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  1. The Tenth Planet Series (Dean Wesley Smith) Jumper (Steven Gould) Wildside (Steven Gould) Replay (Ken Grimwood) Lucifer's Hammer (Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle) Footfall (Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle) A Boy and His Tank (Leo Frankowski) Team Yankee: A Novel of WWIII (Harold Coyle) I could go on and on... [ 04-25-2002, 11:35: Message edited by: Captain X ]
  2. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: heh, reminds me of that oddball professor; what was his name again? The one who was determined to have the English spoken by African Americas declared as its own language. Damn kooks. They're everywhere.It is Robert L. Williams, he coined the word "Ebonics" more than 20 years ago. (Thanks to a quick search on Google.)
  3. Just a few, They Live The Matrix The Arrival Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure The Terminator Blackhawk Down Memento Run Lola Run Sliding Doors Fight Club The Man Who Knew Too Little
  4. BCM is damn addictive too!! Help me someone. I have seriously considered buying a pc just to run my copy of BCM 24/7...
  5. My Firestorm is sitting on Earth. I (my AE) is in shuttle one shlepping minerals and spare parts between Galcom HQ and Wraith (I love those 30% inflation rates). Anyway, I notice a lot of explosions near Earth and find that it is a Credian Warmonger. The Warmonger is there several hours later just sitting there. I decided that we can't have enemy warships sitting in our space so I jumped in a Zenstar and loaded it with 8 Starchilds and 2 Questors. I target the Warmonger and I get an "Aquired" warning. The Credians take off running so I pull up behind them at 40 clicks and match speed. I blew the Warmonger's shields out with the missles and was not having any luck with the laser. I was ready to head back for a reload and thought, what the hell...I will have the auto-pilot do the work. It worked...just before the enemy Warmonger exploded they launch a missle in desperation. I hit ECM and headed back to homeplate. (Laughing all the way) It was a lot of fun knowing that my missles had range over the 30.5 main gun limit of the Warmonger. I still can't figure out what they were doing just sitting there though...
  6. quote:Originally posted by Eclipse: Pearso you need to press ALT-9 not SHIFT-9 to activate the hj.hmmm...I will double-check my manual when I get home but to date, I have pressed Shift+9 to activate HJ. (it works too!) [ 04-05-2002, 08:37: Message edited by: Captain X ]
  7. The pics for EVE are not better than the ones for XP1. What freedom do I have with EVE? (Ha!) Gameplay and immersion is more important to me than pretty pictures or picking sunglasses for my in game "head". It might be fun for a few minutes... I think the premise of the multiplayer universe is what gets most people excited. Now that I have found Battlecruiser, it is what I am sticking with.
  8. I just knew you were an Aries Derek! Enjoy your day!
  9. Everyone, don't forget to vote at gamescreenshots for XP1. This game will be in a class of its own. [ 04-04-2002, 07:48: Message edited by: Captain X ]
  10. That Warmonger is looking good Derek! Thanks for the preview. Do you have the new MK2 model yet?
  11. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: ...uhm, I take it that it works now, then?Oh yeah baby! I sent a recon force into the insurgent starbase on Earth and they were sniped into oblivion right quick!
  12. Jaguar, Count me in. I want to join the Gammulans. Where do I sign up? Is it legit? Derek has not authorized any fleets other than what is listed in the fleet faq as far as I can tell. [ 04-01-2002, 12:48: Message edited by: Captain X ]
  13. When I collect mining drones, I have my AE go to a shuttle, fly to the drone location and land. I then Retrieve a drone, unload it and Deploy it. I do this for all four drones. I then fly the shuttle to the nearest station and sell the minerals. I don't worry about intruders this way and it is quicker too. I usually pick up any needed supplies to take back to my Battlecruiser. Meanwhile, my stupid crew stays on the surface (safely) gaining brains. Before I head to the station, I will set a waypoint for the shuttle my AE is in so when I leave the station I can planetfall right over my Battlecruiser. [ 03-29-2002, 10:55: Message edited by: Captain X ]
  14. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Captain X: An upgrade(?) that allows a temporary increase in the bridge crew's ai levels would be nice. This would have the same effect as upgrading computers to perform various functions.Lets try this again I SAID SYSTEM/WEAPONS UPGRADES!! Translate that to COMPUTER system upgrades then.
  15. FATAL System Upgrade that allows FATAL to track and destroy incoming missles. (anti-missle missles?) Cloaking System upgrade that reduces the consumption rate of Iridium. An upgrade(?) that allows a temporary increase in the bridge crew's ai levels would be nice. This would have the same effect as upgrading computers to perform various functions.
  16. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: I'm getting it. And here is my games shopping list for the next two weeks JK-2 Morrowind Global Operations Heroes Of Might & Magic 4 Dungeon Siege Jane's Attack Squadron Ghost Recon - Desert Siege Die Hard Nakatomi PlazaI just want to know how the hell you get more hours in your days than I do. Don't you sleep?! Whats going to happen when you get hooked on Morrowind?
  17. Since this is a game, I am only limited by my imagination. I quote, "In a Roam scenario, you are free to do as you like, within the scope of the game and limited only by your role playing imagination." (I actually read TFM and this quote is from the page seven, Assignment - Roam Mode section, paragraph two, sentence one.) I had never played as a bad ( ) guy in a RPG before so I decided to try it out. Once! I don't plan on doing it again as Doctor X committed suicide in remorse for shooting system engineer #1 in the back and head 20 times. Come to think of it, my allies (friends?) were wary of me when we played the all-night Risk games... [ 03-25-2002, 19:31: Message edited by: Captain X ]
  18. I loaded two engineers into SC1 along with my AE, Doctor X. We launch and I take her to 10,600. These two engineers are sweating. I tell #2, watch - this is what is going to happen to you if you don't tell me what you know. I open the shuttle door and kick #1 engineer out. Guess what? Next thing I know, he is on the surface in perfect condition! #2 Engineer is pissing in his pants and I order him into OC1. Then I deploy it. Guess what? It ends up on the surface in perfect condition. I land the shuttle and get out. OC1 takes off like a bat out of hell and Engineer #1 takes off running. I chased #1 down and had to shoot him about 20 times before he finally croaked. I never did find OC1. Its gone. Being evil is not that fun... Not even an hour into this game and I have lost a shuttle, a flight engineer, two system engineers and OC1. This game is twisted.
  19. I just started a new game. My alter-ego is called Doctor X and he is the new commander of a Gammulan Stormcarrier called "Doctor Destruction". Doctor X is evil. The military authorities would be royally p*ssed if they knew the treachery that would soon befall them - courtesy of yours truly, Doctor X. Note from real self: This is the first game that I have ever played as an evil character. hmmmm... So anyway. I sell all the stuff and take the million and upgrade the shields to Linear Spec Fours. I buy extra fuel, 2 Ralix STS and 2 Vagrant STS missles. I intend to use them soon. I start the upgrade while sitting in space above Gamma-1. Just then, my modified danger detector goes off and tactical shows five bogies hyperjumping to my twenty. I'm an evil guy so I said, "F*cking Great! The shields are under repair and I'll be under attack in less than five seconds!" I turn the Invisibility Shield on and dose the crew with heavy radiation (thats what evil guys do I think). So the crew is moaning while I order them to land the Doctor Destruction on the planet. So we land which is uneventful. Ok, so the logical thing to do next is send out the shuttles and get those drones to mining. At this point, I usually tell a marine to fly the shuttles down and drop off the drones but you know how the stupid ai can screw things up. So, I go look at my battlecruiser seating chart and pick flight engineer #14 as shuttle pilot (he's one of the brains on the ship with an AI of 20). He flys SC1 and returns. Same with SC2 and SC3. Everthing is routine. Right as rain. He gets in SC4, I enter the waypoint coordinates in the shuttles navigation computer and check the launch indicator. Everything is showing Green so I give SC4 the launch order. Suddenly, there is this huge explosion and SC4 along with FE#14 are vaporized. The rumor among my crew is that we have a traitor on board. I wish I could replace that fourth shuttle with a MK1 model. I need something quick. I am thinking about making some money and then leaving the crew on some Galcom moon and signing on a new crew. I swear I am taking each crew member down in a shuttle and torturing them, killing them if necessary to find the traitor! [ 03-22-2002, 07:52: Message edited by: Captain X ]
  20. Yeah Derek - you turn it off you don't get my ten bucks a month for BCO!! Thats real freakin nice...get us all hooked on BC and then dangle BCO under our brains and then threaten to shut the net down. How rude!
  21. Great interview Derek. One question I didn't see that I would like to read the answer to is, "Is your current lifestyle everything you dreamed it would be?" (You know, making your own schedule, doing your own thing, not having to get up and shower, dress, drive to freakin work, every freakin day...)
  22. Let me rephrase that. Will it be possible to script having planetary based npc characters to go on long range patrols and subsequently attack the player BC if found? Can they even travel outside of their normal radar coverage?
  23. quote:Originally posted by Shadow_Wolf33: why would someone steal an '87 F-150? unless ya live in an area where thats about the best truck on the block.Nah, I would say that they have a serious case of intruder insurgents in the neighborhood.
  24. So, Carl...are you saying that using your cloak on the attack is not a good tactic? I like to cloak when I hear the word, "Aquired" - then move to my enemy's sweet spot. Go to TACSCAN and hit "D" (Match Designated Target's Speed) I guess that would be defined as one of the defensive uses of your cloaking device. You disappear, move to your enemy's sweet spot....uncloak and BAM! Let 'em rip!!! When he send his SOS, tractor beam his ass and haul him to a station. [ 03-14-2002, 22:44: Message edited by: Captain X ]
  25. Your right Derek - if I switch to a "technical" point-of-view, pic #30 is boring except it shows off the nice textures. I was looking at the pictures from a more "creative / imaginary" point-of-view. Kind of like looking at an illustration depicting part of a grand science fiction story. The creative screen grab comment was made with that point-of-view. I think your ability to visualize is at a higher level than most peoples. You seem to take that ability for granted.
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