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    Originally posted by Darkling:


    Originally posted by LostInSpace:

    Everything in this is verifiable. Not to mention the lastes antics by them. Scary stuff. What's good for Mel Gibson is good for Tom Cruise.

    Verifiable by what? They didn't give any links of any official newspapers or official city records, just other "home made" sites.

    Right, because Carnegie Mellon University isn't a reputable source....
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    Originally posted by Darkling:

    Yeah I noticed that it only has 1 pixel processor, where even the cheapest 6200 card has 3, maybe that's what I'll do, get the X2-3800 with a cheap 6200 card for now, I can always upgrade it later. I'm just thinking that getting a high end video card, instead of a high end processor, won't give me the performance I need in a UC game. As it is, by the time I get Fleet Command, the game is running so slow, it's almost unplayable. I mostly end up having to just do the Instant Action scenarios, where I'm not "Activating" too many areas of interest.

    Yeah, if you do that and can be patient, you can get yourself a DX10 card when they debut sometime later this year. The 6200 is lightyears better than the 6150... you can actually play video games on it, as opposed to imagining you're playing video games on your integrated 6150.

  3. One note of advice... the 6150 is probably not a notable improvement over your current card. If its not par its probably worse.

    However, if you get a 7800 AGP, you're going to find that your processor will be bottle necking. What about just getting a 6800 AGP?

  4. I've lost a lot of respect for Wikipedia's staff over the past few months. It seems to me that they kind of pick and choose where their rules should be followed or not.

    This is no exception. There have been several bias violations on the Derek Smart page they've refused to do anything about.

  5. quote:

    Originally posted by LostInSpace:

    I think it's time for me to start migrating over to linux. The support for hardware and software is pretty good nowadays from I've been reading.

    It is, but the support for videogames is pretty slack still. Native games run quicker than in Windows (in my experience), but running games through wine (with the DX9 layer) or Cedega is still very slow, and very unpredictable.

  6. quote:

    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    That prick. Someone just needs to send a GPS guided bomb and bury his ass. Both Iran and NK are doing the same shit; so I won't be surprised if they were'nt comparing notes.

    Actually a MOAB in each location where we think he could be would pretty much guarantee his death. I'd just as well screw worrying about collateral damage; it can't be any worse than he's already done to the damn country.

    I do believe its been confirmed that Iran and NK are in this together. Iran supplied parts for both the Taepodong I and II missiles.

  7. I've got to agree with Wolferz on this case. Saftey can be achieved with keeping the police in check through courts. Its required to keep a free democratic society. The U.S. is becoming a police state, and thats by far the scariest thing that America has seen yet.

    "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    -Ben Franklin

  8. quote:

    Originally posted by Prez:

    Those dastardly fabricators at Foxnews are apparently going to Dan Rather-lengths now. Want to bet you won't see this anywhere else?

    Now I'm SURE that the fair and objective BBC and liberal US media outlets just haven't gotten wind of these documents.

    DOH! That's right. The evil Bush Administration, damn their souls to the Pits of Hades, must have made all of this up! How could I be so silly?

    Have I ever stated that I didn't believe that Saddam had ties to terrorists? I most certainly did not, and in fact I believe that he did in fact have ties to terrorism.

    However, and this should get your gears grinding, we've had ties to terrorism as well. The Contra's for example.. they were trained by our people.

    Regardless, we're making a serious effort to clean up both Terrorism we created, and terrorism other governments, including Russia, created.

    Now, this news article, is probably not being reported by those "liberal media nuthouses" and the BBC because its probably hard to verify the credibility of the information until several years after its release, since typically documents that go with it to verify the credibility aren't declassified at the same moment in time. Well... the BBC at least; for the liberal media its probably because they're idiots who need to let go of their extreme bias (just as Fox needs to).

  9. quote:

    Originally posted by Prez:

    You know, you and I don't always agree, Weegee, but I have to say, that was a brilliant synopsis. Your facts and observations are spot on, imo. I don't think I can disagree with a single thing you said. Kudos!

    Haha, well thank you. And you're right, we don't always agree so its nice to see us agree with something once in a while.

    I'm personally just frustrated with how so many people take things at face value these days with politics. I've read some very nasty declassified documents written by some politicians who have been considered gods of foreign policy that have just made me kind of cautious when reading some news, such as this Fox News report. In my studies, I've seen many reports that were "declassfied" at the time, then many years later a real declassfied report came out later saying that the situation was either worse or better than the original "declassified" report said.

    Maybe its a bad habit that I've developed, maybe not, but I guess the best thing to do right now is to sit it out and see whats up in a few years.

  10. quote:

    Originally posted by Grizzle:

    Though I might add that I believe the duplicity with which this government seems to deal in foreign relations is a big part of the reason why so many nations dislike us.

    Call me pessimistic if you want, but I strongly believe that some of the third world countries governments, especially the South American countries, which I've done extensive research on, are in some ways jealous of our economy... and angry about the ways we've gotten there.

    Both the Middle East and South American countries have, at some time or another, been used and abused by American Corporations. There is a lot of truth in the accusations that our economy is built off of the suffering of others. Do I feel terrible about it, honestly, and maybe I'm just a cold hearted son of a... but no, I really don't feel bad about it.

    One thing that American corporations are now finally doing is actually acknowledging the fact that they do represent the American people world wide, and are attempting to better working conditions overseas. This doesn't always happen, especially in South America. Most American corporations and companies have spent the last 130 years forgetting the fact that oh yes, they do represent the U.S. Government in a form, because our economy is based off of them. The United Fruit Company is a good example of a corporation that never took that into mind.

    In addition, the American public has this nieve thought that people will love every action we take internationally because of the poor reporting of news that has been happening for the past 30 years. Yes, historically the European countries have appreciated our actions, but historically the third world regions, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and South America, have absolutely hated our actions.

    There are deeper reasons why our foreign relations in the Middle East and South American regions are so terrible. Bush really didn't do much in the way of destroying relations... as they were already pretty poor. He's just an easy target for the media to blame.

    Our current administration, while not really doing anything to improve relations, was not the cause of the hatred the Middle Eastern countries have for us. The media would like us to believe otherwise, but friends of mine in the military, mostly Marines, have said that many of the people in Iraq are genuinely nice people who appreciate what America has done (however there are those who will drink beer with the US Marines and then be shooting at them the next day during the call for Jihad).

    This hasn't improved relations with Iran or North Korea, and North Korean relations have been failing for years. Bush is just the unlucky guy who had to throw the hammer down. As much as people hate to hear this, in 10-15 years we will be at war with North Korea.

  11. quote:

    Originally posted by Prez:

    The way I see it, this country's dependency on oil has yielded nothing but trouble for the last half a century. We need a new fuel source, and we need it now.

    Agreed, and it looks like we're finally beginning to move in that direction a little. Unfortunately, some big hitters in the oil industry are trying to hamper that... just as they have for the past 30 years.

    I hope that this war does pay off in oil some... maybe by taking the gas prices down.

  12. quote:

    Originally posted by Prez:

    Cmdr Weegee-

    Foxnews is no less credible than any news media, and in many cases are more credible. Of course, the fact that they have conservative spin in their editorial spots pisses off liberals who have had a lock on ownership of the media for decades.

    Foxnews can be every bit as annoying, juvenile and obssessed with sensationalism as CNN, MSNBC, ABCNews, etc, but they report stuff like this BECAUSE the liberal media won't. This is not some fabrication; it is taken directly out of recently unclassified official documents. You only question the validity because it goes against what you believe. Not a very good way of keeping an open mind, I should think.

    I'll have you know that I don't trust CNN, MSNBC, ABC, or any other TV news channel for that matter. However Fox News rarely backs up their stories when challenged. The only news agency I really trust for world news is BBC, because they don't try to sensationalize their international news.

    I don't trust this report of because if they had found that many weapons since 2003, there would have had to be weapons found before Tenet was asked to resign in August 2003, and thus he wouldn't have had to resign. In addition, there's too much speculation going on. If I were writing a white paper on these matters, and I used an article that had "Most likely" and "could be" for one of the major key points, then I'd get laughed out of the room by my colleagues.

    So please, before you go pointing fingers saying "you don't believe this just because you're not conservative enough to believe it blindly and not have legitimate doubts" realize why I doubt the authenticity because the NGIC report doubts itself.

  13. quote:

    Originally posted by Prez:

    I don't mind Santorum's effort to enlighten some people that there were SOME remnants of WMD in Iraq contrary to what has been said (3 people I work with were very surprised to find out there were any at all, having been told repeatedly there were none), but I have to agree with you that the timing is a little suspect.

    The timing is extremely suspect. I'm half tempted to actually file a Freedom of Information Act request myself and consider working on investigating the whole Iraq WMD issues when I finish up with the Argentinean dirty war project I'm working on.

    I really have some doubts about the authenticity of this report. None of the other news organizations (as far as I can tell) have picked up on it, so I'm wondering if it was unverifiable. Unfortunately, Fox News has shown us in the past, that they don't actually verify their news before they report it.

    With the current state of trust most American's have with their politicians (almost nonexistant at this point in time) its going to take a lot more than, "Yes, we've found WMDs, here, have this sketchy looking report and take it at face value, don't doubt it at all." No, they're going to actually build trust up before people will start to really believe them.

  14. quote:

    Originally posted by $iLk:

    But to answer your point, I don't believe it changes the "Imminent threat" equation at all. Whether or not Saddam had weapons, he was definitely
    going to attack or participate in an attack against the U.S.

    Saddam didn't have any friendly relations with Islamists until after the Gulf War, and even then they were limited.

    All that aside: I would point out that North Korea developing Nuclear Weapons and missiles to reach the entirety of the continental US qualifies more as an "Imminent threat" than an emasculated dictator in some Middle East country.

    The real difference between the two of course is that North Korea isn't sitting on 10% of the world's oil.

    We wouldn't have intervened in Kuwait if the annexation of that nation didn't give Saddam nearly 20% control of the world's oil supply.

    VERY good points there, and I've got to say I agree entirely. Maybe I'm a bit of a warhawk, but I really feel like we need to send the Jimmy Carter and the Ohio over to North Korea's coast and just level the missile launch site with Tomahawks. The refitted Ohio could certainly carry enough missiles to probably destroy the entire war infrastructure that North Korea possesses. I realize this is just wishful thinking, right now we'd loose a lot of support if we did that.


    Originally posted by $iLk:

    I won't idealize why we are there. It makes strategic sense to have control of those oil reserves in the hands of an ally or ourselves.

    At least allowing NK to develop a long-range ballistic missile will give us a chance to test out our missile defenses.

    Exactly. I would rather not get a chance to test our missile defenses though. A major problem with the theory that scientists found when they were first toying with the idea during the cold war is the risk of plutonium being released in the upper atmosphere. That could cause enough collateral damage to kill millions. It is just theory, but its a theory that I don't think anyone wants to test.

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