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  1. Yes, you're exactly right Kalshion. In fact, the worst of all of the news outlets with the lying is Fox News themselves. I've seen all sorts of crap come out of their place that isn't even a bit credible. In addition to that, they're disrespectful to 90% of the people they bring on their channel and are constantly trying to make a little thing a humongous "OMG we're gonna die" situation.

    Look, Tenet wouldn't have had to resign from his position had they been finding WMDs. Mind you, he resigned in August 2003, so they would have had to find one or two authentic WMD by that point, which would have been their smoking gun. They didn't, and as someone who's been studying a hell of a lot of declassified CIA and NGIC documents for a research brief over the past 10 months, that one that Fox News has acquired barely looks authentic.

    Fox News needs to give it a break. CNN needs to give it a break. All American news outlets need to just give it a break.

    EDIT: Before you all jump on me for being a Bush hater, I'm not. I don't agree with everything the man does but some of his actions have been pretty good. This is insignificant because it came from an untrustworthy news outlet.

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    Originally posted by $iLk:

    These guys are horrible pilots. I remember on 9/11 they flew so crooked they hit 3 buildings and crashed one plane into a field. Someone needs to train them how to fly better.

    I can see this being a semi-good thing. On the same note I can see them sending students to learn how to fly here only to be drafted when they return home to fly fighters for the Saudis.

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    Originally posted by Ben Zwycky:

    not to be (not that we deserved to go in the lead this half)- yet another draw with Sweden.

    Gah! That was disappointing. Now two of my picks (USA, England, and Germany are my favorite teams) have some kind of blues going on. At least England will be moving on. 7 points isn't that bad; its much better than America's 1.

  4. Yeah, the ref for the Italy-USA game was out of control. I hope that he won't be seen in any other games.

    I keep track with a lot of USA's FIFA games, and they never do this bad. There was a little team reorganization going on since last year, and I think thats what's killing them right now.

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    Originally posted by Cruis.In:

    hey haven't seen anyone talking about the world cup, anyone watching? Or have I Missed it.

    I try to catch certain games inbetween work. I actually would like the u.s to get to the second round because i feel sorry for em...

    however after looking at team ratings by FiFa as of 2006, I see the United states is ranked as the 4th best team in the world. A team like the Chech republic is ranked the 2nd best in the world. Italy is ranked 16th best... so what I want to know is, what determines that ranking... and how can a 16th seeded team have posed trouble to a 4th seeded team... etc etc..

    and how can a 40th seeded team like australia be playing so good, especially against #1`ranked Brazil..... do rankings matter in soccer?

    They sorta kinda matter. The World Cup pretty much hasn't followed rankings much at all though. I'm rooting for the USA and England right now, and after this weekend I'm not so sure that the USA will be able to spring back so cleanly.

    I still don't see how we lost this past weekend. Its just not clicking inside my brain as to what we did so terribly to lose. Just couldn't make any goals.

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    Originally posted by Wolferz:

    I dunno. Microsoft is already a juggernaut thanks to Bill- boy genius-Gates. I don't think it will be stumbling anytime soon, with or without Unkie Bill. He won't be far away I betcha.

    I disagree. Bill Gates led the company from half a programmers prospective and half a business prospective. The logical next pick to become Chairman is Steve Ballmer, and frankly, I shiver at the thought of him doing more than just the finances.

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    Originally posted by Kalshion:

    Military does strange things

    They just CANCELED her deployment so now she's back on leave and will be coming down in two weeks

    I'm a very happy commander now

    Her CO probably made enough complaints that his(her) troops wouldn't be ready. Leave is a little more important when you've been overseas for a while; 4 years is a looonnnnggg time.

    Honestly, I'd be skeptical about sending troops who've been overseas for 4 years straight back into action so swiftly. I'm sure the commanders were as well.

    Good news Kal.

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    Originally posted by $iLk:

    The sad thing is having to live with taking another life... he tried very hard to avoid it from what I've read.

    Yeah, and even with all the training Marines get to help them deal and cope with taking a life, it doesn't ever prepare them for killing a 17 year old girl in self defense. They always expect to be killing the enemy. The enemy that is hammered into their brain before they go to action.

    Tasteless jokes aside, it really is sad, but I think in the end its going to send a chilling realization to some criminals, especially those who survived this incident.

    @Kalshion - I don't think they knew he was a marine. Most likely he was in civvies.

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    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    Physx uses the Novadex (which Aegia owns) physics sdk which is free to developers.

    Havoc is third-party licensed physics sdk which costs tons.

    Ahh, that makes sense. Does it work without the Physx card? I can't see why people would continue to use Havok if a solution thats on par with in addition to being free.

  10. quote:

    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    We're still waiting to see if ATI's solution is general purpose and not require and additional layer, as in the case of nVidia + Havoc combo.

    Yeah, but doesn't the PhysX require an additional layer in the application as well? My understanding is that games have to be PhysX compatible for you to get any improvement.

  11. I've got family up that way (hence why I asked if you were actually moving up to VA) but I don't live there. Nice state but I don't think I could live there... needs to be a little farther north after living in GA for so long.

    Enjoy your stay there, its a nice area.

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    Originally posted by Wolferz:


    Bethsoft has released their beta patch for the PC version of Oblivion and they foolishly chose to have people report any anomalies in the forums.

    Now they have a hodgepodge of whining posts that tell the devs nothing.

    I pity the poor bastages.

    They've had that since the release. People have been going to those forums and just *****ing for a while now. Its disgusting, I don't see how they put up with it. What's so wrong with banning somone who does nothing but whine and complain about your product? Its your private domain, you can do what you want.

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    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    He's right though. I have the Vista CTP and its a mess. Vista is to WinXP what WinME was to Win98: a disaster.

    Yeah, its so true. I've been having to play with it at work lately, and I'm not impressed at all.

    However, it is still a pre-release; it still feels a little early to judge it. Plus I don't know if I'm exactly the one who should be judging it... I'm still convinced that a good UNIX is lightyears better than Vista, for both Workstation and Server applications.

    Concerning backwards compatibility, and I know I'm going to get booed for this, but I think Microsoft should learn a good lesson from Apple. Rather than worry so much about backwards compatibility, just rewrite the entire code, not worrying about backwards compatibility. They keep talking about doing "rewrites" yet the same old problems remain. Apple released OS X and told the OS classic guys to piss off. They gave you tools to basically have a copy of OS classic installed if you really needed legacy apps but with each version of OS X they've just sort of pulled people away from that.

    Heck, a lot of UNIX stuff is like that. I know of a few Solaris apps that won't run on 9 but will run on 6 just fine. Microsoft needs to stop worrying about "loosing customers" or "being the bad guys" and just say piss off to the people who whine. Even gamers get over it... its not like we haven't gone through it before with Windows 98 to Windows XP.

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    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    I never have - and never will - shop at Walmart. If I need something that they have, I go to Target instead.

    Before I moved to where I am now, I lived by the same policy. Unfortunately, in the smaller town I'm currently residing in, Walmart is all we have for a lot of items. Kmart went bankrupt, and the smaller businesses have all gone bankrupt as well by Walmart. Wally World has killed this towns economy.

    Its really sad, since this is such a great little town, but none of the local businesses (except restaurants) can compete with the prices, so most of us in town have to shop there because there is nowhere else.

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