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    Originally posted by JUDGExKTF:


    Originally posted by Grayfox:

    so whats the problem with ati cards and the game? is there a CTD or something? i got a 9550 and its the only thing that meets the "minimum" requirements... everything else on my rig meets the recommended.

    i was thinking on purchasing this, but now im kinda hesitant

    Well, not everyone has problems with Oblivion, and for the people who have problems with Oblivion it is hard to pinpoint the exact source of the problems. Could be the videocard, could be Oblivion, could be the proc.

    However all the info I read about people who have the same slowdown problem as me all have Ati cards.

    The back of the box says an ati X800 or nvidia 6800 is recommended. And judging from what I've experienced my self and heard from others; They don't say this just to cover their asses, you REALLY need a good graphicalcard for this game.

    Yeah, my 9800 is really pushing it. I've had to tone down a lot of the super graphics stuff, like AA, bad looking blood, etc. I've somehow managed to run it with high detail textures and get great fps... I'm blaming having a gig of ram on that though. My distances (except for master and actor distance) are all set REAL low though.

    This game is really really driving me more and more to upgrade sooner than I originally planned. The only time it drops considerably for me is if I've got grass on and I'm walking through the forest. Thats just not even funny, grass kills my machine.

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    Originally posted by JUDGExKTF:

    Well usually I wouldnt have a problem with this.

    But now I can't help but feel kinda ripped off. I payed 60 euros for something I can't use and there is no sign of support anywhere. I mailed three times to bethesda and they stated my mail would be answered within 48 hours, but I havent heard from them.

    And now they're trying to sell me addons for it...

    I haven't tried for support yet. Haven't needed it. Honestly Bethesda just sort of holed up immediately after they released Oblivion. Not much news from the developers has been released.

    The Horse Armor, after thinking about it, is a little ridiculous. I can understand things such as the Orrey... but the 2 pieces of Horse Armor are a bit of a rip off.

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes of this.

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    Originally posted by ShoHashi:

    WeeGee: How about your rig?

    Sorry, net's been going in and out all week. (Plenty of time to play Oblivion though). I need to update the rig in my profile. I'm still using an AMD 2500+, but I've got a gig of dual channel ram now and a 9800. It runs fine, but I've had to tone a couple things down. I also turned grass off, and got like a 4 fps boost so I'm not complaining.

    I've got a new system in the works that'll blow this aging systems socks off, but for now this one is doing fine.

    The crashes have stopped... I don't know what has changed but I haven't had one in about 3 days (knock on wood). Still unbelivably fun; I really like these quests in comparison to the quests of Morrowind.

    I've got to admit though, I'm starting to miss the mass number of factions. The least I could ask for is to be in the Imperial Guard again... but I guess you can't do that this time around. Still a great game.

    What do all of you think about the $1.99 fee for the Horse Armor? I think that most of the whiners on the Beth forums are just making a big deal over nothing; Beth should make a little profit on the extra content they make.

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    Originally posted by JUDGExKTF:

    Back on the vista subject; I really hope WinFS gets included. Does anybody know if they fixed the fragmentation issue which NTFS has with winFS ?

    If we're lucky they'll include it as a Service Pack, but at this time its pretty certain thats not going to be happening.

  5. quote:

    They called me into a meeting room where they proceeded to tell me that they were cutting back, etc etc, and I was going to be a casualty of those cutbacks. They then pulled me into another meeting room with about 50 other people. I saw a couple good friends in there, people who had been working there far longer than me. Many of the women were crying. After splitting us up into groups they shuffled us up one by one for a short briefing to review severance details, and that was that.

    The way he wrote that makes it sound like the holocaust. Way to go EA executives. I'm glad you enjoy laying off your employees after you work them to death.

    What idjits... it never ceases to amaze me what the modern corporate executive can justify.

    EDIT: A thought... thinking back to how EA has done things in the past... who are they about to assimilate? Valve?

  6. Finally! The first time I saw one of those ads in PCG I really questioned their stance on it.

    PCG has really begun to improve in the short time that Vederman has been in charge. The new layout of the magazine is absolutely awesome, and the articles just feel better. Plus it looks like Vede is bringing Coconut Monkey back into the spotlight.

    I am a little disappointed though... I think they dropped the little story in the corner of the last page. Those were always fun little things to read.

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    Originally posted by Prez:

    Oh, yeah. Very. Mostly because of what it says about how they view the military. These guys are protecting their butts, and this is a slap in the face of our soldiers.

    Exactly. Its disrespectful to the men and women loosing their lives overseas. While I don't always agree with the tactics that military recuiters use to convince people to sign up, they're part of the defense of our country.

    Nomad, this is a direct violation of the morals that this country was founded on. You may think that its only because we're "violent" but thats complete crap. Freedom, true freedom, only happens when the people still have the ability take arms and revolt against the government. Socialism is not true freedom.

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    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    Jack's an idiot. As an 'attorney', he should know that he has no case. But since when did that stop attorneys from doing legally stupid - and foolish - things?

    Exactly, he's trying to exploit fear in order to get them to cave in. It sounds like Gabe is ready to ignite the fight against him.

    The man needs to grow up and move to China. They'd probably execute him the minute he landed, but he might actually blend in there. Plenty of banning cookies on sunday because God doesn't want us to eat them.

    Guys a joke.

  9. Ironically... doesn't all this trouble that Jack Thompson is going to so the Penny Arcade guys can get in trouble consitute as legal harrassment?

    PAs just voicing their free speech, they never asked him to call.

    I hope that somehow, in the future, Jack Thompson burns in the courtroom.

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