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  1. Why is #padre so effing hard to install via #cpan in Strawberry Perl??? I never can seem to get it working on Windows.

  2. I really hope that True Grit causes more Westerns to be produced.

  3. RT @ActiveState: Top 50 Programming Quotes of All Time: http://bit.ly/if7RfA

  4. Now is the time to buy #minecraft if you want lifetime free updates and the very low pricetag. http://bit.ly/hzQTwk

  5. Thank you #Marines for 235 years of service!

  6. I finally found a place where you can get cell signal at my Dad's... on the roof...

  7. I need 468 1.44 MB Floppy Disks to back up Steel Panthers World at War. Can anyone spare a couple hundred?

  8. I'm seriously considering renewing my Star Trek Online account.

  9. There's nothing quite like putting order in some chaotic code. Still, Its a pain to go back and have to organize everything...

  10. Halliburton engineer says he warned BP seal might fail, suggested using a shark would be more reliable http://fk.cm/go/5575824

  11. Fellow Tweeters. I have a question; I encourage you to answer. When precisely, did hate-orgs in the U.S. become acceptable political orgs?

  12. For the record, the Tea Party is a hate organization. You are a racist fool if you believe their bullshit. Period. http://bit.ly/b3oDat

  13. RT @DeathStarPR: Great things that happen when you blow up people's planets #168: the Meteor Shower Tonight. Enjoy the show, Earth.

  14. Starcraft 2 is a really great game.

  15. Proof that P != NP? We'll see, but if its valid then this could change computer science and mathematics forever. http://is.gd/e9dcE

  16. Installing #LaTeX is always a pain in the ass. >.<

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