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  1. My mistake, I was in class and didn't realize I was posting to the tech support forum. Sorry. Also, what the hell? I'm no n00b.
  2. Right now I'm playing as a space pirate, not a raider, but a commercial commander in a jenstar. Since the jenstar has no main guns, I engage enemy ships by flying around in a shuttle, hopping out when I see a tasty one, and shooting them up with my sabre assault rifle. I must confess to not trying as hard as I could've to find an appropriate bug to exploit(there was one in BCM, wasn't there?).. but I remember SC saying it couldn't be done so that discouraged me. This would be so much better if I could have a squad of dudes with me. Hundreds of times better. More like thousands. If I they would escort me and fire on my target, and we could all hang in space in a cloud and swarm an enemy ship sticking to it with our magnetic boots and shooting it to hell with our rifles to get at the sweet sweet cargo boxes inside... Maybe even millions. In fact, if I could have my whole compliment of marines be Space Force Marines. well then, it would change everything. I think I lost my point somewhere in there. So, two questions. 1. For all the space monkeys like me... is it possible to deply SFMs in space? 2. For SC, ground ops are vastly improved, and very awesome. Is there any chance we'll see even minor improvement to space ops? (If there's already a topic for this please, just order me to airlock via tacops and move on.)
  3. So my Jenstar makes planetfall on a bumpy unhabited dustball, you know the kind of backwater that doesn't even have a single decent flat stretch to land on. The kind of place that leaves you wondering 'Is my landing gear crooked?'. I drop off my mining drones and then saddle up a shuttle with some of my boys and take them out to do some combat drills. After a lively episode of running and jumping, crawling and crouching, and hiding from and shooting at nonexistent enemies we returned to the ship. Feeling a bit faint I head down to medibay to get checked up, only to find out that I'm suffering from radiation sickness. At this point I knew it was time to go. I made haste to the bridge, already feeling better from the vacpac I'd just huffed. I snatched the helm and tried my damndest to pilot the ship out of the planet's atmosphere and after several miserable failures I decided to try something unorthodox. I launched in a shuttle and tried to TOW the ship out of the planet's hold. As you can imagine, this didn't work too well. Frustrated, and not wanting to land to change crafts.. I jump out of the shuttle in the hopes of jetpacking over to the board the CC in midair. Well, I hit the ground alot faster than I thought I would. I must have blacked out, because I missed the entire fall but was miraculously unhurt. But now the situation was grim, my CC was being towed by a shuttle and I couldn't figure out a good way to get back to it. After issuing all manners of orders I eventually got the shuttle to drop the CC off nearby. At this point I was tired, confused, and angry... and perhaps not capable of the soundest of judgements. I told my best men to gear up and climb into the LAV, put the LAV on another shuttle.. and then I abandoned them, my crew and craft. Not trusting them at the helm I left the CC in the shuttle's tractor beam and then I blasted off. This time I broke the atmosphere and made it out into space. I got a few jumps away, and had collected several cargo pods and explored a couple of promising planets when the guilt hit me. Then I turned that shuttle right around and went back to check on my baby. When I arrived in the system I called up tacops to see what the status of my CC was.. and what I saw shocked me.The shuttle was dragging my CC along the ground! It would let the CC scrape the ground for a few seconds, pull it up for a while, and then lower it again. Maybe I should've thought this order over more, but what I saw told me I had to act NOW. I ordered the shuttle to stop, and it did. It released my CC to fall.. a relatively short distance, about a 1/5th of it's length aft first, to the ground. Boom. The report said I was KIA, but I know the truth.. only my career was. Better they think I died in an accident than they know I killed my whole crew and then turned that shuttle around and spent the rest of my life jumping.
  4. Don't get too excited guys; This is like a company releasing 'a stabber' with safety meassures when we have a drawer(internet) full of old-fashioned knives. How different is it functionallity from 1:1 ripping a CD to an ISO with blindread(free)? And then mounting said ISO with daemon tools(free) which includes copy protection emulation? Or you could just burn it with blindwrite(free) and go about your business. I am not a software pirate; I use these programs because they're very reliable and a handy way to keep my CDs alive. They also cost less than this program, which is out to capitalize off of the fact that most people don't exploit the information resources they have availible to find the right(free) tools for the job. EDIT: On reflection, has it occured to any of you that this is being released as misdirection to keep people away from tools which they could use for unlimited evil? I'm sure software developers would rather they use this than a suite of any of a dozen tools I(and probably anyone whoever even glanced) could name.
  5. On the subject of the nebulae. I like them but they are a bit much. I'd rather see them in fewer systems and see more diverse backgrounds or just more mostly empty boring ones. I have to agree that the nebulae should be the exception not the rule. Also, I'd like to name my tank. Oh, so I'm not derailing... fourth impressions: Aside from a few issues which i've been told are to be fixed.. it's all good. I really like the ground combat. I really like it alot. Maybe I like it too much. That is all.
  6. quote:Originally posted by CedricB: Yeah, I know you can drive one direction and shoot with the turret pointing in another, but you're still looking out the front of the tank. Is there a way to look where you're shooting? Kinda defeats the purpose of a 360 deg turret if you can only see out the front 30 degs.If this game had mouselook for vehicles the same way looking off-heading is in for FP I would cry tears of joy.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Eclipse: It was working before patching up to 1.00.02R Ah, okay, I wasn't able to get outside of my ship in 1.00.01 and I didn't do much as SFM so I didn't really notice.
  8. I noticed this after a few space jaunts outside of the CC. Jetpack pitch/roll don't work, the stance indicator says they're doing their thing, but they're not actually. The magnetic boots also don't work in the same manner they once did, it's very hard to stick to the ship, you can't walk around down to the bottom and in general in space it feels like your orientation is restricted to the plane of the region. Is there some workaround for this or is this a bug? This was much much better in previous games, I'm just not feeling the 'Free' in Six Degrees Of Freedom here. Edit: After playing around a little more I discovered that all the tricks still work in third person view, but as soon as you go back to first person your orientation is "corrected" even if you're standing "upside-down" (what happened to nop up and down in space?) on the bottom ship. (I searched, if there's already a thread for this.. please shoot me, thanks.) [ 02-13-2004, 11:33 AM: Message edited by: Nimbus ]
  9. quote:Originally posted by SC: I can't enable it for planets because it would kill the performance. Besides, just going to a hostile base is enough to give you all the threats you want. So, AG is disabled entirely for FP and pilot careers but it's normally disabled for planets anyway? Could you, please, pretty please.. make it an option, perhaps as part of an unsupported cheat utility or something? It'd be like a deleted scenes on a DVD(hmm, director's cut). I've been waiting for a game strong enough to turn this machine into soup.
  10. Alright, let me start off by saying I'm a BC fan and I love UC. However, playing this game with a joystick simply isn't working for me. The problem is the throttle. Previously with the 0-9 system you could select your thrust profile and then use your joystick throttle to choose a speed between 0 and 100% of that profile. THis was good. This meant you could maneuver and get freaky with your speed with both hands on the stick, not needing to touch keyboard to access basic flight functions. In UC however, I must have my throttle up and be holding W in order to gain speed. This is bad. I want to go fast, and I don't think I should need to tell my ship that persistently. The problem with this is that I effectively lose a finger whenever I want to go fast(or go at all, really). It's as though 0-9 thrust profiling has been moved to the joystick throttle, and the actual throttling is on the keyboard. Does anyone actually like it this way? I mean, better than BCM/BCM:G? For me, this is simply not playable. I've been flying with a keyboard instead of having to suffer this. I like the game, I accepted the condescending A is for Apple control revisions because they didn't significantly impede my ability to play(I still maintain that JKL is superior for accessing the screens). To give you an example of how good the old controls were. I use two joysticks. I have a Logitech Wingman Digital Extreme that has served me well since X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter days and.. my second joystick is a Sony Playstation 2 Dual Shock 2 Analog controller. Guess which one I found better in the previous games? Hint, it wasn't the flightstick. So, before we had versatile controls that even worked with a freaking console gamepad, now even flightstick and keyboard don't mesh well. Please weigh in, I have to know if anyone actually likes it this way. EDIT: I hate pointing out problems and not offering any solutions, so here's one. A small deadzone could be declared at the center of the throttle axis to be 0 and let it take over the full function of w and s, in an analog fashion. I can't really think of another one, but I don't think it'd be that hard to find the sweet spot on the stick's throttle. (This post was moved from a thread I shouldn't have started; Please ignore anything that seems inappropriate, for I am not a revisionist.)
  11. Hrm, I noticed something called an area defense shield in a base but I haven't investigated it yet. Try blowing that up first?
  12. I read these boards regularly but haven't posted(or even logged in) in a long time. I have to post now though, to say how pissed off I am at seeing Battlecruiser being treated like it's the Chevy Chase show by Dreamcatcher. I would have paid $50-60US gladly. HRm, all this Battlecruiser talk gives me a craving. *plays*
  13. I read these boards regularly but haven't posted(or even logged in) in a long time. I have to post now though, to say how pissed off I am at seeing Battlecruiser being treated like it's the Chevy Chase show by Dreamcatcher. I would have paid $50-60US gladly. HRm, all this Battlecruiser talk gives me a craving. *plays*
  14. I haven't posted in a long while, or read the forums too heavily in a long while but I thought I'd check back in and saw this discussion. Following Locutus' ideas it seems like a simple solution could be implemented if the SC were willing, I don't know though... ...I'd say give the shuttles some sort of gun which would behave like the gun on an OC or the main gun on a CC(when decoupled). The catch would be, this gun would only be functional when the shuttle isn't in flight. So, while landed it would have SOME fire capabilities. Nothing super, just like a machine gun to be used to provide mild cover for troops on insertion and extraction. Er, I mean to say, a little popgun so the pilot feel as if he's doing something and won't just flee. Like a halfway decent MG. Sorry for the helter-skelter nature of this post, heh.
  15. I didn't see this addressed anywhere else and I did look pretty hard, I apologize if this is redundant though... ..will it be possible to make new IA scenarios with GBS-II when it is released?
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