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  1. BFV is excellent except for a few issues. There is currently al ot of lag on MP servers. Also the Americans M60 is way to accurate and powerful, it results in the majority of Americans carrying the M60 instead of the other kits. Its accurate enough to snipe with. Hopefully these problems will be resolved in a patch.
  2. Great game! The improved graphics are astounding. I also miss the old speed control using the 1-9 keys.
  3. 1. Err, where is the VCF? Is it the one under BCM Gold? 2. I would be happy with even a semi-funtional game sooner, however it would also be nice not to have to patch and perhaps lose any saved games.
  4. I for one am really looking forward to the new ease of use revisions. This may be battlecruiser heresy but I think an easier interface will improve my enjoyment of the series. Besides I can always fall back on BCMG if I want a more harcore sim.
  5. Just ordered mine! I just got off of a strike 2 hours ago and this is my first luxury purchase. Although it could be considered a neccessity among th BC community!
  6. I'm on Emerald server, New Conglomerate character KhelbenDrachenfels. I too found the NC to be the most insurgentlike! It is a truly addicting and fun game as well as something to do while we wait for BCO.
  7. When MP arrives should we register with our forum name or our AE name?
  8. quote:Originally posted by Duncan Idaho: Well, a week of play, not one crash, bug or glitch to be seen. In fact, I've stopped looking, and gotten down to the business of enjoying myself in the vasty reaches of space...and stuff. Nice work, SC, a thousand thank you's for your dedication to your vision. Idaho I also am crashless for weeks! Is it me or is the AI better? Marine careers seem much more challenging of late.
  9. I too get an access denied (forbidden) error. Is the forum down?
  10. I would enjoy a regular BCM multiplayer to use while waitng for BCM gold to arrive at my local retailer. I suspect there will be a large run on the title.
  11. I enjoyed the added material, the elves added to the battle, the extra time with faramir and all the Arwen/Aragorn scenes, particularly the dialogue that referenced the Silmarillion. Plus any shot with Liv Tyler in it is a good one!
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