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  1. I like the idea of ships being semi stealthy. It makes sense for smaller ships to have a chance of evading detection, and that could add an interesting degree of sneaking around. Perhaps each ship should have a stealth value, based on their size, and then the detection value could be a mix of their sensor range and average officer skill. Friendly ships would have all of their detection overlapped, so if you're sitting around in Earth orbit, using your fighters to keep any hostiles away, friendly ships could alert you, and then your officers could alert your fighters. So a few hostile fighters could sneak in system, and at enough range to evade detection from everything. Then as they approach a friendly ship, that ship detects them and alerts all other friendly ships in the system. Galcom HQ and Genesis station both become alerted (possibly launching fighters), and then the CC gets wind of the hostiles in the region. Those coordinates are then relayed to the fighters on patrol, and they go engage. It seems a little complex, but I guess it would just be an overlapping, simple check. Each ship has a chance of detecting things, and if it does, it informs all over ships friendly to it. So if you were to jump into a totally hostile system, you would have next to no information about whats in the area. However the hostile ships would each have a chance to detect you and if only one of them suceeds, all of them know you're there. On uninhabited systems, things could get interesting. For gameplay purposes, the AI could have a better detection value so it could better plan an ambush, but it would be neat to play a cat and mouse game in the middle of a dark room. Currently I like the radar system as it is, and its usually not a good thing to tamper with perfection. I've also got a quick question...I've been having really lousy comp problems and haven't been able to play for a while. If you're playing as a carrier and have your fighters out on SAD, will they automatically engage any and all hostiles in the region at any range?
  2. Also the cargo pod can be used as another cargo bay (albiet a small one) if you begin to run out of space. Be creative with it, and with the rest of your ship. There's some rather surprising things you can do if you think clever thoughts. One thing that would be kind of cool is to make weapons or other explosive cargos actually detonate if they're too badly damaged. You could buy a whole bunch of very large missiles, pack your ship full of them, then enjoy the fireworks if you get too badly damaged. Or fill up that cargo pod and set it off like a huge landmine...perhaps if you could trap the cargo pod? They'll see lots of nice items in there...then as soon as they load it up...BOOOOM!!
  3. I've noticed that I can just shove any illegal items into my cargo pod, and even as TER/MIL they wont notice it when I dock at various bases. Then I can go sell all of the stuff at less lawful parts of the galaxy once I've accumulated a nice stockpile.
  4. I believe it was always one of Resnig's life dreams to find the surface of Saturn...I'll loan him a shuttle and see how far he makes it. Damn Resnig letting intruders shut down my flight operations for minutes on end...*grumble*
  5. I'm going to try this next time I play: I'll park my ship somewhere safe, load up all of the radium onto the shuttles inside the flight deck...then leave. I'll do some trading with a shuttle then come back when my entire crew is dead and go fly that ship myself. If someone tries to board me, I'll just hop out of the ship and run away.
  6. >how about a space station with a cloaking device someonce coming you dont like? just turn on the cloaks and they cant dock Umm. No. Thats just dumb. But it would be interesting if there was a way to command a space station. It would be more like a trade game, where you'd invest in trade routes and various products while also making sure that pirates or hostile fleets dont interfere in your profits.
  7. I dont have a clue why they put the flower vase in there and just tossed the thing. However, it does make for a nice pen holder should I need to jot down notes on maps.
  8. How long were you playing the game at that point? My guess is what a celestial orb on your ship kept everyone healthy and fresh, as they were on the shuttles, they weren't covered by the regenerative effects of the gizmo. Your marines also might not have had a food supply, since when you assigned them to the ship, they actually stayed on station the entire time and aside from the food that they carried with them, there was none on the shuttle.
  9. Here's something to watch out if you use a dial up connection: You'll often get a large list of access numbers in your area, but before you use any of them, call your local phone company. Ask if any of them are long distance. Trust me on this... I had been using the same number for about a year with no problem, and just the $20/month bill for MSN. Then I got a $800 phone bill!!! It turns out that somehow the access number that I had been using had been changed to a long distance line, even though it was in my city. I dont know who's to blame, but either the phone company or MSN really screwed me over. I finally got that resolved (after several months on hold with their customer abuse section) and only had to pay about half of that bill, but from now on, I'm checking every single number and recommend others do the same.
  10. Hey!! No dis'n the New Beetles! I got a nice 2001 bug. It can run really fast, and its silver! Also its got a HUGE cargo capacity, though the thing is so light you'll notice a definite performance change between a nearly empty or full tank of gas. The only problem is that the cup holders are sized for european beveridges, not something like the new ueber size drink. I think it can hold a gallon of soda. Heck, even the regular 44oz cups dont fit anywhere! And the three cupholders in have part of the dashboard overhanging them, and you can only put small, very short cups there. Damnit, I want my obscenely large, American-sized cupholder!!
  11. Until we can all build holodecks and every person has an AI assisted universal game builder (ala the holodeck computer), there will ALWAYS be pipedreams. Give me any creative work, and I'll give you a wishlist of at least 100 items. Yes, I know its utterly infeasable to include all of them, but its still fun making those wish lists.
  12. Which do you say has a better fighter/shuttle compliment? The MKI or the MKII? And you left the MKIII out!
  13. I considered joining the military, but decided to put it off as I simply do not want to sign away a big chunk of my life. The military will always be there, and even though when I'm in my late 20's I wont be a prime canidate, the military is so understaffed that I dont think they'll turn many people down. I made the mistake of taking the ASVAD test, and as soon as I did...those recruitment calls kept pouring in! I would get on the average 10 calls a week, and this kept up for several months. First the Army kept trying to recruit me, but I told them I was interesting in being a pilot, but as I need glasses, they said I couldn't fly. The Air Force then told me the Army guy was completely wrong; as long as I had 20/20 vision (no matter how I got it) I could infact fly. Then the Navy tried briefly to recruit me as well. The thing is, I scored so high on the ASVAD test that these recruiters were saying I could choose nearly any field in the military, though they were also trying to beat the other branches, and in the process, all of these recruiters turned into used car salemen promising me the sky if only I'd sign on the dotted line... The last straw was when I got a call from the Army, then the Air Force, then the Navy, then the Navy again. All within a 30 minute period. At that point I just snapped and told them to not call back again. Damn...someone scores high on their evaluation tests and they jump all over them like pirahnas. Works great to scare people off. So I now have no interest at all in the military, except perhaps a job in a missile silo or some other stationary job where I dont have to listen to some dumb jackass scream at me all day. I've got brains, and I'm going to go use them in the private sector. That was my first and last experience with the military, though I might possibly join the national guard for that extra bit of money.
  14. One time I attempted to land my Warmonger on a part of Earth that wasn't controled by any faction, but the area had a little slope and my ship skidded down for a dozen miles or so before bursting into a flaming ball of death...but I digress. First off, is it possible to land a big cap ship on a planet, assuming you find a better spot to land than I did. Second, could you order your entire crew to go take a very long march to gain experience? Lets say you land somewhere in China (an unoccupied area), then get your entire crew out of the ship and order them to walk to Europe. Would such a thing work to give them lots of experience? It would be kind of fun to fire up a new game with an Firestorm, land, unload all of your crew and vehicles, then start rolling like a land army.
  15. Little bump, just to get this conversation back. They recently used a quantom computer to calculate that 3x5=15. Thats an enormous achievment, even though it seems like a very elementary thing. Do you know how big that computer was? 5 atoms. Quantom computers work differently from conventional computers, which are essentially just a vast array of on and off switches. In a quantom computer, as quantom mechanics begin to kick in, each switch is both a one and a zero at the same time. This may seem rather weird, but computing power is limited only by the size of the computer. Lets say you have 3 atoms. With these, you can have the following combinations: 111 000 101 110 011 010 And those 3 atoms are those combinations at the same time. Now, if we make a 10 atom computer... 1111111111 0000000000 0000000001 0000000010 ... I couldn't possibly write out all of those combinations. It would take me years, probably. And yet, those atoms are all of those combinations at the same time. Now, if we have a computer that is made up of a million atoms...the computing power is for all intents and purposes unlimited! Such a thing could solve ANY code at all instantly, and you no longer have to worry about even Windoze eating up your CPU power. Currently, the problem with this is that we have no idea how to wire the thing. I'm pretty sure those 5 atoms were hooked up to a warehouse full of equipment to get it to work, and with far more complex arrays of atoms, it'll take some major work getting it to a commercial standard. Its sort of like in the first days of computers...you have a vaccume tube. Now how do you use it? We have a simple quantom computer. The hard part is wiring it up, then writing the OS for the thing. Once thats done processing power will be utterly unlimited. It takes the human brain about 10ghz of power just to process the images you see, and right now I'm using a 1.8ghz computer. As computer power doubles every 18 months, this could very quickly add up to some immense power. Power is not the issue...the problem is what to do with it. I loved the old NES and SNES games, even though by today's standards, the graphics are far outdated by even solitare and tetris, and as the monstrosity called EQ proved, just because your game has pretty graphics doesn't mean it'll be a good game. Sure, it did have nice graphics, but if the thing wasn't more addictive than crack, heroin, and tobacco all rolled in one, EQ would be dead by now. In order to build a holodeck, we'd first need an AI that worked, or at least an OS with a very detailed way of responding to a vast array of possibilties. Then work on the interface system, and I'm gonna get one and seal myself in there with a welding torch. ' I'm guessing some sort of universal graphics engine will be made and then from there, with a real AI helping, anybody could create anything. That would be awesome...I could finally create that use game universe I've been dieing to make! It would be something like a first person RPG where you've got several entire galaxies to work in. Everything from high tech sci-fi down to Tolkeinien fantasy, depending on the area.
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