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  1. quote:Originally posted by ShoHashi: WeeGee: How about your rig? Sorry, net's been going in and out all week. (Plenty of time to play Oblivion though). I need to update the rig in my profile. I'm still using an AMD 2500+, but I've got a gig of dual channel ram now and a 9800. It runs fine, but I've had to tone a couple things down. I also turned grass off, and got like a 4 fps boost so I'm not complaining. I've got a new system in the works that'll blow this aging systems socks off, but for now this one is doing fine. The crashes have stopped... I don't know what has changed but I haven't had one in about 3 days (knock on wood). Still unbelivably fun; I really like these quests in comparison to the quests of Morrowind. I've got to admit though, I'm starting to miss the mass number of factions. The least I could ask for is to be in the Imperial Guard again... but I guess you can't do that this time around. Still a great game. What do all of you think about the $1.99 fee for the Horse Armor? I think that most of the whiners on the Beth forums are just making a big deal over nothing; Beth should make a little profit on the extra content they make.
  2. I can't stop playing. Its kinda prone to crash though, which is getting a tad bit annoying. Still, it crashes and then it gets opened right back up. Its dumbed down a little more than Morrowind was, but still its an amazing RPG.
  3. quote:Originally posted by JUDGExKTF: Back on the vista subject; I really hope WinFS gets included. Does anybody know if they fixed the fragmentation issue which NTFS has with winFS ? If we're lucky they'll include it as a Service Pack, but at this time its pretty certain thats not going to be happening.
  4. quote:They called me into a meeting room where they proceeded to tell me that they were cutting back, etc etc, and I was going to be a casualty of those cutbacks. They then pulled me into another meeting room with about 50 other people. I saw a couple good friends in there, people who had been working there far longer than me. Many of the women were crying. After splitting us up into groups they shuffled us up one by one for a short briefing to review severance details, and that was that.The way he wrote that makes it sound like the holocaust. Way to go EA executives. I'm glad you enjoy laying off your employees after you work them to death. What idjits... it never ceases to amaze me what the modern corporate executive can justify. EDIT: A thought... thinking back to how EA has done things in the past... who are they about to assimilate? Valve?
  5. Finally! The first time I saw one of those ads in PCG I really questioned their stance on it. PCG has really begun to improve in the short time that Vederman has been in charge. The new layout of the magazine is absolutely awesome, and the articles just feel better. Plus it looks like Vede is bringing Coconut Monkey back into the spotlight. I am a little disappointed though... I think they dropped the little story in the corner of the last page. Those were always fun little things to read.
  6. Does he actually expect anyone at the stockholder meetings to actually pay attention to him? Oh boy, he found stuff slamming the CEO of TakeTwo in magazines... so what, its not hard these days to find something slamming a public figure anyways. *sigh*
  7. Well there is some proof that the black death, which the majority of citizens in London were not immune to when it became an epidemic, eventually died off and people grew immunities to it. There are many theories but one is that the body eventually found ways to combat it. Maybe this is one of those cases?
  8. quote:Originally posted by Prez: Oh, yeah. Very. Mostly because of what it says about how they view the military. These guys are protecting their butts, and this is a slap in the face of our soldiers.Exactly. Its disrespectful to the men and women loosing their lives overseas. While I don't always agree with the tactics that military recuiters use to convince people to sign up, they're part of the defense of our country. Nomad, this is a direct violation of the morals that this country was founded on. You may think that its only because we're "violent" but thats complete crap. Freedom, true freedom, only happens when the people still have the ability take arms and revolt against the government. Socialism is not true freedom.
  9. quote:Originally posted by LostInSpace: [...] and urge the city's public high schools and college campuses to keep out military recruiters.Does that make anyone else fairly angry?
  10. quote:Originally posted by Freyar: I'd fit it on my Firestorm when I'm out mining or something.. not neccisarily for water things, but just to give those incoming aircraft a nice headache before they attack. Yeah, but a couple missles directed by your FATAL do a much better job though... don'tcha think?
  11. I signed #3775. My Comment: quote:After he's out of business he should look into possibly doing torture for his governments intelligence agency.
  12. quote:Originally posted by Darien Wolfe: I thought the Mad Hatter was only in Alice in Wonderland? haha! Jack's getting what he deserves... good.
  13. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Jack's an idiot. As an 'attorney', he should know that he has no case. But since when did that stop attorneys from doing legally stupid - and foolish - things? Exactly, he's trying to exploit fear in order to get them to cave in. It sounds like Gabe is ready to ignite the fight against him. The man needs to grow up and move to China. They'd probably execute him the minute he landed, but he might actually blend in there. Plenty of banning cookies on sunday because God doesn't want us to eat them. Guys a joke.
  14. Ironically... doesn't all this trouble that Jack Thompson is going to so the Penny Arcade guys can get in trouble consitute as legal harrassment? PAs just voicing their free speech, they never asked him to call. I hope that somehow, in the future, Jack Thompson burns in the courtroom.
  15. While I hate EA and Ubi equally for similar reasons, they're on the right track with the DVD-ROM idea. My last three games I've purchased from them both have been DVD games. Preach it $ilk.
  16. There's also nothing illegal about it. Talk to most of the tech savvy WoW players and they all agree.. its already in the EULA and if Blizz really feels its necessary to keep the cheaters and bots out, then fine.
  17. Its great that the suit is settled, but is anything being done to make sure this doesn't happen again?
  18. Relax Darkling, he was making a joke. That was a long read SC, but it was very good. Personally, I love Valve's Steam, but I still like having that hard copy in my hands. I'm sure like most gamers, its going to take some getting used to as more and more companies turn to digital distribution, but the inability to easily install my games if I didn't have broadband (which bad things happen to good people sometimes) kind of irks me. I like how you've done the UC:AWA purchase (which I'm still waiting until I have the money to purchase it : ) where you purchase it online from BMT Micro, but they send you a CD. Meh, old gamers die hard I guess.
  19. Maybe he should have drank less water... by their philosophy he would have weighed less then. I know a couple Vegetarians, and after I saw this post I figured I'd ask them for you $ilk. One said she didn't like the slaughter of animals.. which is ok I guess, I don't agree, but ok. The other really has no clue... her parents were Vegitarians and thats all he's really eaten. : No real solid reason here.
  20. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: Al Gore hasn't had a bowel movement in over 17 years.Hahahhahaha. So True. While my stance on Bush really hasn't changed over the past 8 years, I didn't like him when he got voted in and I don't like him now, if the man has to go he's gotta go. While I feel Iraq and New Orleans have been handled poorly, is the far left soooo desperate at this point that they're critquing the guy on taking a bloody bathroom break? On a less serious tone... it is pretty damn funny.
  21. You can also, if you really want to, purchase their new Mighty Mouse. I bought one for my workstation at work and its actually really kind of nice. It does take a little learning to get used to the left-click right-click action, as it works much different from my multi-button mice here at home on my boxes here. The single button mouse is one of the most annoying things about the Mac, but you do get used to it after a while.
  22. quote:Originally posted by Darkling: So what you're telling me is that Enterprises are paying me 10's of thousands of dollars to Implement Lotus Notes for them, when all they had to do was get a simple LDAP program. Boy I guess these guys are REALLY Stupid. Oh Wait, I forgot, the main reason they buy Lotus notes is because of the ability to log every transaction, every note change with a time and date stamp of the user that created it. So THIS is the reason that people buy it. Same thing with Goldmine. If you change a phone number on a contact, a history record is created that says that you changed the phone number from 123 to 456, whatever. Also, if I want to fax a document to my customer, I go to the Document center and right click on the document that I want and right click fax, BOOM, Goldmine uses a word template that automatically merges information into the document from the Contact that I'm working on, then passes it off to either Faxnow!, Faxrush, RightFax, or one of several other programs made to work with it. This is something you CAN'T do on a Mac, unless you're wiling to write all the code yourself.A lot of the reason for companies to buy Lotus Notes is A) The Support; basic LDAP is GREATLY unsupported and most LDAPs are extremely difficult to implement without a nice GUI like Notes offers. LDAPs for UNIX have logging that logs with everything else on a UNIX system, not quite sure about Windows LDAPs though. You can't find an efficient LDAP for Windows, unless you look at $10k+ software like Notes. It just can't be found. Like I said though, I don't know enough about Goldmine, its not my field, but I'm still looking into alternatives. It sounds to me like its a Database working in tandem with a Office Suite, tailored specfically for managing customer data which there are viable solutions for Mac. 4D comes to mind; although 4D requires years of training as its nothing like any other Database you can find. quote:Originally posted by Darking: When did I say that Windows is better than Mac? OS/2 was FAR SUPERIOR to both Windows AND Mac's, did it make it the right computer to buy for Business? NO, because other than Notes, there was no REAL business software written for it. Of course I'm talking about generalities here, I'm not talking about individual circumstances. [...] I even tried looking for something so I can simply run Linux clients off Terminal Servers, but there isn't any version of Remote Desktop for Linux that can redirect Printers, unless I want to upgrade to Citrix, which would cost me an additional $2000.00 in licensing. What do you think that I'm some kid in college, studying business, NO! I live in the REAL world, where you have to use what's available REGARDLESS of who makes it, Bill Gates included, because if you don't use that advantage, your competition sure as hell will and eat your lunch while they're at it.I misunderstood your direction. Your original postings came off a bit as "Mac OS X sucks". As for the printer thing with Linux Terminals, you might want to look into CUPS Networking a little further, but I'm pretty sure depending on your configuration you should be able to redirect to your printers rather easily, since printer selection can be set in a users group configuration. They just need to be CUPS supported. I know Sun Microsystems includes some extra software for doing just this... but migrating to a Sun thin-client system is equal to commiting ritual suicide unless you know what the hell your doing....... which even Sun Techs barely have a clue. There are always alternatives, often they are too different for a massive change. It really depends on your network you'd be deploying to. I'm sure you'd find the Customer Management Software for 4D extremely different from Goldmine. It all comes down to if you've gotten yourself comfortable or not. If your comfortable, don't switch; it'd be a dangerous move with your company to migrate to another system. The idea is getting companies when their starting, you'll have them forever. Microsoft, Sun, Novell... they all do it.
  23. Darkling... have you used a Mac using OSX for more than a week? For starters... most of the truly useful features of Notes are built into OS X, as with any UNIX OS currently. Notes is simply a nice looking wrapper for an LDAP client. I don't know about the other programs; Goldmine I believe has a very popular Mac equivilent but I'm not sure. I need to research it further. Macs are also in the Enterprise environment, they're just not as prevalent, mostly because of their cost. Their American Enterprise market is also extremely small because of Microsoft's dominance in the 1990's here. There are package management systems for Macs, ones that were out there BEFORE Microsoft copied the UNIX and Mac world with the .MSI packages. Even here at school we don't use the .MSI system because its inheriently broken and has security vulnerabilites that make our resident paranoid have nightmares. The group management for Macs is the same group management used with all BSD UNIX computers; again, which as an Administrator, I love compared to the crummy "Group Policy Manager" that comes with the NT line of Windows. Apple even includes a decent GUI for managing users, something BSD doesn't by default. You USED to have to go one by one to install software... those days are long gone since OS X is BSD based. Application push has been in UNIX and Mac for years before Microsoft even dreamt of it. Please, do a little more research before you start debunking something; I haven't debunked Windows nearly at all... just simply stated facts. The last thing this conversation needs to erupt into is a WINDOWS IS BETTER THAN MAC flame war. EDIT: One last thing... Graphics Programs arn't the main concentration in OS X, they were for OS9 and earlier though. OS X has taken a much broader aspect on the Desktop, and now you can actually find some of the most powerful DataBase applications for it, some spectacular Programming Environments, and the entire Microsoft Office Suite even runs better on a Mac than on any of our PCs here.
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