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  1. Excellent upgrade SC. But I think there may be a glitch in it. Whenever I get e-mails about people replying to my posts, I get not the reply message, but the very bottom part of the forum window. (The part that is "Contact Us|Battlecruiser Online") Just informing you of this glitch.

    P.S. I wasn't sure if I should have put this in the Tech Support Forum or in this post yet decided on this post because this didn't start happening until after the upgrade.

    EDIT: P.P.S. Oh, forgot to say that I'd be glad to forward you one of the e-mails too.

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  2. I personally like the full-effect mod.

    I like the B5 mod idea, but then again, thats a lot easier than a Star Trek mod would be. I mean, you've got turret capability and everything in this game, and turrets on a Galaxy Class Heavy Cruiser wouldn't look too cool.

    Chances are I'll probably end up just making missions for BCM, not full blown mods.

  3. Yea, it won't happen.

    I was thinking of about it, and I thought of several things that make it impossible.

    - Chances are we won't be able to mod weapons

    - If we can mod weapons, I doubt we can discriminate what race/caste can use them (a.k.a. Feds have phasers, yet Klingons have distruptors, and roms have plasmas, etc. etc.)

    Although, I wish we could. I also thought about how then we would be able to see Resnig in one of those red shirts if it was TOS.

  4. ACK! Ok, BCM kept me off Everquest for about 2 weeks, but I'm back at it again. I just can't get enough of Everquest. I want to play BCM, but its like EQ is calling me, it keeps calling my name. I've even removed the icon for it from my desktop. PLEASE, somebody give me an idea to get back into BCM again.

  5. Perhaps I should clear up the situation a little more. I was almost out of missles, and heavily damaged from a battle earlier. Plus, I ran because this Aestrom uncloaked right next to me. If heavy damage (and I mean heavy, tactical computer was like, gone...) with high-level AI commanders don't make you run, you got mental problems. Basically, I got into a fight that I knew I couldn't get out of. Boy, do I feel proud of that!

  6. quote:

    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    I just know you're dying to get banned from this site.

    First warning

    Last warning

    Sorry about that, seriously, I don't really want to get banned. I love this game, its actually stopped me from playing Everquest. If thats not a feat, then I don't know what is. Anyhow, I tried again last night to get the problem to happen again, I was unlucky. Heh, funny that when I look for it it doesn't happen, yet when I don't look for it happens.

  7. Oops my bad, I didn't see that there was another post concerning it. Listen SC if you want I'll be glad to send you a save of it if Geldonyetich hasn't yet, It ALWAYS happens to me, like at least once every time I play the game. I hope you get this fixed soon, my exp just went down another -350 tonight from this.

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  8. quote:

    Originally posted by Geldonyetich:

    It seems that alot of NPC ships aren't respecting planetary bodies. They hyperspace right inside of them and fly around in the space under the planet polygon. If I try to hyperspace inside the planet to reach them, I'll enter the planetary atmosphere as soon as I drop out of hyperspace. Fortunately, my NPC controlled fighters and shuttles are able to fly around inside of planets in space mode just fine, so I'm able to reach those otherwise unattainable NPC ships. Just hang around next to a planetary body long enough (I recommend Earth) and this'll eventually happen - it seems alot of NPCs use the planet itself as a warp navigational beacon.


    Reply to that post by Supreme Commander:

    ...and this is a bug because???

    Sorry to say this Mr. Smart. BUT HOW IS THIS NOT A BUG????? I personally have had this same problem, they are going RIGHT into the planets, in the polygon, and enemies are killing friendly ships which has made my exp go to nil. Is this really how it was intended? It makes no sense to me, its not that they are hypering through planets, they are actually hypering into planets and literally fighting inside the planetary boundry.

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  9. Ok, cool, I thought of putting some low AI dudes in there, since they can't seem to find any people searching.

    Ok, two more questions on the inner-ship defense deal. How do you improve the AI of your guys without cheating (if you can cheat, was playmod for BCM released?), and does having marines prepped for combat help them fight the intruders?

  10. Alright, this issue is a gameplay issue. Whenever I set course to hyper to a station thats on another side of the planet from me, I fly straight through the planet. During combat, when I'm protecting a friendly station, I've actually hypered into the area where you start your descent into the planet's atmosphere several times. I'm getting really annoyed about this, cause its caused my exp to go to like negative 10000. Will someone please help me. Is this a bug, or hypering through planets part of the game.

    I searched for hypering through planets and flying through planets, I'm sorry if this is a repeat.

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  11. quote:

    Here is a similar discussion n00b

    Thanks again! I guess I didn't find that post earlier since I searched for Science and Science Career. I've got one more question, it's not on this topic, but I'm too much of a lazy llama ass to just create a new post. How exactly do you find your mining drone once you leave it on the planet.

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  12. Will somebody please kindly tell me the purpose of the Science and Explorer careers, and how to get exp with them if its different from the standard military careers.

    Oh, and don't flame me.

    I just had a thought about them, are they intended for the multiplayer component that will be coming out?

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