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  1. I noticed today when I was poking around that the page for UC: Legacy Edition has been removed or moved. Is that game still on the slate and I missed it somewhere? Thanks, Ken
  2. I would be interested in both a manual and a large galaxy map poster. Ken
  3. I will do that. I did a search and found ReplicaNet's freebie and downloaded it along with GameCom. Thanks, SC. Ken
  4. What are the performance/capability differences between GameCom and ReplicaNet that prompted the switch for multiplayer? As a dabbling game programmer who would like to implement MP sometime soon I am curious but also will understand if you are too busy to answer this completely, SC. Thanks, Ken
  5. A potentially silly question, so gimme a siddown if I need it but... Could Dreamcathcer claim later (if sued for damages) that the lack of a demo (which was planned for a $39.99 release) hurt the sales so it was not "their fault" the sales were lower than they projected? Ken
  6. I liked Fellowship better but still liked Two Towers. Also, I tried to read the books in high school but quit in the middle of Two Towers as I found the writing style boring. This is a geek sin of the first magnitude to many. So you are not quite alone.
  7. SC, I have been playing the heck out of BCM lately and having quite the good time. This makes me wonder, will there be pre-orders for BCG (and BCM:G, for that matter) and if so, any ideas from which retailers and if there will be a special promo deal like there was when we pre-ordered BCM (the cool map poster)? I think if you could tell us you already would have but I just thought I would ask as I am curious and looking forward to both games, especially BCG. Thanks, Ken
  8. Am I reading the multiplayer features right or did the Stormcarrier get a little less scary since support craft deployment will not be a part of multiplayer for BCM or BCM Gold (and may not be a part of BCG MP either)? Anybody rethinking their ship choices based on those listed features or am I not reading them right? Ken
  9. Well, I guess that will teach me to not check the forum on weekends. The link is Epsilon 5 gave is down. I want to hear it, too. Ken
  10. Hmm, where can I get the demo for Freelancer? Thanks, Ken [ 09-05-2002, 07:33 AM: Message edited by: kiloton ]
  11. Nova and James, I live in Maryland Heights just down the road from you guys! How cool. I am going to see the movie tomorrow at West Olive at Olive and 270. A buddy of mine saw it yesterday and said it was awesome. Ken
  12. I am hoping the posting date of that story (04/01/02) is a bit telling of how serious it is. If not, then that is insane, but I tend to think it was a joke.
  13. I liked SFC2 better than SFC1 once they patched it. They added ADDs and got rid of giving everyone an extra drone rack and phaser to make up for not having ADDs like they did in SFC1. The campaign is better and worse than SFC1, in different ways. Plus it added the two new races (Kzinti aka Mirak and ISC). As released, they game was horrible but the new patch is pretty good. They have two outside guys working on it now and they are getting way more done than was previously. I also bought SFC: Orion Pirates but have not played it yet. Too many games... I have the ST: BC demo but have not played it yet. Likely will this weekend. Anything I should know going in about controls or how to play or what to expect?
  14. I love SFB, as well. I would just go nuts of someone could mix the tactical depth of SFB with the persistent universe of BCM (the style of the ongoing campaign) instead of the monotonous mission based repetition that kills SFC's campaign. Man, that would be cool. BCM by far has the best campaign system but it so much easier for lazy developers to fall into the scripted missions and linear storyline trap. Don't get me wrong, sometimes, that is fine when done well (Freespace, Freespace 2, etc.). But if it gets repetitious and holds no replay value then it becomes shelfware pretty quickly. Luckily the tactical aspects and wide variety of ships make SFC pretty good, despite the single player campaign shortcomings. Ken
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