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  1. i gotta question concerning the EF marine and PSP careers; how long does it take before you see action around your base? i'm currently based at the starbase(as EF marine)and it been a few days and no action yet; i'm sure someone's got an armada pointed at us, but when do i get to "earn my keep?" anyone else try this type of career? --------------------------- Sgt. Cyrig Black-Adder, EF police, Herin
  2. spaceadmiralx

    BCG Sneak Peak (was BCM XP1)

    heh, my computer's so crappy i can barely get the pictures to display properly, i need an upgrade and FAST!!! ----------------------------- Sysan Ki Kelpur UCV Atra Moldanni (credian/police) Ronus IV peacekeeper
  3. spaceadmiralx

    BCM War Stories & Experiences

    well, my own personal experience with BCM could be summed up as follows: INTENSE REALISM. I think that's what many reviewers invariably had a problem with, it's just not an arcade shooter(I.E. Starlancer). case in point...I was patrolling the credian quadrant in my newly-upgraded GARID and decided to head over to Herin to trade and mine, as well as keep a closer eye on the mercenary activities in the region. I parked the ship in orbit and sent a flight engineer down to the surface in a shuttle with a DEPLOY DRONE waypoint, while my crew was to stand down for some much needed R&R. I figured it would probably be wise to raise shields, just in case of something unexpected(a hallmark of the BC games) when suddenly, my NID slightly flickers and my comms officer issues the ominous statement...."there's something out there..." oboy! so i continue to cycle through targets in my CVD...no hostiles detected...but i know something's out there...and cloaked. suddenly, it's announced "shuttle one docked!" and i almost leap from my command chair. whew! suddenly, there's the tell-tale announcement, "battlecruiser acquired!" alright ladies and gentlemen, we've got a situation. I order weapons systems activated and fatal systems readied. And then, my radar is alive with red blips as a FIRESTORM attack cruiser with fighter escort(VAL/RAI) decloaks and begins to close range with my ship. rather than match speed with A/P on, I prefer the freedom of controlling my own craft's speed manually, as it allows me greater control and manueverability. The FIRESTORM attempts a classic hit and fade profile, as my PTA systems begin to lance through it's shields and my primary laser(set to 50% to increase firing speed) begins to take it's deadly toll. The BARIN(CRE/MER) dispatches fighters to deal with the enemy escort, and I'm able to methodically make short work of the attack carrier. I relaunch shuttle-1 on CARGOSWEEP orders and begin plans to deliver the now crippled enemy fighters to the station. For the time being, space is safe thanks to the dedicated efforts of my crew as well as my own experience in the credian military. Derek I must once again extend my thanks for what is the definitive future war experience. And now, back to my plan to take out a raider installation in Herin! ------------------ Sysan Ki Kelpur UCV Atra Moldanni(credian/police) Ronus-IV peacekeepers
  4. spaceadmiralx

    BCM Review @ Videogame News

    Okay, time for me to rant and rave. First, I had the displeasure to read a brain-dead review by the normally astute GAMESPOT, and now I have read what has to be one of the single, most unprofessional review I've seen thus far on the web....GAMES DOMAIN. Despite getting the min. requirements absolutely wrong(266Mhz?), this guy was obviously not paying very much attention to the game at all, like he was watching SOMEONE else play it, and scribbling down notes. It's really appalling...if these websites don't have reviewers that actually appreciate games with some level of complexity, they shouldn't bother to post reviews of games like BCM. ------------------ Sysan Ki Kelpur, UCV Atra Moldanni(credian/police) Ronus IV peacekeeping Legion
  5. spaceadmiralx

    BCM XP - The Grand Scheme Unveiled

    SC, are you worried that those kinda minimum specs may scare off potential buyers? BCM goes into widespread release next month, and thousands of new gamers all over the world will be coming into the fold, many with underpowered systems. Won't this put BCO and XP effectively out of their reach?
  6. spaceadmiralx

    Brian Hook's Dev Diary

    a very learned and illuminating commentary indeed. Now I KNOW I wouldn't want to be a game developer.
  7. spaceadmiralx

    BCM XP - The Grand Scheme Unveiled

    the cockpits look amazing, the most realistic I've ever seen. Damn, just upgraded a few days ago...now I've gotta do it again before summer! Ah, well...the price of perfection.... --------------- Sysan Ki Kelpur, UCV Atra Moldanni(Garid), Ronus IV peacekeeping legion
  8. spaceadmiralx

    niggling issues

    problem is, everytime I try that, my CC turns right around(ap direct or AI) and heads for a starstation in the neighboring system.
  9. Dudes....I'd like to roleplay also....how do I get started? ----------------- Sysan Ki Kelpur, UCV Atra Moldanni(credian/police) Ronus IV peacekeeping Legion
  10. spaceadmiralx

    niggling issues

    thanx, commander. i think i have to re-phrase question 4, however. i'd like to know what's the fastest way to get my cc to a starbase(planetary) without having to travel for a half hour across the planet at a snail's pace. -------------------- Sysan Ki Kelpur, UCV Atra Moldanni(credian/police)
  11. spaceadmiralx

    niggling issues

    i've been playing all day and have compiled the following list of questions: 1. why when i choose to view probe region and observe a planet or moon in that region, it seems to automatically default to the planet location of my cc? 2. if i mistakenly launch a probe while in a planet's atmosphere, there's no way of getting into space, huh? 3. what's up with the quick save? how come i can't restore a game saved by ctrl+s? 4.i'm currently playing as credian/police. my cc is a garid. why when i attempt to set a waypoint say, to a starbase, and turn on the autopilot, the cc defaults to my homebase(vanguard) and attempts to leave the planet and jump out of system? 5. in commander mode, if i buy say, a sniper rifle, how can i equip my marines or AE with it? 6. sometimes while towing i notice my towed vessel mysteriously dissapears before i can get it to a base to claim my bounty. has anyone else had this problem? it appears to occur mainly after saving and restoring. thanx! ---------------------------- Sysan Ki Kelpur, UCV Atra Moldanni (credian/poilce) commander, Ronus-IV peacekeeping legion
  12. spaceadmiralx


    well the beauty of BCM is that you choose what you want to do. check out the various training academy scenarios and then try ACM mode as a military commander. baptism by fire baby!
  13. spaceadmiralx

    would like to join a scientists group

    thanx guys. i went to the intercorp website and i like it....i realize the join option is still under construction. so if you guys can approve me, i'd love to head up an explorers/scientists sub-division.
  14. spaceadmiralx

    Independent Fleet Database Registrants post here

    ......REQUESTING.....DATABASE ENTRY....... Primecomp Norrad IV UCV Monitor II(droidan/scientist)
  15. spaceadmiralx

    requesting approval

    .....REQUESTING....DATABASE ENTRY...... - - - - - - - - - - - - Prime Component Norrad IV, UCV Monitor II(Droidan/scientist)