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  1. For the record, the Tea Party is a hate organization. You are a racist fool if you believe their bullshit. Period. http://bit.ly/b3oDat

  2. RT @DeathStarPR: Great things that happen when you blow up people's planets #168: the Meteor Shower Tonight. Enjoy the show, Earth.

  3. Yes, Balor Wing is still around. Chavik is just on a special "mission" at the moment. -Sho Forgive me, it's been a while.
  4. Starcraft 2 is a really great game.

  5. The fleet needs your expertise in these fields. Did you want a transfer somewhere? -Sho Nope. If Balor Fleet is still around I'll keep with it.
  6. Proof that P != NP? We'll see, but if its valid then this could change computer science and mathematics forever. http://is.gd/e9dcE

  7. I'll come back from my hiatus. Anybody still want an intel & recon officer? Sadly I still remember the many of weapon & ship statistics from Battlecruiser Millenium and Universal Combat...
  8. Installing #LaTeX is always a pain in the ass. >.<

  9. I'd be lying if I wasn't a bit skeptical about this game. The last Bond game was definitely a blast, but lately with Activision's attitude towards their franchises I'm slightly worried it'll be the same exact game as Quantum of Solace, which did get boring after a short while. And yeah, the singer is definitely a hottie.
  10. Which server are we supposed to be playing on?
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    Ha! That's what I'm wondering.
  12. weegee_101


    Hi echo. I too have been not around lately. Just distracted by other things; I just subscribed to several forums for daily digest so we'll see if that keeps me around more.
  13. I'm going to try to make this one. I've got it on my Steam Calendar and usually I'm not doing anything at that time of Sunday morning anyways.
  14. Wow, this is awesome SC. Congrats! I confess that Alganon doesn't quite look like the kind of game I'm into, but I wish you the very best on it and I can't wait for GCO.
  15. I don't think I really agree with this article at all. Honestly, most of the people I've heard complaining about the gameplay are either the "Its not WoW or Aion" crowd or the "Its not a Simulation" crowd. Essentially, its not what a lot of people were expecting. I think once the dust settles many people are going to revisit it and realize its actually a good, fun game. It is in no way a perfect game, but its not bad either. Its extremely fun, especially once you get your first ship. Plus the space-combat is way more strategic than it could have been. Its not Starfleet Command but its a heck of a lot better than point click shoot; it could have ended up as WoW in space and that would have been bad.
  16. That doesn't hold up in most courts. For starters, you're not even giving a legally binding digital signature (/s/), nor are you giving them your John Hancock. Assuming that a user will abide by an arbitrary agreement that you present to them after they've unboxed the product falls under "Contracts of Adhesion" laws which essentially state you can't make someone sign a contract after they've paid for the product. Still, some courts rule they're alright, but most of these cases have been in extremely conservative states. To add to confusion, some courts rule that there are certain clauses that are enforceable while ruling that others aren't. One mentionable note is that when people appeal high enough (or refuse to pay off the cuff), usually the company trying to enforce the entire EULA will attempt to settle out of court or drop the case entirely. Generally, your state rules in favor of EULAs if it signed UCITA, or if its an extremely conservative state, such as Texas or Georgia, then it will rule 100% in favor of the EULA, where as most other states will only enforce 1 or 2 common clauses. One of the clauses that the courts have been wishy-washy on is the clause protecting against reverse engineering. A lot of times this is defended by the DMCA since a lot of reverse engineering is for piracy purposes, and unfortunately homebrew/modding gets caught in the crossfire. I think most engineers and developers would love to leave modding as a possibility but there is also a need to protect trade secrets and protect against piracy, because the consumer market is just riddled with piracy. (Although there is a point where you can take it too far as we've all seen and probably experienced.) But yeah, my 2 cents before this blows totally into a discussion about Politics and the Legal system. I deal too much with that at work to have a drawn out discussion on the internet about it anymore.
  17. I managed to get in. I like it... its definitely got some flaws, but overall I like it. It is definitely a MMO, especially where ground combat is involved, however I don't agree with people who are saying its like WoW. I confess I played WoW for about 3 years and finally left because everything got easier, and easier, and easier. STO right now feels like your standard MMO with away missions, and kind of a space combat game lite for the space missions. I kind of expected to be similar to Legacy since I know they were trying to make it accessible to as many people (read, customers) as possible, and I think they surprised me a little by actually making it slightly more complex, and better, than Legacy's combat system. I think I share the same feelings as everyone here that it would have been spectacular to have Klingon Academy style space combat, but I also know when a company like Cryptic is trying to get as many people as possible involved, they're not going to make something that would be niche. (Which, really is kind of sad, but the damn kids these days don't know what games should be like.) Things I like so far: Space Combat is fun, the interface is rather minimalist (shows you just what you need to know), and I feel like a general Bajoran bada** most of the time. Thinks I'm not liking: Feels buggier than a beta product should be and how too many things are instanced. I want to stress the "buggier than a beta product should be" bit. In my professional experience beta tests are usually metered pretty strictly and we've managed to take down the login servers at least once every night since they started the test last week. Its pretty apparent that they do NOT have the infrastructure yet for a full launch, but I realize that's also a nasty habit that a lot of the MMO publishers have. You're wise to wait 6 months SC. Bottom line is that if you're expecting a MMO-sim you're not going to find it here, but if you want a fun Star Trek MMO to play with friends, I think they've delivered pretty well. The game, even with its bugs, is just plain fun. I haven't had to grind yet which is just spectacular since I cannot stand grinding. Hit me up Sho. My Primary character's name is Weegee.
  18. I'm here Aramike. I was posting more frequently in April and early May but I just moved across the country for a new job so I've been a bit busy. We should all try to get a community game night going when we all have gotten AAW. EDIT: Also, is anyone else scared that the apocalypse is coming since the politics forum has been silent since December 2008???????
  19. Yeah. What really bothers me is the post after his: Of the 3 communities that I frequent (in a ghastly, ghost like manner where I don't post for months at a time ), none of them have any problems. After a game release the Bohemia Interactive forums tend to erupt in a bunch of flame wars, but it settles down after about a month. Of other communities I've been involved in, even the scary GameReplays community, none have been as bad as the Blizzard community or the Demigod community has been. Demigod isn't even fun to play anymore because of all the pricks who are playing it. That post really shows the attitude of people who post on those communities.
  20. We can still use these forums for discussiosn about the game, correct?
  21. Awesome! I can't wait to preorder on payday! Steam is horrible, it makes buying games FAR too easy.
  22. Science & Technology is looking a little dull, this post ought to spruce things up for the moment. I'm not sure how many of you read Coding Horror; its for programmers and besides the obvious (SC), I don't know how many other programmers there are out there. Anyways, his last two log posts were about how he got an email from someone telling the writer that they had compromised his StackOverflow.com admin account! What's shocking is _how_ it happened. http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/001263.html Just goes to tell you why its good to use something like KeePass and use secure random passwords.
  23. Yeah, no kidding. I still haven't gotten UC:CE but I'm thinking about picking it up soon. If anyone wants to play a little MP once I get it let me know. I'm gonna drop in on the ICC forums Sho. Good to see you're still around. What about Chavik? EDIT: Uhh, maybe I won't drop around the ICC forums... I can't seem to remember my username or password. >.<
  24. Its been a while since I've posted here. Finally finishing up with my schooling and I'm looking to maybe get into the MP scene if it still exists. Who's still around?
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