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  1. BFV is excellent except for a few issues. There is currently al ot of lag on MP servers. Also the Americans M60 is way to accurate and powerful, it results in the majority of Americans carrying the M60 instead of the other kits. Its accurate enough to snipe with. Hopefully these problems will be resolved in a patch.

  2. I tried to download the free BC3k from file planet, which although it didn't work,interested me enought to buy BCM. BCM prompthly stalled due to soundcard and other issues, but , when it finally worked with my system I found it to be the best thing since sliced bread. Now I eagerly await the debut of multiplayer!

  3. I relented and decided to order from the gamestop site directly. Might as well get the special edition if I have to wait anyway! Thanks for the info though, I'm sure there are fans who are glad to hear an ETA for the retail world. Hope to see you all in game soon!

    (Time zones and real life permitting of course.)

    Got it via Fed EX!

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  4. Anyone know who will carry it at the retail level? None of the local Gamestops have ordered it and apparently have zero on the way, and EB games doesn't have it in either. CompUsa lists tuesday as ship date, dies that mean the day it will be shipped form their wearhouse or the day they expect it in store. I am amazed at the number of retailers who have not heard of the game. One aked me , "Watercooler Millenium? For what system?"

  5. I for one think it is very good. It is more of beer and pretzels kind of game like counterstrike, play for 15 minutes, quit and be on your way. For a more immersive experience, and if I have more time I'll stick to BCM. Sometimes it is enjoybale to play a less complicated sim. Well worth the $50 and something to do while we wait for BCM gold and BCG. (The MP, however, seems kind of useless unless you coordinate before logging on, the servers seem kind of like a mini mmporg that is far to big a setting for the maximum players.)

  6. A friend of mine had a similar problem. The cleaning disk wouldn't work. There is some way to open the ps2 to get to the drive directly. (This voids your warranty). After opening it up and cleaning it thouroghly with compressed air it worked okay again. I would check all those sites that till you how to open it to mod-chip it and try that. If you have to buy a new one anyway you might as well try this first.

  7. quote:

    Originally posted by Duncan Idaho:


    Originally posted by Paddy Gregory:

    Have you read the other Tolkien books? Silmarillion, Book of Lost Tales, Book(s) of Unfinished Tales?

    Did you know Aragorn and Arwen are related and that Arwen is Galadriel's granddaughter (as well as being her 5th cousin)? Read the Silmarillion and you'll find out how.

    I'll second the other Tolkien books. Especially the Silmarillion, which, though a tough read, is probably my favorite Tolkien book.

    And thanks for that info on Galadriel. I knew Arwen was related to her, for some reason my mind was stuck thinking Arwen was her daughter. Well, it HAS been nearly 20 years since I read it.


    I believe if you look at hte genealogies in Return of the King, you can trace the Kings of Gondor, including Strider/Aragorn to a common ancestor with Arwen and Elrond, I think thorugh the Beren/Luthien line.

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  8. I would suggest:

    1. Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (Don't read all ten in a row, it will drive you batty!)

    2. Song of Ice and Fire by George Martin. (Like the Wheel of Time but on amphetimines)

    3. Fortress series by CJ Cherryh

    4. The first three Shannarra books by Terry Brooks

    5. Anything by JRR tolkien

    6. Various liscensed products:

    a. Dragonlance by Weiss and Hickman

    b. Forgotten Realms novels (Drizzt Do'urden and friends) by RA Salvatore.

    7. Dudes who should pay the Tolkien estate royalties:

    a. Riftwar novels by Raymond Feist

    b. Anything by Dennis Mckiernan.

    c. Arguably Terry Brooks, Weiss and Hickman, Salvatore novels essentialy any Dungeons and Dragons setting.

    8. Black Company series by Glen Cook, hard to find but griity and dark.

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  9. quote:

    Originally posted by Duncan Idaho:

    Well, a week of play, not one crash, bug or glitch to be seen. In fact, I've stopped looking, and gotten down to the business of enjoying myself in the vasty reaches of space...and stuff.

    Nice work, SC, a thousand thank you's for your dedication to your vision.


    I also am crashless for weeks! Is it me or is the AI better? Marine careers seem much more challenging of late.

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