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  1. Rommel1999

    wow have i been away that long!

    I have yet to find that thread about putting in my system info to the sig ill look again. PS dont help me out ill find it if its there.
  2. Rommel1999

    wow have i been away that long!

    What for tho? then everyone knows what Rig i got hehe.Is not been happy just good enough? i dont have the Cable connection anymore i moved out to the farm and nothing is worse than that belive me. To go from cable back down to modem is a living hell! What about those poor souls like i used to be with cable and a lousy putter hehe if i only had this machine back then (think of the damage, just think of it )
  3. Rommel1999

    Old Computer Fun!

    Keeping my old putter the pent 200mmx it did run the millenium demo ( not very well tho ) hehe so im keeping it.
  4. Well thats it folks i went and did the worst. Bought a new Machine (NO MORE PUTTER )this time. Come back to check out the BC forums and man things have changed old pass and everything had to be updated. But the scary part is i found a eb store near the place i live and it RUNs just fine on this baby. Nice to be back all didnt think id be coming back for a while been the old putter just wouldnt run millenium Broke and in dept from the latest purchase hehe but man im happy good to be back all
  5. Rommel1999

    My Birthday Soon!

    Just wondering if its not out then could you put it out then (BCM) that is hehe just j/king but hell what a gift that would be
  6. Rommel1999

    What's not with WIN95?

    I prefer win95 myself been i havent had a problem so bad with it that it couldnt be solved. Now i went out today and bought windows se for one reason only, so i can play BCM but thats about it for me an yep ive seen what win 98 does that win 95 doesnt but ive also seen what win 95 does that win 98 and all higher cant do. Kind of a bummer that win95 wont run BCM,but i know why it wont,same reason why Mech4 will run on my putter once fine then not run the next unless i alter the registry's First run back to 0. Seems a low rate 3d card isnt good enough for the detection system when in fact it really is.So its not the software its the detection sofware put in the game not,if you can make get rid of that then you can play the game lol Detection software in games to check out your putter config b4 the game runs plain sucks
  7. Rommel1999

    Goodbye computer games

    Seems like an alright site to me most of the games there i might just pay a Dollar for anyways if they wanted to still sell them in the stores.Keeps the old games alive which says alot about the companies that sell these games. BTW new game out called Shogun Total War,anyone try this one yet ?, Bought it last week and i must say ive seen nothing like it ever, may just set a new standard for the war gaming community. I have to give it a 10!
  8. Rommel1999

    All quiet once again ....

    Just another 20th century slave here. have worked in the concrete industry for now 10 years,finishing upwards of 20thousand sq ft slabs till like last night 4am this morning ,hope the boss gives me today off now . ------------------ Rommel1999 If you wont do it!!Get out of my way,Cause i will!!