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  1. quote:

    Originally posted by Kalshion:


    uhhhh, reality check, nothings free.. there is ALWAYS a price somewhere.. it's just hidden

    Hmmmm, you obviously haven't been informed of opensource and the GNU Foundation. The GNU General Public License means the software protected by it is free for your use and modifications, but you can't profit a penny off of it. If we want to discuss more about this we should start a new post.

    On Topic: This Anarchy Online deal is absolutely free, the only catch is you don't get any of the expansions and in January 2006 you have to start paying. For now its doing me good as a MMO until I get WoW. AO is fun, but after the WoW beta I'm kinda hooked. I'd recommend everyone who's interested go for it.

  2. Good God this is an old post...

    I've seen both the x800 and the 6800, and speeds vary from game to game. Personally, I would go with a 6800. While I love my Radeon, its getting to the point where some games have glitches that I hadn't noticed before now. The 6800 is also a bit easier to tweak if it has difficulties with a game. RBR is the first thing I can think of; Richard Burns Rally at release had a terrible stutter problem with the faster cards. The 6800 users were able to just throw a switch in an overclocking program (it didn't overclock it) and the Radeon users are still waiting for a patch from ATI or the developer.

    You'll be able to run HL2 at 1024x768x32 fine with both of the cards, so that really isn't an issue. If you're going PCI express though, remember that this is a different motherboard architecture completely. Also, both cards are going to require at least a 400w powersupply; I'd go with a 450w just in case.

    I'm looking at upgrading my card as well, and looking at the 6800 since its A)Cheaper B)Multi-platform Supported and C)Nvidia - They seem to support their users more at this point in time.

  3. If you're going to set it to a fixed size (Which I would recommend as well) the equation is 1.5x(RAM) where (RAM) is the amount of system ram you have. In most cases (at least in my experiences) that should work.

    Be warned, Windows isn't meant to have fixed swap file sizes. I've never experienced a problem with this, but then again I'm running 1024MB of ram at this point in time. Some of the other system admins at my school like to set the workstations at 1.5x to 3.0x, and let Windows handle it from there.

    But this is getting off topic, if we really want to discuss swap files we should create a new post.

    Oh, and apparently Diskeeper can actually defrag the swap file (or so it claims). So you shouldn't have to worry about safe mode. (Although I'm not sure how that works... cleaning up the swap file safely.)

  4. Defragmenting is sometimes referred to as Optimization since it reorganizes the files so they're in order. As you use your computer and access the hard disk it tends to throw bits and pieces of files all over the partition. It will speed up the access times for your hard disk.

    Make sure you boot into safemode and have 15% of free space before you defragment. With safemode you can defrag the space used for your Swap file and the 15% gives the program enough room to move files around.

  5. My roommate sold 9 of his games just so he didn't have to wait till payday to buy this... It rocks.... I can't stop playing. Halo was great, Halo 2 is better. I figure its a good thing to waste the time while I wait for next week.

    There are some GREAT games that have come/are coming out this month; this is going to be a very aggressive season.

  6. Any reason you dropped Opera SC? There seems to be a big trend of people dropping Opera as of late; don't really see why, Opera works almost exactly the same except for the extensions.


    All I use IE for is website testing to make sure it looks right and works.

    I don't even support IE for websites I make anymore. It's no longer the "compatible" browser; when netscape wasn't considered "compatible" people refused to use it. I just prefer sending people to a website telling them to upgrade their browser or look at the crummy "lite" page. Getting IE to work properly with CSS2 isn't worth my time.

  7. I can sort of understand why they would make a patent for it at the time, but 3d graphics are so widespread now they can't actually expect people to pay royalties.

    You hit the nail right on the head Soback too! They explained 3d. 3-Dimensional art has been made for years, who says that 3-Dimensional graphics are any different? The patent office is broken; somebody within the past 20 years hasn't been doing their job.

    This kind of patent really limits technology as well. People really need to rethink the reasons why they're getting a patent before they apply for one. Of course, if you're going to do something like this patent your obviously after the money. Abuse of Patents is becoming too common, as is abuse of most anything these days.

    It wouldn't suprise me if you sent in inhaling and exhaling and got a denial with the reason listed that its already patented.

  8. I'm here.

    But not for long. Unfortunately this is my resignation from the fleet.

    I just don't have time for BC anymore, and as such I feel I'm just taking up space in the fleet. Perhaps if I get more time in the future I'll come back, but for now I've decided that the best course of action is to resign. Real life has finally caught up with me. Juggling 2 Majors, a job, and an addiction to Linux and Java Programming has left me with little time for UC.

    I'll still be around the forums from time to time, but for now I've got more important things I need to focus on.

    Farewell Comrades, for now at least.

  9. Ugh... Ivan was predicted straight for us two day's ago. We got hit by Frances by the time it was a tropical storm. It managed to leave 28,000 people in our small georgian college town (those of you from Georgia should understand why I used georgian as an adjective in this case) of 33,000 without power. Georgia Power just finally got all the power back up for the people on the outskirts.

    Thats Georgia Power for you, take their time and then charge you tons of shit when they don't get it right the first time.

    Kinda relieved that Ivan isn't going straight for us, but the local news is saying that we may still get some effect from it.

  10. Hey guys, I'm gonna have to pass on any matches for this week and next. School just started and everything has gone to hell (quite literally) so I'm sort of frantic right now.

    On the plus side, I have internet again, soooooo can't complain there.

    I may play some UC MP sometime this weekend... every time I play though nobody is on...

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