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  1. Yet another fine example (by Brad Wardell, Press of Stardock) of why we like our forums the way they are.

    Yeah. What really bothers me is the post after his:

    You'll likely find that any online gaming community tends to be the same. Granted, my first hand experience is limited (to WoW), but it's the nature of the internets.

    Of the 3 communities that I frequent (in a ghastly, ghost like manner where I don't post for months at a time ;) ), none of them have any problems. After a game release the Bohemia Interactive forums tend to erupt in a bunch of flame wars, but it settles down after about a month. Of other communities I've been involved in, even the scary GameReplays community, none have been as bad as the Blizzard community or the Demigod community has been. Demigod isn't even fun to play anymore because of all the pricks who are playing it.

    That post really shows the attitude of people who post on those communities.

  2. Science & Technology is looking a little dull, this post ought to spruce things up for the moment.

    I'm not sure how many of you read Coding Horror; its for programmers and besides the obvious (SC), I don't know how many other programmers there are out there. Anyways, his last two log posts were about how he got an email from someone telling the writer that they had compromised his StackOverflow.com admin account! What's shocking is _how_ it happened.


    Just goes to tell you why its good to use something like KeePass and use secure random passwords.

  3. It's been a while

    Yeah, no kidding. I still haven't gotten UC:CE but I'm thinking about picking it up soon. If anyone wants to play a little MP once I get it let me know.

    I'm gonna drop in on the ICC forums Sho. Good to see you're still around. What about Chavik?

    EDIT: Uhh, maybe I won't drop around the ICC forums... I can't seem to remember my username or password. >.<

  4. In fact, only one thing has changed - the industry itself. What used to be a myriad of independent developers, each working to create the next best mousetrap for mere survival and to eke out a decent living, has turned into a wasteland made up of a few giant conglomerates stomping on the users below in a struggle for who will dominate the whole market.

    They snap up the little guys, put them into the machine, and spit out the post-processed Call of Duty 76 and Halo 19. Games get ported across eight (yes, eight!) different platforms in various shells, often cross-linked with other parts of the "entertainment industry." Shots will be fired, giants will fall and be assimilated to create a bigger, unified giant.

    That is so true... :)

    Man, I can't wait for Halo 200 though. That game will be off the chain or something like that. :)

  5. Fox News can of course do what they like (free market, etc.) - but they shouldn't pretend to be "Fair and Balanced" when they have already showed multiple times in the past month alone that they try to fix the news.

    Right on! The job of the news outlets is to report the news, not make it. Fox News hasn't been keeping to that creed for the better part of this decade.

  6. Awesome.

    When you're in an area (e.g. launch bay) with an outside view to space/planet, that view is rendered using portals and some of the ancient art of alchemy. So you can see whats going on outside in the world, just as if you were looking outside a cockpit. Same with the bridge and anywhere with a window.

    I admit that my knowledge of graphics doesn't extend far past BSP based engines such as the Quake Family Tree or the Unreal Family Tree, and even then I've only messed with them on an amateur level. I've fiddled with OpenGL but I'm still learning 3d graphics (mostly on my own, my University concentrates more on system and application programming than graphics...). How do you keep from rendering too much? In the Quake family there is a "clip-brush" entity that tells the engine to not render this or that unless the player actor is located within a portion of the clip.

    Sorry about all these questions and to pull this thread off topic, but my curiosity has the best of me.

  7. I believe it's the other way around, you know, with the nail and the head. :lol2:


    Exactly. I already have fp mode working anywhere, including inside ship levels. In my previous games since UC (2003), I've had fps in space and on planets. For what was to be the next BC title, I already had fps inside levels (for ships and stations). I halted it to do GALCOM because I needed a break. In fact, after the third or fourth GALCOM game, incl. the MMO, I'm going to probably do another high-end space game (a new franchise) and fps in stations, bases, buildings, cap ships will be the # priority.

    And you can bet that my butt will be in front of the game store the minute it comes out. I'm curious as to how you were optimizing the in ship FPS though. Maybe I'm just a bit too inexperienced to wrap my head around it, but I'm imagining you have to have some kind of barrier between the space combat and the in ship FPS otherwise rendering would be a nightmare.

  8. This is my favorite quote from the Kotaku page.

    Romero is bitchy and self important. Never liked him.

    But when compared to the people at Gamecock, he's an angel.

    The Internet is funny in that way. It's never a question of what's right and wrong; it's a question of what's the least offensive party involved.

    After the stunt those Gamecock guys pulled during the VGA's, I'm surprised that their investors haven't pulled out yet.

  9. I blame Derek it is all his fault, it was his duty as a st die hard fan, to make cbs let him do star trek online!


    I admit I was looking forward to this one, but in the back of my mind I knew it would never happen. I remember early on hearing rumors of you being able to walk about your entire ship and going "Hah haha, hah." because while I think that would be totally awesome, I'm a programmer and I know that to do that would be an incredible feat. Not impossible, but not possible by the developers who were doing it.

    Great write up SC! As always, you hit the head on the nail.

  10. Saw this forum post today in which some tools were talking crap about Echo Squad not being on GameTap. Rick Sanchez (aka rickzilla) VP of content and the exec who signed our games on the service, posted a comment addressing it.

    Some people just don't understand how business works but yet, they're quick to start making foolish and unwarranted speculations.

    Yeah. At least that Sanchez guy stood by you on their own turf, not like those Dreamcatcher pricks from a couple years back. I'm actually looking forward to the non GameTap release of the first GalCom.

  11. http://www.newsmax.com/insidecover/fox_van...omo_code=42D4-1

    My Comment:

    Everyone knows my position on these matters - those responsible should be tried for vandalism and thrown in jail - to bad it won't happen since those who did it are LIBERALS, it'd be differenet if they were REPUBLICANS.

    Are you kidding me? You do realize that Fox News represents a small faction of very well known Republicans. Most of us are really disgusted with the crap that they show on there, especially O'Reilly; we're disgusted at how Fox does nothing but slander and dig up bullshit on people who oppose its points of view, both Democrat and Republican. They promote hatred and selfishness in government, the exact kind of shit that's been tearing Capitol Hill up for years. For our Government to function we have to be willing to compromise. I hate Billary's & Obama's radical views as much as everyone else, but Fox News is pure bullshit. CNN is too. Oh, and NBC. All they care about is ratings, O'Reilly included.

    Bill O'Reilly assaults Obama Staffer in NH.

    It was probably fueled by this.

    Thats probably EXACTLY what it was fueled by. O'Reilly has to reap what he sews. He's an asshole and he seems to think he can walk all over people and get away with it. Its about time people start standing up to him.

  12. Are those mods server side only or does the client need to download and install them first? If so, whats the best CoD4 portal to grab them from? I know there are a few sites out there, but I'd rather not do the search.

    The Hardcore and Extreme mods are built into the game so you don't need to download them. Make sure you upgrade to 1.4 before trying to play though; it fixes some bugs relating to hit detection with some of the weapons.

    How many of you here play it? I can probably throw up a server, since I'm on a 3G backbone at home and have a spare machine I use specifically for gaming servers.

    If you put up a server, ping willing, I'm there! :salute:

  13. There's several game types and a few built in mods. Game types include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Headquarters (King of the Hill essentially), Search & Destroy (think counterstrike), Sabotage (1 bomb, two bomb sites, unlimited respawns), and Domination (Day of Defeat). There's an extreme mod which makes the game incredibly arcady ala Call of Duty 2, and a Hardcore mod that makes the game more realistic by lowering everyone's health and getting rid of the hud entirely. Hardcore Sabotage is my personal favorite right now. Heck, anything in Hardcore mode is fun... that's what's gotten me so hooked.

    The experience allows you to unlock weapons as you go up in levels. There's a series of challenges divided into two categories; weapon challenges and feat challenges. The weapon challenges allow you to unlock new attachments for your weapons. The feats just give you bragging rights for your friends but they're really fun to try for.

    If you're worried about getting addicted SC you should be. But its soooo much fun.

    Oh, and yeah, you gotta find a good server to find some good teamwork. Although that honestly is easier said than done. If you have some friends to play with that helps a lot.

  14. I'm not at all surprised at Crysis. After reading all of the A+ reviews, talking with friends turned me off to it a bit. Getting to sit down in front of one of their computers to play it for an hour turned me off to it entirely. Its just another shooter... besides the graphics there's nothing else that I found really spectacular about it. The AI is alright, but I've still seen better no matter what the review outlets are saying.

    With UT3, I've been waiting to get that one until after Christmas. I hope that stands true with most everyone interested in the game.

    On the flipside, does anyone have figures for the PC version of CoD4? And Orange Box? Somehow I think those two might have toasted the chances that Crysis and UT3 had. I know that I've been playing CoD4 almost exclusively since the week it came out.

  15. Does anyone know if the addon for it is worth it or not?

    As long as you immediately patch it, the expansion is pretty good. The Corrupt side is difficult to play against, but the patch balances it out quite a bit. Plus the additional units on the Imperial and Rebel sides are fun to play as. Gotta love the B-Wing.

    If you get it send me a PM and I'll play with you sometime Sho.

  16. You know while tt is great that they caught him....but wtf are they doing probing around peoples HD's fer? Isn't a gross violation of privacy reading peoples data, not to mention all the havoc that could be wreaked with personal information unwittingly stored on your computer. I hope that the GS'er was at least reprimanded and preferably fired.

    Its actually pretty common among low paid tech shops. Usually its a technician questing for MP3s. Its almost always against policy, but managers turn a blind eye to it. This is why I never suggest ever taking your computer to someone you don't know. Just never a good idea. And if you have to, buy yourself an external hard disk for your financial data and other private files.

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