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  1. Soccer Hooligans...... /boggle
  2. That was...disturbing. You are a sick and twisted individual. We're going to get along great!
  3. ...it pulls you off of Everquest after 1 1/2 years. 'nuff said
  4. quote:Originally posted by Joel Schultz: I'm from Pittsburgh, so with apologies to Myron Cope, here's my Terrible Table: GO STEELERS [ 01-25-2002: Message edited by: Joel Schultz ] YOI!!!! Myron rulez
  5. haha it does kinda feel like feeding time at the local carrion heap.
  6. Wheeeeee I feel so loved! hahaha Now, I have read the Fleet FAQ and I understand their roles in the upcoming MP patch. (that's a no-brainer) But what are you doing in the time between now and then? It's not like you can actually practice any fleet manuevers as a unit or such. Tell me what fleet life is all about!
  7. quote:Originally posted by aramike: Actually, most teams have at least partial ownership of the stadiums. The reason they don't build them on their own is mostly due to the vast expense, coupled with the fact that many cities will foot the bill to reap the benefits. Well.... I would say the teams don't foot the bill because it's easier to hold it over the city's head and say "Build us a new stadium or we'll move the team." The city doesn't want to lose all that revenue from the parking, tourists, amusement taxes and consessions so they build it. At least here in Pittsburgh they did. GO STEELERS!!!!!!
  8. Wheee. My 2nd day of BCM. Enjoying it, reminds me of my days playing Trade Wars 2000 on the local BBS's before we all had access to the internet. Ah, I loved that game....anyway, load the game and start to figure out the trading side of things. Again, every question I had, I found the answer in the manual. I do have a few questions on the economics model created for the game. For example, I was running Aux repair units from GALCOMHQ to Genesis making a small profit. If I were to continue to do this, would the price drop as I brought more and more of them in? Do NPC's know about good prices and also bring those goods in, driving the price down as well? Back to the story... I'm playing a campaign and my orders come in to see to the safety of some diplomats to Majoris station. No problem, I drop some drones off on the moon and set course. About 3 jumps out I get attacked by some raiders. I launch fighters, shut off power to the launch bays and transporter and turn to face my attackers. About halfway through the fight, I get a warning about running out of crystals. I thought this was one of my fighter pilots so I ordered them to dock to refuel. Unfortunately, it was my reactor fuel and about 2 mins later all systems go off-line. ACK! Luckily I was able to get enough solar power to launch a shuttle to tow my sorry butt out of there. Now, at that time a MK1 Battlecruiser jumps in and destroys my ship, the shuttle and hence, me. Lesson learned? Never leave home without stopping at the gas station first.
  9. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Welcome...to the end of your life as you know it. ACK! REM in my head... stop it! stop it!
  10. Ah thank you. Btw... just read the SC's cheat sheet on adding my system info to my Sig. will add that when I get home tonight. [ 01-23-2002: Message edited by: Manglor ]
  11. Just wanted to say Hi. Total BC newb here. I've heard all the stories surrounding this franchise, good and bad, and thought it was time I bought the game and made my own judgements. What I have see so far.... I have what I consider a high-end system with WinXP Pro. I installed the game, downloaded and installed the latest patch and then turned my computer off, sat down with the manual and read it that night. Next day, printed out and read the tutorial and appendix. When I finally ran the game... not one problem, not one bug, not one issue. Ran totally clean for me. This was, to be honest, a bit of a surprise. Not that I thought I'd find bugs right off the bat, but due to what I have read on the web, in the mags, etc... So, I am still trying to learn the interface. Not too much of a problem as everything I have had questions on, I was able to find answers for in the book or appendix. Overall: Looking good so far. Need to get alot more time with it to fully experience all it has to offer.
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