the starting shield values were. 3)I have noticed that when I dock at a starbase (say GalcomHQ) for repairs, sometimes my repairs will be suspended before they are finished. Sometimes, if I reassign engineers they will continue working and fix the system (this happens after they have already used the required parts, so I know it isn't their refusal to pay for spares). Also, I have noticed that sometimes repairs stop at 99% and will not go any further no matter how many engineers are assigned to the task. Is this normal? (and as a final last minute add on to this question, I have had systems repaired to 100% that where still colored brown and listed as 'suspended'. Assigning station or my own ship engineers would not alleviate this.) 4) And finally (whew!), I know that I can command my shuttles to jump into another sector (from earth to mars for example). What I can't seem to figure out how to do (or if I can do it at all), is to access the tacops computer for a sector that my AE is not in. For example, I would be interested in seeing if I could launch a shuttle from Earth, order it to jump to the Mars sector, and then order it to deploy a drone on Mars or one of it's moons and return to my command craft, all without my CC (with my AE on board) ever leaving the earth sector. I apologize ahead of time for being so longwinded, I just wanted to be as descriptive as possible so that people could understand my confusion.
  18. Things just don't seem normal for me unless I have an intruder or 2 aboard my ship while most of my marines are bleeding profusely. Take tonight for instance: Just when I killed the pair of intruders who had wreaked havoc on my weapons pods, a ship jumps in the system and 'poof', I have 5 more intruders to deal with. My 10 marines had their hands full, but I have to hand it to them they eventually sorted it out (with a little help from me of course ).
  19. I didn't think the soundtrack was 'bad', I just didn't think it was nearly as strong as the rest of the movie. I didn't really mind the Enya song, but I am talking more about the orchestration of the entire movie. John Williams and James Horner are more than capable of creating beautiful 'celtic' style orchestrations (i.e. Horner's score in 'Braveheart' and William's score in 'Far and Away'. Funny how there was also an Enya song in 'Far and Away'.) In general, I thought the music was good but not as good as the other relements. It just seemed to be lacking the memorable kind of themes for such a wonderful movie (in my opinion), and occaisonal it seemed out of place to me as well (could be more a fault of the theatre I was in or the mixing, but at times it seemed the soundtrack covered up some of the actor's lines). But don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved the movie! It's just that if I had to find one area to critique, it would be that.
  20. Hello everyone, new guy here! Just thought I'd post and share a site with some fellow commanders while I download some tunes. This site is loaded with video game music remixes. Some of these are really incredible, check it out if you've ever liked video game music. Overclocked Remix
  21. One time my shuttle (in training) somehow deployed a mining drone and an OC 'underneath' the world and I couldn't zoom to them in tacops (although it did say they were following orders). Luckily, I remembered where I had dropped them off and eventually found them, although I could not look at them directly by zooming as they were underground (they were not moving). Perhaps this is what happened to you? I was going to try and see if a shuttle could pick them up again when RL intervened and I had to stop. Tonight I will try to repeat my steps and see what happens.
  22. Fantastic movie, absolutely fantastic. If I had to nitpick, I would criticize the score which I felt was inappropriate at some moments and not very memorable. However, everything else about the movie was fantastic. I'll be counting the days until the next one!
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