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  1. and they probly still wont listen. i DLd a trance or was it techno album once, and liked it so i went out and bought the CD. would never have bought it if it wasnt for DLin it. its not the music i typically listen to, so they made and extra sale they might have never gotten.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: The activation would have been deactivated by then. I intend to deactivate it when the game reaches its EOL. I mean, I release my games for free after a few years of release, don't I? then its settled for me, ill get it next paycheck. would other games have the same deal? cause id hate to say DL Civ3 and when like Civ6 comes out, i cant play Civ3 anymore (yes i still play Civ2) cause i cant auth the game
  3. quote:WARNING: This version of the game requires an internet connection in order for the CD-KEY to be validated for both single and multiplayer. This will be done only once; unless you uninstall the game.ok my question is, in say like 5yrs IF i wanted to reinstall this game would it still get validated? thats one of the few reasons im kinda sceptical of digital distribution.
  4. i have a Audigy 2 ZS and dont notice any problems in UC, give me a few days to do some tests to see what i can dig up
  5. i have an MX510 and its been superb for me so far
  6. if you have set up VoIP, u hold "B" to talk to the squad and "V" to talk to the Cmdr if your a Squad Leader
  7. sadly the Xbox 360 (god i hate that name) wont be backwards compatable http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=8996 and 2005 wont belong to the xbox, it belongs to the PSP. the xbox 360 will get maybe 1-2 months of 2005 and about 3-4 months of 2006 then the PS3 will rule the rest of 2006. a lot of ppl will get their tax returns in the spring and so the best thing to spend it on will be a PS3. Sony is smart for waiting till the spring, and not rushing the xmas holdiay and having to fight M$ for sales. and with a lot of games coming out for Xbox and PS2 during the holidays people should be tied up in new games
  8. A good game is still game regardless of its age. My favorite game to this day is Final Fantasy 7, even though Jade Empire is newer, prettier and almost as fun. hell, i still break out the old Atari 2600 and play a game of pong, adventure, berzerk or yars revenge.
  9. quote:Originally posted by jamotto: quote:Originally posted by Enigma: well we can say goodbye to Microsoft in the gaming industry? no backwards compatability unless u pay a $100 more is a good way to kill a systems.Nintendo has not even given an option for backwards compatibility on theirs for decades. true, but nintendo has such a large install base theyve never needed to. and maybe the next console will be backwards compatable quote: quote: and whats with the name xbox 360? that sounds stupid.maybe xbox EXTREME!! was not hip enough? Xbox 2 is the only 1 i like quote: quote:M$ is to busy trying to be like Sony and Nintendo, and they are gonna hurt them selves doing sodunno, Sony is still beating M$ over the head with their PS2 and the Gamecube seems to sell about as many units as the Xbox what i meant was, M$ wants ppl to associate the xbox 2 with the PS3 and the Revolution which is how they got 360 but when things become more official we will know how its gonna all play out. but from what i can see, the xbox might kill itself
  10. well we can say goodbye to Microsoft in the gaming industry? no backwards compatability unless u pay a $100 more is a good way to kill a systems. and whats with the name xbox 360? that sounds stupid. M$ is to busy trying to be like Sony and Nintendo, and they are gonna hurt them selves doing so
  11. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Bear in mind that the boxed retail version won't let you run the UC scenarios because it will install as a completely separate game and the scenario file format (GBS-IV) has changed. So you had better go and read the product's page again just to be sure that you know what you're getting. Darn, I want the box to add to my BC/UC collection, but I also want to covert my scenarios over. Oh well $40 isnt that much to spend. Plus it helps SC make another great game.
  12. congrats, heres to another successful BC/UC game
  13. well u can set ur desktop width to 1024x2304 for 3 monitors or 1024x1536 for 2 and get a simular effect but the only game i knew that was going to support 3 monitors was Imperium Galactica III but its now called Nexus and havent heard of it being multi monitor
  14. got mine launch day, with ridge racer, untold legends, and ape escape. been having a blast with all of them. i dont even like racing games, but RR is still fun SC as for 1gb memory stick, everyone is sold out, but iv seen online retails with it as cheap as like $110 and as high as $220, iv got one backorder for $117 (for the Sandisk non gaming model)
  15. actually be kinda funny when they got chewed out for waking me up but thats wierd that TV did that. at least Toshiba was nice enough to replace it free
  16. im with jamotto on this one but i must add it was very odd
  17. quote:Originally posted by Admiral Tigerclaw: I think the one to ask... is the one WHO DEVELOPED THE TECHNIQUE! *Turns dramatically and points at Enigma!* YOU TEACH US GREAT KNOWLEDGE! WE GAIN GREAT SKILL! TEACH NOW! -Tigerclaw Training never ends. what did i do?
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