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  1. I'm still here too. I've finally gotten a break from real life again, I was gone from my computer nearly all summer (not necessarily a bad thing) (I can't believe I just said that) and I hadn't really got back up to speed again between school, and college seeking, etc. But I should be somewhat active again, as long as real life doesn't make another calling.
  2. What's the scariest thing you've ever seen the AI do? For me, I assaulted a trader city with a raider Sunflash. After annihalting most of the city, I landed and jumped out. To my surprise, a trader marine was already hovering outside my ship with a rocket launcher! When I popped out, I took off with the jet pack and he started trying to shoot my ae. Finally I killed him with the laser rifle. It amused me. I'd never actually been directly attacked by a marine before.
  3. If you use the navitron computer to set the autopilot to hyper jump somewhere, then select a planet, then press "SHIFT+9" to hyper jump, then press 'y' to establish planetfall, you hyper jump to the waypoint, and then make planetfall anyway. This looks very unusual when you are at a jump gate and get to see your ship "falling" towards the planet at unbelievable rates. I am using RC32 and am able to get this to repeat every time. Obviously, it's not game stopping, but is sort of unusual, and I have not seen it posted anywhere yet. If it is, I am very very sorry.
  4. quote:feedBAck Who is your favorite Lord of the Rings character? juju_T-DOT 01/04/2003 22:50 okay okay u see dat gurl writing down dere...MRS.BLOOM??first of all UR NAME IS GERLYN MAY!second of all...U SPELLED HUSBAND WRONG!hahahhahahhahahahah....*husban* eh?hahahahah...n e whoo...stop it!cuz...hes mine!we went over dis already rememba maymay?eh?...soo u can have ur JBOOG CUZ ORLANDO is mine!muahhaha...=P Mrs. Bloom, in legolas' bed 01/04/2003 22:45 muhahha..i love my husban!hes sooo sexxie..nd ahhhhhhh...veryyy nice... looks nice...love his smile!!ohh yeah nd im tlkain bout legolas...so for all of u ladies... u can juss back off!! he's mine !!!! muhahah...i kno u wish u wer mee but thats ok...u hav to realize ur NOT! juju_T-DOT 01/04/2003 22:38 OH MY GOODNESS!!!!HE IS SOOO SEXAY!+ HOT!I LOVE HIM IN ALL HIS MOVIES!ESPECIALLY LOTR...i read da daymn book + everything!hes really NICE lookin' in BLACK HAWK DOWN =PI hope this isn't copywrite infringement, it's off the WB website Who the h*)L posts these things, these people are stupid. And on topic, I loved the movie, which is odd because I didn't like the first one. When are our games going to have CG like that!!
  5. I just finished purchasing for a computer, but all my equipment is still on its way. If you don't intend on building an intel system, don't listen to me, I've only ever worked with intel. BTW, my sole experience is not in buying this last computer. The computer I have now I built myself. I do volunteer tech support work at my school as well. I do, to some extent, know what I am talking about. Always buy a full tower. Smaller towers just don't do the job. Figure $80 -- $200+ depending on what you want, especially if what you want is fans / aluminum / PSupply etc. Buy the biggest PSupply you can, at least 450w. Figure $100 - $150 for one, I think. For Intel Mobo's, buy from Abit, Asus, or IWILL. IWILL actually specializes in worstation boards and is where you'd want to go for DP systems. Figure $100 - $250+ depending on the chipset 850 or 7505, the company, the RAM type, etc. There is a lot to consider on a Mobo, you need to know what kind of RAM, probably RAMBUS or DDR, you intend to use, what processor you want to use, in this case P4 or P4 XEON for DP machines, and what you want on board, auido, lan, RAID, SCSI, etc. Make sure it has AGP 8x though, or your setting yourself up to buy a new one within the year. P4 vs P4 Xeon -- When I was buying a new system, I really wanted to know what the difference between these two was. The only thing I ever turned up is that Xeon processors are designed for Workstations and Servers, but all the specs appear to be the same for P4 and Xeon. Note that to my knowleadge, there are only DP Xeon Systems. The price difference in P4 and Xeon is nonexistent. Make sure you buy proccessors with 533mhz front side bus, instead of the old 400mhz models. You'll wonder why they're so cheap. . . Figure $250+ for a good processor. 3.06ghz can cost near $700! Hyper-Threading-A new, to consumers anyway, technology that makes 1 processor act like 2 logical processors. If you want a DP machine, buy processors with Hyperthreading and save on the second processor. Note that only W2000 and WXP support DP systems and that (to my knowleadge) only XP supports Hyperthreading. Processor costs vary from around $200 to $600+ dollars. To make it easier, the fastest processor around at the moment is 3.06ghz, at more than $600. RAM--RAMBUS vs DDR -- More Mobo's use DDR, simple as that. RAMBUS (RD) IS faster, but very few motherboards actually use it. I currently have RD ram, but am getting DDR because I couldn't find a good Mobo that supported RD. I think you need at least 512mb, I'm going for 1gb, and I would suggest 2gb if you have the money. RAM can be the sole determining factor of how well your big games (Morrowind and OFP, to name 2 that are out, BCG to name one we should all know) run. RAM will cost you about $.75 a meg at the moment. Note that AMD systems will only ever support DDR. RAID-If you want extra space without compromising speed and while still using IDE HD's, RAID is probably the way to go. For a gamer, RAID essentially allows you to take two smaller harddrives, say 40gb and run them as if they are a double-fast 80gb HD, the bigger your harddrive, the slower your read time, and RAID helps to cut down on this. SCSI-Fast alternative to IDE, never used it, but know that it is significantly more expensive to buy SCSI equipment. On Board. . .-- The only technology that I think should come on board is your LAN. Buy a Mobo with Gigabit Lan, and you won't need to worry about a LAN card. Hard Drives -- If you're looking for SCSI, I don't know anything. Otherwise, buy a Maxtor or Western Digital Harddrive. They make good stable products. Figure no more than $100 for a 40 to 60gb hard drive. Make sure it's 7200rpm. Video Cards -- I'd say this is primarily opinion based. ATi's new card (9700) has plenty of advantages, but I don't trust ATi's drivers. I still use nVidia, and if you wait long enough, you can get a card with the nV30 chipset that should be faster than the 9700. Figure $250+ for a good video card, either the 9700 or a geForce4 Ti-4600. Sound Cards -- The newest and best consumer card is the Augdigy 2. If you've already got an Audigy card, keep it, if you have anything else, buy an Audigy 2. From a retailer, it will cost $200. Optical Drives -- You probably want a good 16x DVD drive for your computer. This will be less than $100. After that, the issue of a CD-RW or even DVD-RW arises. If nothing else, buy from companies you know: Philips, Sony, etc. They will provide you with the stuff most likely to work. Note that there are multiple DVD-R and DVD-RW formats out at the moment. Buying from a major company will increase your chances of buying a drive with the format that will survive. Otherwise, buy a CD-RW and hold off on the DVD-RW. A CD-RW should cost between $100 and $200 depending primarily on the company. Monitor -- Plan on a 19" Flat or Flatscreen monitor. I would suggest Flatscreen over Flat only because the refresh rates on Flat LCD monitors is lower than on CRT's and *can* cause streaking in very fast games. Look for a dot pitch of .20mm, these are the better monitors. Figure between $150 and $300+ for a monitor. Keyboards / Mice -- I've always found that keyboards in the 2nd level of cheapness (around $30 from a retailer, not $15!!) work better for gaming than the higher level ones, unless you're into wireless and all that crap. . . I do not believe in wireless keyboards. Microsoft's keyboards always works great with Microsoft's OS. A digital, USB mouse, perhaps even wireless, is a must for gaming. Try to get one of the new ones with dual sensors for enhanced accuracy, they reduce the chance that your mouse will skip, a slight problem when the difficult to clean lenses get dirty. Figure $20 to $50+ depending on what you get. $20 should be a fair Logitech mouse that you can buy anywhere. I think that covers everything. If you want to shop for AMD stuff, the same rules apply for everything but the Mobo and processors. Oddly enough, a lot of computer buying is opinion since even the $700 machine some fool buys from Best Buy with a $699 rebate will run most games, it's really how well you want your games to run, for how long, and at what resolutions. For games like BCG, Morrowind, OFP, Unreal2, and Microsoft Flight Sim, high level computers are a must. This is all I know. I hope that everyone will disagree with me and tell you what to buy instead, that way you'll have more choices. I hope that I have not told you what to buy, but suggested how you should buy it.
  6. Maybe Galaxians are the solution to permanent death. If they are the originators of life in the universe, perhaps they have some control over it. . . and they capture your spirit energy or something and spit you back out on the nearest planet. Just a thought. I don't think that death in BCO has ever been discussed thouroughly besides that it is "permanent," but that might have changed too. I believe that an RPG in which you are constantly starting over with new characters might become a little tedious, IMHO. This is just a thought, not a request, not a fact, etc as to what the Galaxians might be.
  7. I think it stands as a tribute to creativity that there are so few Starwars / Startrek ship names out there. I didn't see a single Enterprise or Executor, except of course that the Enterprise was (is?) a real carrier and I seem to think the Executor was a destroyer.
  8. I think he said "Strategic Commander" not game commander. They are two very different things. Anyway, the Stategic Commander is really intended for 2-dimensional games I think. The TacOps is very mouse oriented and the Stategic Commander is really intended to replace keyboard functions (I think). If you make up a good profile for it, I'd like to try it (if you don't mind of course). Actually, while it seems extremely useful, it honestly isn't. The only game that it ever helped a lot in was Black & White, because of the unusual way the controls are set up in that game, it works almost perfectly, but besides that it's really just an extra piece of hardware, since you generally still need to use both the keyboard and mouse and you have only 2, not 3 hands. [ 11-27-2002, 03:04 PM: Message edited by: T-WOPR ]
  9. quote:Originally posted by IceCold: You could perform a siege on a star station and force it to surrender. This is your only option if you do not have cloak ability.Has anyone here actually SEIGED a star station. I have never tried it, but it seems that it would take a significant length of time and I don't recall anyone ever posting about it. I just want to know how well a seige works, I have always suspected that they're not actually programmed in and that it is just said in the manual to make you think you can do it (that's a joke, haha). So, has anyone ever seiged a star station before, to confirm whether or not that is a feasable option.
  10. I used the "Rights of Man" ripped right out of BILLY BUD, a Herman Melville novel. The "Rights of Man" was the merchant ship in the beginning of the story, from which Billy Bud is recruited. It symbolized, oddly enough, the natural rights of man. I like it, and its a good name for a merchant ship, and I have never seen anyone else with that ship name. If you want more information on BILLY BUD, go to a public library and check it out. It's sort of a Jesus story.
  11. 6 Run the cloak generator, leave with any intelligent officers in a shuttle, let the generator run until everyone on board is dead, and return.
  12. I can't deploy anything from shuttles either. Not even SF marines in space. And I get the same problem with jumping too, taking damage.
  13. This is just a little question, but it's really gotten to me. Why is BC still only sold at EB. I knew there was some deal there, but it's been quite a while. Why doesn't anyone else sell it?
  14. Thanks for mentioning me, I've been banned from my computer for poor grades (oops), but I'm still around and will be back on shortly. (I had to do this from school).
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