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  1. UC does not support Vista. Only the Collectors edition will. You DID read the System Requirements, right?
  2. I'd move the patches-download up to downloads, if I were you, and if it becomes as fast as the 'old' site was, I'd accept it. But I liked the old site, you actually had to look at it to find things, just like you actually have to read the manual to live in BC/UC/etc.
  3. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr. GamlnKiller: Price...features...quality...Yep, apple did it again, marketing a product that has less features, worse design, and more expensive than all the competition has, yet people buy them like crazy, thinking it is 'new' or 'innovative'. WTG apple
  4. All I got to say after that long message from Aramike, Derek is cool Greetings, Wouter Dijkslag
  5. quote:Originally posted by Cruis.In: When is 64bit going to be the standard? I expect it to get a big boost when people start running dual-core And I take it you can't run 64 bit windows on a current setup, you need a 64 bit motherboard or computer or chip right? A current setup these days inclused an AMD athlon 64, or a Pentium 4 with AMD's 64-bit extensions, so any current setup should work. Also all the programs for win32, will they work on win64 backwards compatible, and will people start writing programs for win64 only and not in win32 eventually? Most Win32 programs will run on Win64 because of the WOW32 (Windows On Windows) layer, just like Win32 will run Win16 programs. However, Win64 will not run 16-bit programs. Also, for programming, the biggest increases seem to be more registers, and able to store 64-bit numbers, however, most things are still 32-bit. You could have found this out on pretty much any website out there. Since when is this a computer-support-site anyway? Greetings, Wouter Dijkslag
  6. quote:Originally posted by Teknocack Prime: Time to get smart about it. Don't forget about tapes, DAT suits me fine. Greetings, Wouter Dijkslag
  7. Hello, quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: when the radio announcer says, "We are expecting 12 to 14 inches of snow today. You must park..." So? Where do they park now? I don't get it? Please tell me, the suspense is killing me. And, we might get snow here. Greetings, Wouter Dijkslag
  8. Hello, quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: ...according to a CA court Easy solution to EULA: Get somebody else to click accept, that way they accept the EULA and you don't have to, even though it's your computer and your program. Heck, automate the process, and let the computer click the button automaticly. EULA's are not valid contracts anyway, at least here, because a contract is only valid if two parties can communicate over the terms of the contract, and since this is impossible with these accept or die-things, they are not valid. Greetings, Wouter Dijkslag
  9. Hi, quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: So what about PC games? Why is it that most gamers are so highly resistant to this method of game distribution, especially now that broadband and CD/DVD writing technologies are so prevalent? One of the reasons why I have never been able to buy software online, is because it always requires a creditcard, and they are simply not used here (as much), or totally unavailable. For instance, I make less then half what creditcard-companies require in order to give you one. Greetings, Wouter Dijkslag
  10. Hello, I find Doom 3 extremely boring and not impressive at all. Sure, the details at high resolutions are better, but when you looked at that for a few hours you don't watch it anymore, and you just get frustrated with monsters attacking you all the time, from all sides, so you can't defend yourself. I've had situations where an imp took only 1 shot from the shotgun, and then another imp, at 45 degrees of the first one at the same distance, took 5-6 shots. WTF is up with that? Another thing, is that at one point you have to decide to do something, or not. But, no matter what you chose, the game just runs the same, perhaps with a different ending (don't know) but there is no indication what you should choose, or why, even if you do take the time to read all the boring logs that lay around everywhere. Also there are some websites in the logs. So, you have to quit the game, load up the site, then wait about 5 minutes for doom and your game to load so you can continue. And, probably in a few months or years the websites mentioned in the logs will be gone, so there's no point in having them in the game. My prediction is that it will sell, but word will spread over how bad it really is, and Id will probably disappear. A shame, really. Greetings, Wouter Dijkslag
  11. quote:Originally posted by Jonas Garett: Hello, 125,000 people without power. Got me too. Sorry about that. You see, Resnig was going around asking what does that button do? what does that button do? And he pressed then while asking. Somehow, he managed to launch an OTS. But don't tell anyone, okay? Greetings, Wouter Dijkslag
  12. Oh my! That is SO smooth. I got computers in every room of the house, or at least enough to put them there, so I just got to order a few copies too! I mean the surface of them, it makes everything even smoother! And, using those, everything just looks SO much better. I can't get over it, really. I swear, everybody should have a few of those, you won't know what you'll see. Really, this is THE thing to improve your image, I'm not kidding here. If you haven't checked it out by now, take my advice, go look for yourself. I swear, if you use that, and show the results you got instead of your old stuff, everybody will love you for it. Really, everybody, even your mom and girlfriend who didn't like computers before will like the new image that you present them. It's the best thing since sliced bread, and I can't believe it isn't butter, but it isn't, and it even slides a whole lot better then that. Greetings, Wouter Dijkslag
  13. I think somebody who is smart enough to solve such equations wouldn't respond to ads, seeing as how most things in ads are lies anyway. Oh, sure, they have disclaimers and everything, but to me, a lie is still a lie. Which is why I ignore ads anyway. Greetings, Wouter Dijkslag
  14. Hi, quote:Originally posted by Ditto00: he did things that really irritated people,Resnig isn't irritating. He's way too incompetent for that! Greetings, Wouter Dijkslag
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