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  1. Feels like a spreadsheet program.. after waiting hours yes hours, to get your fleet of 5 cruisers built, you send them into combat for 30 or so seconds of fireworks. then its back to doing your taxes again.. i'm going back to space empires iv gold.. I dont know why I waste my money. I guess I had high hopes the great sequel to moo2, with a big publisher behind it.. cough
  2. Well im not that far into the game havent even started the main story line, been running around doing stuff for the mages guild I did make my way into a few daedric shrines and well I got addicted to that fast to make a long story short, I did about four quests for the daedric princes and I have allmost a full set of daedric armor when I havent even started the main story line... my armor raiting is around 140
  3. Will BCG contain the same feature set as the origional one planned for xp-1?
  4. Well im only getting this one because I wanna beat the town folk down then I wanna beat down the guards that come after me.. Sieriously tho I like the idea that you can pick locks break into houses etc, freeform gameplay rocks.
  5. Yeah it allways happens every time an intruder boards. Im going to go see if it does it at higher/lower resolutions.
  6. Well the action is good, nice combat system cept I don't like the mission objectives so linear they hold your hand to much. I would take it back if it didnt have the skirmish mode which keeps me happy.
  7. Desktop 1280x960 32bit BCM 800x600 everything set to 32bit
  8. I have the same problem as mufossa it didnt start happening til the or patch, if I run the game at it wont crash. I can hit alt-p 100 times with out it crashing, it only happens when intruders board. [ 04-09-2002, 03:26: Message edited by: xierxior ]
  9. I don't use debug mode I started a normale game and this happend.
  10. Start new game, pick elite force marine carrer pick earth city2 ter/ins as starting base, you will start about ten miles away from the city. Was trying to check out the fps carrer..
  11. Happy Birthday! Opps! didnt read entire thread carefuly [ 04-04-2002, 20:08: Message edited by: xierxior ]
  12. Dude! it's like the marines work better now then they did before (when they were working) ok I started a scenerio game to see how they workd, first thing I did was watch my marines die.. er yeah my AE's foot was hurting him now I get out and first thing I notic theres like 8 of the buggers running towards me so I start blastin em takeing advantage of their slow aiming straffing, then I notic one of em goes airborn <-never seen this happen before he jet paks just infront of me so I blast em then I hear a litttle noise and watch my AE fall to the ground... I was like ergh damn snipers there real hard to see since they lay on the ground. To bad the base didnt have any CAV's wanted to see how smart they were inside a ground asset..
  13. Woo that new skybox is a HUGE improvement over the old ones I love the redish one. The green ones cool to, now thats what I call a skybox
  14. Maybe im crazy but I think the bitmaps look better then the particle effects.
  15. PTA system upgrade - longer range more damage more accourate EMP missles - disables target Mini nuke missles - effective againts stations cant hit fighters/carriers/cruisers to slow Hyper drive engine upgrade - higher top speed shorter recharge Targeting computer upgrade - allows IOD system to track targets at long range Hostile evirement armor upgrade - can land on hostile planets with out takeing damage
  16. Picture 71 reminds me of a star destroyer, for some odd reason maybe it's because the captains compartment sits so high. I bet the contrail would look better if it converd the entire rear where the engine is, some-what like how the engine fx is in freespace2.
  17. Seeing the blue mars map brings tears to my eyes, just think it could someday look allmost like that just with alot less water
  18. start a instant action game quit then try to load your game. update sound/video drivers and make sure your video adapture size is set correctly.
  19. Slackware, it's small and doesnt come with all the bloatware applications redhat does. When you install slackware with a fat32 partition you have an option to make a new partition for linux, you just make the prapure partitions then at the end of the install it will ask you if you want to use LILO, just set-it-up to load into your hdd's mbr and wala dual boot. Il give a more detaild explanation if you want.
  20. The drivers are not installed correctly if they were the version would be 3509.2.0.0, and I bet thats whats causeing the lockup on load issue.
  21. I like the lighting and the high res textures, I think my gf2 mx is getting scared about now to..
  22. Lord bane, I have a sb live 5.1 I was haveing problems with it, you dont wanna use the standard wdm drivers which come with windows, creative released there own drivers, go to www.soundblaster.com and download the latest. I would also scan your hdd for errors if your save games are disapearing. [ 03-13-2002, 16:59: Message edited by: xierxior ]
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