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  1. Yes, but letting your own Engineers repair it helps them get smarter, and when they get smarter, they get faster! In fact, I would recommend this method myself. Just keep close to the station if you're heavily damaged and you should be pretty ok; little can survive an attack from a stations weapons.

  2. quote:

    Violations for docking at a legal station with illegal items in cargo are now only for Terran/Military and Terran/Earthcom players. Previously, violations were given for others e.g. Gammulan/Military.

    Heh heheh... YESSSSS!! Eat it Galcommies.

  3. Why the hell would Interplay sell the license to them anyhow? For starters they're not professional game developers, and I doubt that Interplay would like to sell rights to somebody who will just nudge them under the carpet. They're bluffing; I doubt that Interplay would cut a deal with them.

  4. lol...

    I didn't catch it at first when I read it last night.. I read it kinda late.

    While I was running errands today I thought back "Dihydrogen Monoxide; what is tha.... (Severe Laughter)". You nearly killed me Tigerclaw; I almost lost control of my car. Good one though.

    EDIT: And no, I didn't read either of the links completely until about 5 minutes ago, I simply skimmed over them last night.

  5. Guys, I need to apologize, but I won't be able to be on at 9 tonight. Mother decided that we we're all going out to dinner tonight all of a sudden... kinda weird if you ask me, we only go out to dinner to celebrate.

    Plus my cat ran off last night; haven't seen him all day. Getting kinda worried to, the daliy afternoon T-Storms are beginning to roll in.

    Is tomorrow ok for you all? I know I can be on around 9:30 tomorrow. (I was planning on it anyhow)

  6. Lots. The X800 outperforms the 6800 easy. There's no contest between the Geforce 5900 and the ATI Radeon 9800; ATI wins even on a bad day.

    Drivers arn't really an issue with Radeons. They still do manage to come out with shitty drivers, but nVidia does the same crap from time to time. The only time that drivers are an issue with radeon's is in linux; Geforce wins in that market.

    I dunno what cards you all have been using, but until the Geforce 6800 the Radeon 9800XT was unbeatable.

  7. Figured this was something for the pinboard.

    I realized that the Red Star Mk. II has not gotten a formal christening yet and I was wondering if some of you would like to join me sometime later this week to give her the unofficial not-so-quite first voyage? Right now I'm looking at either Wednesday or Thursday at around 9:00pm EST, but if any of you want to come but can't make it at that time, we might be able to work out a different time. Anyone interested?

  8. quote:

    Originally posted by Chaoticmass:

    The only similiarities between Asimov and the movie was the three laws, plus maybe that flashback where the robot saves Will Smith and not the little girl-- Asimov wrote all kinds of stuff about robots caught in logical contridictions caused by the three laws logic.

    That saddens me, but I won't admit that I didn't expect it. Sometimes I wish that movie makers wouldn't make the story "better". Especially with classic novels such as "I, Robot".

  9. quote:

    Originally posted by Jaguar:

    It will probably never be proven, but Hawking is also one of the best free thinkers and physicists that we have today.

    Not in our lifetime, but most likely it will be proven in the future. Perhaps when manned (or larger unmanned) deep space travel can happen and is affordable.

    About the hypothesis/theory thing, for Hawking this was a little more than a hypothesis; mathmatically he had proved it, making it a theory. But, later, when he ran another trial on the theory; and I say this as how I've been told; he couldn't prove it much futher than his first time. Theories, as you know Jag, are hypothesis that are proven, but they are not set in stone at all, as you also know (and have stated, I'm simply reiterating for others who didn't understand this completely.)

    Just another day in the science.

  10. My only question for you SC, is would you keep it true to the name. Freespace has never been as complex as Battlecruiser ever has been, was, will be, etc. I've got perfect faith that you could do this, but I'm always skeptical about new developers taking over old projects and not keeping them faithful to the title.

  11. Have fun next week Chavik. I'm gonna be visiting my father myself; dunno if I'm excited or not though.

    I'm going to *attempt* to play online for a bit in a couple minutes. I just stopped my computer from optimizing the drive that UC is on, and its gone from 40% fragmentation to about 70% fragmentation because of this. Heh, don't think this is gonna turn out too well...

    Edit: Actually, I'm not right now, no one is on, but if somebody wants to play, I'm on Xfire (wow, thats what we call a run-on.)

    Edit2: Wow....... 70% fragmentation is bad. Ummm, I'm gonna have to pass tonight. Sorry all.

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