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  1. Hmph ! After an hour spent in the Treas sector today it has suddenly gone very quiet. The debris fields near the wormhole portal to Tau Ceti have been restocked with fresh detrius from various criminal ships and 3 Vesper Military cruisers ! The scanners have been empty now for some time. My flight crews are ready, and my Weapon operators are poised at their systems.......but perhaps that last SOS got through and warned hem off. Those big-eared vermin are keeping away from Centauri for now. No matter, we will remain vigilant. Glory and victory shall be ours !
  2. Castor

    Misc Tech Support Issues III

    quote:Originally posted by xierxior: Excuse me sir, you have winxp which means you have directx 8.1 and you need to update your system profile with your video card and sound card driver versions.Understood. Will do tomorrow
  3. Castor

    Misc Tech Support Issues III

    Thanks for the reply Idaho ! However (why is there always a "however" ?) the enemy targets I am trying to jump to are in real space, busily blasting friendlies usually. I got caught out on my first few sorties by targetting and jumping to ships in hyperspace, and as you suggest I now wait for them to emerge. The most recent example of a "late" planetfall was when I jumped at a target which transpired to be about 40k km's on the other side of Tramis....I emerged on target and was promptly sucked into a Planetfall situation. Further backround - I did a jump from a nav portal (TO.TREAS) straight to Aleri Station which was on the opposite side of the planet at the time and had no planetfall ! So, it seems that only jumps at enemy targets trip me up. (Mental note - to try it on Neutrals next)
  4. Castor

    Misc Tech Support Issues III

    With apologies in advance for this one..... When using a Hyperspace jump in-system to fly to a target on the opposite side of a planetary body the jump timer expires as normal and I arrive nice and close to the target AFTER flying through said planet. No problem with the fly-through, I am in Hyperspace not real space after all The problem is getting my CC sucked into a planetfall when I emerge from hyperspace thousands of klicks from the planet. Works as designed. Learn how to fly. And while you're at it, get OUT of this thread. It is for reporting problems only!! Apologies or not, GET OUT NOW!!! and go to the newbies thread. I'm sure this one has been picked up before hence my apology at the top, but it's getting very frustrating knowing that the hostile stormcarrier is on the other side of the planet kicking the meat out of friendly assets and there is nothing I can do about it...... (EDIT - I scanned the early pages in this thread for posts on this topic, but I don't have a problem with enemy ships sitting inside planets. ) I don't know if this is a bug, or a feature and planets are not to be jumped through. Thanks in advance. [ 03-05-2002, 06:55: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]