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  1. weegee_101

    February 2012 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Alive and well.
  2. weegee_101

    January 2012 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    I'm alive. Keep forgetting to check in. :-(
  3. weegee_101

    3000AD Website Revamp

    Awesome article. What ever happened to Battlestorm?
  4. weegee_101

    All Aspect Warfare Mp

    Much appreciated SC. No problem, Mano. Will have to rustle RT back as well. -Sho I'd also be interested. I know I tried to join in once but nobody seemed to be on that weekend. When are you guys planning on playing next?
  5. weegee_101

    February 2011 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Present and accounted for.
  6. weegee_101

    Line Of Defense Announced!

    This sounds absolutely awesome. What kind of space crafts can we expect? I'm assuming smaller things like Fighters and such, but will there be anything bigger, like a Frigate or something?
  7. weegee_101

    January 2011 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    I'm here. We're in the middle of a crunch time at work so this kind of slipped my mind, sorry for the late reporting in!
  8. Why is #padre so effing hard to install via #cpan in Strawberry Perl??? I never can seem to get it working on Windows.

  9. I really hope that True Grit causes more Westerns to be produced.

  10. RT @ActiveState: Top 50 Programming Quotes of All Time: http://bit.ly/if7RfA

  11. Now is the time to buy #minecraft if you want lifetime free updates and the very low pricetag. http://bit.ly/hzQTwk

  12. Thank you #Marines for 235 years of service!

  13. weegee_101

    November 2010 Fleet Muster

    I'm here. Been playing New Vegas so much I haven't browsed the web for like a week...
  14. I finally found a place where you can get cell signal at my Dad's... on the roof...

  15. I need 468 1.44 MB Floppy Disks to back up Steel Panthers World at War. Can anyone spare a couple hundred?