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  1. Hahahaha That was great... loved the bit at the beginning about "an adventure in fanboy baiting."
  2. Those were the good days. I think its the standard lull while we're all waiting for the next major release. I can't wait for UCCE personally!
  3. IP.Board is awesome, I absolutely love using it (both as a user and as an administrator). Gotta keep on the security updates though as it seems to have a ton of security problems and defacings from time to time. Will we be able to use custom avatars or is that feature still turned off?
  4. PC XT? Yeah, you might want to upgrade that to a Pentium 2. I think I've got a compaq P2 server in my closet I can send you SC. Great redesign! You might want to redo the front graphic though, there's a little filth around the edges that looks a bit funny. (But I'm overly critical since I'm a web developer, so just ignore me.)
  5. Is EVE worth getting into these days?
  6. The beta version doesn't overwrite your current version. It works as a mod, and you use -mod=beta at the command line to run it. Very helpful.
  7. I dunno, but the best commentary I've seen so far is something a Slashdotter said: "Jackie has just kicked a 300 pound gorilla in the balls. This should be interesting." Indeed, this will be fun to watch.
  8. quote:Originally posted by Darkling: Are you guys playing version 1.5 still (European Version), or are you playing the US 1.6 Version? Unless I'm playing with some of my buddies, I'm playing the 1.5 version still. Otherwise we all jump in on the 1.7 beta. Its a little buggy, but there are a few good Evolution servers so its worthwhile. I can't wait for the full 1.7 patch to come out though, finally get some good old Capture and Hold going.
  9. Sometimes BDA, my name is Weegee, but it really depends on which one is full at the time. I've been playing a lot of Evolution, so I usually join whichever has the most players for that mission.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Darkling: From what I understand, it should do fairly well once I upgrade my card to a 6800 or better.At the minimum, get a 7600GT. Everyone I've talked to so far who's got a 6800 says they can barely run the game at all. I've got enough difficulties with my 7600 so I can't imagine having anything less. quote:Originally posted by Darkling: BTW, I've heard that the US & Euro versions will be coming together on patch 1.07, what's the difference anyway?Surprisingly a lot. The Euro versions currently don't have the Armory or the A10. They've also got different cutscenes in the campaign that make it a little less crappy. You can get the beta now if you're registered with the BIFORUMS. Its not bad, the game's performance has improved slightly; no framerate increase but its more stable... doesn't jump up or down as much. quote:Originally posted by Grayfox: im not surprised people still play it. i havent played arma tho, but if its basically the same with updated graphics, then i might try it out, as long as they didnt nerf the mission creator Well, there's a few more updated things than just graphics. The flight model is improved. HDR is used intelligently, making the game MUCH more realistic than its predecessor. Grass helps when you're sneaking around, and the AI actually respects the grass; if a human can't see you in the grass, the AI can't see you either (unless knowsabout is > 1, just like in flashpoint). You'll also enjoy the new stuff for mission designers, mostly scripting related stuff. Read my reply to $ilk below. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: The mission creator is about the same. The biggest update is that you can view the 3D terrain in addition to the elevation map. It hasn't changed much at all since Resistance had the same terrain view. The major thing for mission makers is the scripting language is now more well formed, with sqs having been completely overtaken by sqf (Look it up on the Biki for more). I'm working on a pvp attack and defend mission right now. Should be pretty fun, I'll let you guys know when I finish it.
  11. Yup, I've been playing it for a couple months now, I imported the UK release rather than waiting for it to hit the US shelves. Brilliant game, really improved on the Operation Flashpoint franchise quite a lot. Its got its fair share of bugs, but what large scale game doesn't? Really, comparing it to BF2 doesn't do it justice. Its waaaay more advanced than BF2 with a much steeper learning curve if you haven't played Operation: Flashpoint. Brilliant AI, vehicles that are manned by more than one person, huge scale, and tons of other features really make the experience from this game a lot less like a game.
  12. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Well, if you'd read the product info PDF file linked to on the products page, you'd have seen that there like, oh, a month ago? Been too busy with my Comp Sci research methinks... What are you using for the new middleware audio engine? OpenAL?
  13. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Also, the first thing folks (who owned previous games such as UCAWA and UCSE) are going to notice, is the performance improvement. We did some serious tinkering with this and the performance has nearly tripled over UCAWA/UCSE. How?? I dunno, maybe I was a special case, but I don't have any kind of gamelag in UCAWA at all! Looking forward to see the improvement I guess. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Then of course there are the other visual tweaks, native widescreen monitor support etc.You just made my day.
  14. Honestly, I'm surprised they haven't gotten sued for the Vista trademark yet. Thats been owned by WebCT (and now BlackBoard) for a couple years now. Honestly though, who's more to blame here, Microsoft, or the vendors?
  15. Happy Birthday! Hope its a good one.
  16. quote:A very weird thing happened. It turned out I wasn't fired, and I started getting called into all the meetings where publishing architecture was discussed. I told them what was broken, and they would say, "What do we have to do to fix it, and please don't tell Bill we suck." I was able to ultimately replace a lot of the people who were in charge of Microsoft's publishing architecture, bringing in a lot of the people that I'd worked with. I persuaded companies like Adobe to put their software on Windows 95, and ultimately ended up transforming Windows's print architecture. I acquired a great deal of power and credibility [with Bill Gates], even though I wasn't well-regarded by a lot of the senior executives. I think some of that experience carried into Direct X, because when I say loud and clearly that something's broken, that doesn't get you fired, but it certainly gets a lot of people pissed off at you.He is now my hero. If only I could get away with that in my current job. Some of the crap my peers come out with is pretty disgusting code.
  17. quote:Originally posted by rapilot: Web browsing is going to need to use features that create security problems to create more powerful features web content providers will want in the future. This means they will need browser control and control over some features of your computer. Websites are expected to do a lot more in the future, the microsoft website seems to predict. This means sites will need cookies and ActiveX whether you want it or not.This is one of the most naive things I've EVER heard anyone say on these forums. As an experienced Web Developer I can most certainly tell you that ActiveX is dying and is already near death. Microsoft doesn't even care about it anymore since the Eolas patent case pretty much put the final stake in it. Modern languages such as ASP and PHP do everything on the server much better and on the client side Javascript with XMLHttpRequest works fine on every browser, even IE7. There is not a single one of my colleagues who thinks that even IE7 is a great browser... much less anything that Microsoft does for the Web. The Web industry is based on STANDARDS; standards that Microsoft vehemently ignores because they're so bloody arrogant. I cannot tell you how many times after talking with the IE dev team at conferences I've walked away pretty peeved. That said, IE7 is a great step forward, and the company I work for is dropping support for IE6 as soon as we phase out our last piece of software that requires it. There are wonderful ways to develop secure web browsers that work unbelievably well. Have you heard of Firefox? Opera? Safari? All of these are standards compliant, and very secure. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: My mother is looking for a new laptop, and I have told her straight up. GET XP, NOT VISTA!!! I don't care how top of the line the computer is, GET XP!!Good move. While in previous posts I said that I liked Vista, I still don't think its mature enough for the general public. That goes with any new version of Windows though.
  18. @Darking: I have Vista Business. The Network dialog box looks fine to me.. the point is that if you use it a lot its easier to get tasks done quicker. The new start menu works better, the control panel works better, the new system panel is great IMO. File Explorer is finally a file manager that doesn't make me want to kill myself, and while its definitely a rip from Apple Finder's "Spotlight", the "Live Search" bar works well enough. Vista takes some time to get used to, but once you start really using it your mind shifts to "Wow, this is actually pretty good." One major thing that is a huge plus for me is that M$ is moving towards the interface design principles that Apple and some of the Linux vendors have been using for years. WinXP's interface is atrocious. Its unoptimized, frustrating, and is tied to the kernel so simple tasks can still lag the entire system. I really must have the perfect setup, because Vista runs great for me when I'm booted into it (which isn't that often at home). I don't notice any different past logging on, which takes a few seconds longer. I have gone and turned off services I don't use, and I also turned off the sidebar, because all it did was lag the computer.
  19. Honestly Vista is a step forward in my opinion. Outside of video games my experiences with the final release have been much better than the experiences I had with the earlier releases. For starters the memory management is a lot better inside the actual OS, and it just runs cleaner. I've not experienced the kinds of temporary lockups that I experienced often with Win2k and WinXP (especially while doing networking stuff). What needs to really happen to Windows is it needs an interface redesign. Vista was a step forward, but the interface is still clunky IMO. It needs some serious KISS and they need to throw some better menu design into it... radial menus are good. Honestly though, I've not seen the huge slow downs that people are experiencing outside of video games, and I've been using it for about a month now.
  20. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: OBTW the routers with the hardware firewalls, are based on Linux...LOL Most are these days. Windows 2k3 doesn't offer the same capabilities as IP tables and a lot of the Unixes out there are still using IP chains leaving Linux as king in that area.
  21. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Darkling: Any chance on a Linux version of UC? Never. As in not ever. As in, you couldn't pay me enough. As in, the next person who asks me this is getting a severe virtual beating. Well, what about Solaris then?
  22. E8 is one of the many algebraic Lie groups discovered in the 1890s. Its also the largest and one of the most useful Lie groups in theoretical physics, most importantly in string theory. I personally don't know enough about string theory to elaborate much further than that though.
  23. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Besides, its the last time you'll ever seen space games of this scope again. So that might be an incentive. Dunno. YMMV. I'm taking that BCNG is only a whisper now? I know you said it wouldn't be before 2012, but was that the final axe in its skull? Or should we expect something different for BCNG? (Different is good.)
  24. I dunno, I can already see the 16 year olds with all the money their parents can throw at them saying stuff like "stfu n00b, my pc has 3000 marks better than yours" on the sites comments and forums.
  25. "World's First Intelligent Gamer Website" What on earth does that mean??? Does it mean when they host LAN parties everyone will come and smoke cherry tobacco and talk about politics? More elitism is exactly what the gaming communities need.
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