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  1. that was almost touching. -- all right, I'm jealous. [ 03-05-2002, 15:08: Message edited by: Spider-man ]
  2. if you target a shuttle that has retrieved a cargo pod, the Cargo WILL be displayed when you check the SMD. Other ships will not show cargo. Cargo pods, as noted by duncan earlier, will display cargo when checked also.
  3. "Multi-national." I called them "mullarians" for about 2 months before someone told me.
  4. it's awesome to see something jump in and when you hit f10 to view it, you just see flying debris and fire with station PTA's stroking through it. "admiral ozzel came out of hyperspace too close to the alliance starbase.. He's as clumsy as he is stupid..."
  5. gonna need more time to test it with the PAD and cloaking, SC, but so far you've got a winner!!! The defense revision is incredible. Now those stations are appropriately formidible! great patch. More details after more extensive assaults.
  6. Screw the old career. Install the defense revisions. It's like a new damn game. Running beautifully, no CTD's or save problems at this point. Seems to be running faster, but perhaps it's the placebo effect. anyway, BEST_PATCH_EVER.
  7. quote: ...I've been using your mining drone crash saved game to test the 1.0.05 compliance. Not only does it work, the fail safe built into the saved game (which bypasses the corrupted entry I mentioned above) works just fine. So, if you still have that saved game, you can use it with the 1.0.05 compliance patch just fine. It will auto-fix the incorrect entry and allow you to extract the drone just fine. It works here. YMMV sweet. I'll play for a bit with that, until I see the Random fire. Then I'll go full 1.006 so I can try out the much-anticipated defense revisions. thank you so much for digging in there and teasing out the problem (or at least, fixing it). Can't wait to try it. [ 02-27-2002, 06:39: Message edited by: Spider-man ]
  8. ah. well, for the record, I was defining my terms as this: 1. corrupted save: A saved game that will not load via resume or restore. If sent in to the SC he will report back that it is "corrupted". 2. CTD: Any crash to desktop, at any time, regardless of when a game was saved. I brought up the idea of CTD's being a manifestation of Corrupted saves and here is the reply I got. lemme see if I can find it... my question (page 7 of other thread): quote: The question is first: What does it mean to have a "corrupted save"? This term has been tossed around the forum a lot and I'm not sure what it means. For instance: Does a "corrupted save" always mean that the save game cannot be loaded (ie: crashes immediately)? Or could a corrupted save cause a delayed crash to desktop or lockup? What I am getting at here is that if there is some mechanism by which people's saves are being corrupted, then this corruption could lead to the crashes to desktop and lockups some of us have been experiencing. If I start a new campaign and continue to play it without saving I seem to have a bit less trouble (fewer CTD's and lockups over time) than if i have saved the game multiple times. Anyway, i'd like to hear how a savegame gets corrupted, what this means, and what can be done to prevent it. the answer: quote: Saved game corruption can manifest itself in any number of ways 1. HDD failure e.g. lost clusters etc 2. System failure e.g. bad clusters (from #1) being written while the file is saved 3. Incompatible saved games e.g. using 1.0.03 saved games with 1.0.04. This usually happens if you applied a patch incorrectly or didn't delete all the files in the SAVE game folder when applying a patch which specifically indicates that the file format has changed. Resuming or restoring a game which then fails, does NOT necessarily mean it is the saved game. Once the file is loaded, the screen then switches to the configured graphics mode, all the graphics engine requirements (buffers, res etc) are all loaded. Now, if the graphics card settings (either in display properties, BIOS, DirectX etc) are suspect, it will fail to init and will exit or give a hard lockup. This is one way in which a saved game can be suspected of crashing the system, when in fact it is NOT necessarily at fault. So, what I take from this is that the CTD's may or may NOT be due to corrupted save games.
  9. Reply posted in the 'system configuration' forum.
  10. quote: SC, Perhaps it's time you get an Nvidia/SBLive! machine and find out just what the heck is causing all these save game corruptions. Everyone I know has this problems, even a number of forum regulars here well known for publically stating they have 'no problems' running BCM have admitted privately to me that they have corrupted saves at the same rate of frequency I do. Sorry for being blunt, but just cause YOU can't reproduce it does NOT mean it isn't a problem. I've tried this game now on no less than 7 different machines, all SBLive! with Nvidia cards, and I get an average of 1 bad save out of 10 on ALL machines. I've done all SC and others have asked, even bought Windows XP, but the same problem that plagued me on Windows 98SE plagues me now on WinXP. How about a roll call? Everyone who has problems with corrupted save games, time to speak up! Please, let this be known to SC so he can see the size of this problem. Thanks. Idaho I thought I'd respond to this here since it's not an explicit game bug (that we know of). I've had these problems in the past, reinstalling WIN98se has helped. I still get CTD's, but haven't had a corrupted save game (that I know of) for quite some time. Additionally, I do not have a SBLive currently. Neither did my old system. I did have CTD's and corrupted saves with the old system. Again, reinstalling Win98se fresh has helped with the corrupted saves. [ 02-21-2002, 10:40: Message edited by: Spider-man ]
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