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  1. SC, do you know when about in April the retail release will be out? I really want this one and I'm not sure if I'll be able to wait much longer, but I'm still skeptical about online releases for... just about.... everything
  2. That is so true... Man, I can't wait for Halo 200 though. That game will be off the chain or something like that.
  3. You know guys... GSC really sucks. I just tried to add a server I own to my favorites and it wouldn't let me. Whats rather humorous is that GameServers actually is the host for my server too. If any of you guys have xfire, add me: weegee101
  4. How on earth do you guys do that? The best I've been able to get is around 1600....
  5. Right on! The job of the news outlets is to report the news, not make it. Fox News hasn't been keeping to that creed for the better part of this decade.
  6. Awesome. I admit that my knowledge of graphics doesn't extend far past BSP based engines such as the Quake Family Tree or the Unreal Family Tree, and even then I've only messed with them on an amateur level. I've fiddled with OpenGL but I'm still learning 3d graphics (mostly on my own, my University concentrates more on system and application programming than graphics...). How do you keep from rendering too much? In the Quake family there is a "clip-brush" entity that tells the engine to not render this or that unless the player actor is located within a portion of the clip. Sorry about all these questions and to pull this thread off topic, but my curiosity has the best of me.
  7. Doh! And you can bet that my butt will be in front of the game store the minute it comes out. I'm curious as to how you were optimizing the in ship FPS though. Maybe I'm just a bit too inexperienced to wrap my head around it, but I'm imagining you have to have some kind of barrier between the space combat and the in ship FPS otherwise rendering would be a nightmare.
  8. This is my favorite quote from the Kotaku page. After the stunt those Gamecock guys pulled during the VGA's, I'm surprised that their investors haven't pulled out yet.
  9. I admit I was looking forward to this one, but in the back of my mind I knew it would never happen. I remember early on hearing rumors of you being able to walk about your entire ship and going "Hah haha, hah." because while I think that would be totally awesome, I'm a programmer and I know that to do that would be an incredible feat. Not impossible, but not possible by the developers who were doing it. Great write up SC! As always, you hit the head on the nail.
  10. Yeah. At least that Sanchez guy stood by you on their own turf, not like those Dreamcatcher pricks from a couple years back. I'm actually looking forward to the non GameTap release of the first GalCom.
  11. Are you kidding me? You do realize that Fox News represents a small faction of very well known Republicans. Most of us are really disgusted with the crap that they show on there, especially O'Reilly; we're disgusted at how Fox does nothing but slander and dig up bullshit on people who oppose its points of view, both Democrat and Republican. They promote hatred and selfishness in government, the exact kind of shit that's been tearing Capitol Hill up for years. For our Government to function we have to be willing to compromise. I hate Billary's & Obama's radical views as much as everyone else, but Fox News is pure bullshit. CNN is too. Oh, and NBC. All they care about is ratings, O'Reilly included. Thats probably EXACTLY what it was fueled by. O'Reilly has to reap what he sews. He's an asshole and he seems to think he can walk all over people and get away with it. Its about time people start standing up to him.
  12. We should all try to get together one night to play for a while. I set up a GSC handle, its weegee_101 (*gasp*). I dunno how often I'll be on but I'll try; I'm currently running Xfire, Pidgin, Skype, and Steam for IM stuff already.
  13. The Hardcore and Extreme mods are built into the game so you don't need to download them. Make sure you upgrade to 1.4 before trying to play though; it fixes some bugs relating to hit detection with some of the weapons. If you put up a server, ping willing, I'm there!
  14. There's several game types and a few built in mods. Game types include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Headquarters (King of the Hill essentially), Search & Destroy (think counterstrike), Sabotage (1 bomb, two bomb sites, unlimited respawns), and Domination (Day of Defeat). There's an extreme mod which makes the game incredibly arcady ala Call of Duty 2, and a Hardcore mod that makes the game more realistic by lowering everyone's health and getting rid of the hud entirely. Hardcore Sabotage is my personal favorite right now. Heck, anything in Hardcore mode is fun... that's what's gotten me so hooked. The experience allows you to unlock weapons as you go up in levels. There's a series of challenges divided into two categories; weapon challenges and feat challenges. The weapon challenges allow you to unlock new attachments for your weapons. The feats just give you bragging rights for your friends but they're really fun to try for. If you're worried about getting addicted SC you should be. But its soooo much fun. Oh, and yeah, you gotta find a good server to find some good teamwork. Although that honestly is easier said than done. If you have some friends to play with that helps a lot.
  15. I still hold that this was a better candidate for Game of the Year in any awards thingy than Bioshock, Crysis, etc. The multiplayer is addicting; I traded sleep for CoD4 for about a week after its release. I was kind of disappointed at how quickly I got up to level 55 in multiplayer though.
  16. Here, but requesting to remain on hiatus.
  17. I'm not at all surprised at Crysis. After reading all of the A+ reviews, talking with friends turned me off to it a bit. Getting to sit down in front of one of their computers to play it for an hour turned me off to it entirely. Its just another shooter... besides the graphics there's nothing else that I found really spectacular about it. The AI is alright, but I've still seen better no matter what the review outlets are saying. With UT3, I've been waiting to get that one until after Christmas. I hope that stands true with most everyone interested in the game. On the flipside, does anyone have figures for the PC version of CoD4? And Orange Box? Somehow I think those two might have toasted the chances that Crysis and UT3 had. I know that I've been playing CoD4 almost exclusively since the week it came out.
  18. As long as you immediately patch it, the expansion is pretty good. The Corrupt side is difficult to play against, but the patch balances it out quite a bit. Plus the additional units on the Imperial and Rebel sides are fun to play as. Gotta love the B-Wing. If you get it send me a PM and I'll play with you sometime Sho.
  19. Its actually pretty common among low paid tech shops. Usually its a technician questing for MP3s. Its almost always against policy, but managers turn a blind eye to it. This is why I never suggest ever taking your computer to someone you don't know. Just never a good idea. And if you have to, buy yourself an external hard disk for your financial data and other private files.
  20. The gameplay is the same old good Call of Duty gameplay, but what's with the sounds? The guns sound absolutely terrible to me; it sounds like they just took the sounds from the old games and used them for the new weapons. Kind of a let down IMO...
  21. If EA is smart they'll leave the current structure of BioWare and Pandemic alone. They're already excellent cash cows.
  22. But that would spoil the fun wouldn't it? Lets just continue to let our minds speculate.
  23. You mean the BioShock SecuROM copy protection where a bunch of people freaked out because its hiding some registry keys, so they called it a rootkit? It was mislabeled by a couple anti-spyware programs. Its most definitely not a rootkit, as it doesn't satisfy the whole requirement where it gives people root access into your machine. As for UCCE, SC has already said that it'll be using SecuROM in another post. http://www.3000ad.com/forum/index.php?s=&a...st&p=143690
  24. I just got done with playing Halo 3 at a friends house. Multiplayer is still Halo, although the maps are mostly new. I really enjoy the new Zanzibar and some of the other return maps are pretty cool as well. The new power hammer thing is pretty nifty. Plus, the return of the original Halo Rifle is very cool, even if it only has 32 rounds now. The graphics are pretty impressive for a console game, its nice to see that consoles are finally catching up with next-gen computer graphics. One major gripe I've got is the distance you can do melee now. It appears that you lurch forward like you did with the power sword with almost every weapon now, which is frustrating. Its taking some getting used to not having to be in your opponents face to land a melee blow. Thats all subjective though and I know some people probably like the new way better.
  25. A) I didn't realize that Halo was being used to train snipers during the Gulf War. I didn't realize that Halo taught you how to shoot. My roommate is kind of pro at Halo sniping, yet when we go out on the range, he still gets his ass kicked by me every time... (I've got 8 years Competition Riflery experience under my belt). C) Again, I have 8 years Riflery experience... I can't play halo. I suck at it. Really. I fancy myself a great shot though. Consistent 9+ at 200m with a .22 Caliber. D) Please, someone link me to the new xbox 360 controlled Barrett M107 or Remington M40 rifles. I'd like to expand my collection. Jacko-the-wacko has really lost his mind here.
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