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  1. Will it be possible to script enemy bases located on planets to launch long range patrols to locate player BC and subsequently launch an offensive against the BC using GBS II? (The mbase in question would have to be activated by detection of the player BC.)

    I notice that I can park my BC on a planet and remain there safely for a long time. I thought it would add something to suddenly find that your under attack.

  2. quote:

    Originally posted by Stormshadow:

    Hmm...At this point I think we are getting so close to MP that some of us might be a little reluctant to share our hard won secrets......at least with anyone besides our fellow Fleet Commanders........Am I despicable for having these feelings? Does anyone else have similar thoughts?

    I guess the question you have to ask yourself is, "Will those same secrets work against your fellow humans?"

  3. In pic #30, the first thing that grabbed me was the scale of the objects and the creative screen save.

    It is futuristic, the skybox looks awesome... I don't know, it just made me want to see more.

    I can imagine watching this on my pc listening to the great soundtracks that come with these games.

  4. quote:

    These should definitely put hair on your nipples

    Note the high resolution planet mesh and texture map; as well as the newer smoother Zenstar fighter (part of the Firestorm complement)

    It's getting there. 'nuff said

    Indeed! Pic #30 says it all for me. You have to be proud of this product!

  5. Good story. Next time send the shuttle down first and then beam yourself down. Better yet, buy a Bugnor and blast a hole in the ground.

    (I can't wait to give this kind of fight a try!)

    As for Playmod - isn't that cheating? I would much rather play around with GBS II...

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  6. Now I am in a pickle jar. If I uninstall and reload to 1.0.07, I will lose my Supreme Commander status, 1 Billion dollars AND have to edit my sig.

    Fine, I am taking my fleet, stocking up on weapons and heading to Gammulan space for a final battle before I switch (grumble...freakin Gammulan's are gonna pay!!)

  7. I started this topic for members to discuss BC:M strategy and tactics in relation to battle.

    Categories to include:

    Ship to ship fighting

    Fleet Tactics

    Taking Down Stations

    Taking Down Super Carriers

    Ground Missions

    Jumping Innocents

    OTS Attacks

    Other topics

    How do you plan the ingress, the attack and egress?

  8. I am using patch 1.0.06. (I know, but with patch 1.0.07 I could not get my crew to follow my orders to go off station)


    I just loaded up with Cloning Modules at Genesis and my finances were at 49 Million. I was afraid I would lose all that hard work so I saved.

    After resuming, I went to Aleri and their inflation rate was -1%. I didn't want to take the 7 million negative hit to my finances so...

    I reloaded a save game where my finances were at 30 million and Aleri was still 30%. I just played from that point on till I had the billion.

    Then I saved. The next time I reloaded, Aleri was at 9%.

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  9. quote:

    Originally posted by Duncan Idaho:

    You do realize sharing that means it will likely be altered in the next patch?

    Good luck making the same run then!


    No biggie. After I saved the game and reloaded, I flew back to Aleri to check and they were at 9%.

    The point being, explore and exploit. Once I realized that the inflation rate would change when I saved, I sat there for HOURS clicking the same freakin thing over and over to get the billion dollars.

    Thats the cost and I paid the price AND I got the moola. I like the BC:M universe that we get to play in. Derek can change whatever he wants.

    I saw the opportunity and took it.

    (BTW - I was EXCITED the first time I unloaded four full drones and made 3 million. I even went and got my wife to show her how cool this game was.)

    and now, I make a half a million a day doing nothing but being at Supreme Commander...oh yeah!!

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  10. Lets see, I went through 27 Skyflashes and 20 Bugnors.

    I made the money (1 Billion +) from 1 PM to Midnight (game time) mining and driving a shuttle back and forth between Galcom HQ and Aleri at Tramis. Aleri was running a 30% inflation rate at the time and I was making 60 million per run selling Bugnors.

  11. I reloaded my saved game position last night. Sitting on earth, just a regular Commander making 75 G's a day.

    Went to orbit and nuked the Insurgent Starbase. I nuked and nuked till I ran out of Insurgent military bases (I refused to nuke the cities).

    Bought more Skyflashes and nuked Insurgent Naval assets. Made Strategic Commander and ordered 5 carriers and 2 cruisers to escort the Heavy Hammer.

    I had to go to the moon to find more Insurgent bases to nuke. Finally, three hours later, I made Supreme Commander.

    What is really scary is the whole time I am sitting in space doing all this OTS bombing, not one enemy, not one intruder showed up.

    I figured they must have seen my fleet flying around and word is out.

    I also noticed this morning while watching TV that there was some static and my immediate thought was that something was out there. Intruders??

  12. quote:

    Originally posted by Gary:

    Man....Resnig sure is a problem for me. He's definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer! He won't ready my FC's. Everytime they dock, I'll wait and wait, head off to the galley for a McNutripak. When I come back, I have to order the FC's readied for the next tour myself. I think I'd like to fly to the nearest black hole, load him into a shuttle, and see how close to the event horizon he can get!!!!! Argh.....

    How he ever made it out of the Academy I'll never know!!!


    I read somewhere that his AI has to be at a certain level before he will automatically order Flight Engineers to ready fighter craft. Didn't you see this?

    Where did I see this?! (Hints: Manual, Appendix)

  13. quote:

    Originally posted by netshaman:

    Hi SC, i had noticed that if i save in a slot which is occupied, when i restore the save game it is corrupted and it freezes the game.

    Well this is annoying if you have multiples save games in all slots, because you cannot delete a slot for replacing its contents, you must delete all your profile.

    Oh, and i had experienced in the roster and in the CSD that i had negative experience points !


    hmmm...I have had to save a game over an existing save game slot ("Save and Exit") and subsequently the game may have frozen upon "Resume" or "Restore".

    This seems to happen when weather effects are in operation as it was raining everytime it locked.

    I went to configuration and turned off the weather effects. This helped and I noticed the thunder for the first time and I think that the sound card driver is locking the occasional game.

    A restart or two seems to take care of it (maybe the thunder sound is random and it is not generated on the restarts that work ok). Sounds logical ehh?

  14. That is so cool. When my wife leaves, rather than crank up the video, I crank up my 400 Watt Klipsch speakers on my computer to the max.

    Medal of Honor sounds awesome. You can FEEL the bullets hitting bodies. When I play a rainy scenario of Combat Mission (made by the Indies at Battlefront.com) the thunder and artillery sends the dogs packing!

    I did blow the speakers once when playing the lobby scene of the Matrix.

    There is nothing like the rumble of my engines when landing while playing BC:M. Talk about immersion...

    Are your ears still ringing SC? I bet you watched Eraser....

  15. I made Strategic Commander last night. I was sitting in orbit around earth nuking Insurgent Bases.

    After nuking four of their bases, they sent a Firestorm after me. It didn't put up much of a fight. I hit them with multiple Ralix and Vagrants.

    They HJ away and when they came out they were pretty much dead in space. I sent a shuttle to tow them in and they self-destructed! Ha! Those Insurgents are a bunch of wimps.

    They didn't even scratch my MK3. I then took the Heavy Hammer 23 back to orbit and took out more Insurgent facilities. I lost points though when I got carried away and destroyed something that took 20K EPs away.

    I wasted a Bugnor. All in all, it was fun but cost me around $100 million.

  16. Oh, one other thing and then I will quit posting... Playing this game has frightened me for the second time in my game playing life (the first one was playing DOOM in the dark) and that is when I was explaining to my wife that the game is played in real time and my AE was 35 years old and he gets (if he makes it) 65 years and she says, "so you'll be playing this for the next 65 years, right?" and thats when I said, "Thanks a lot Derek Smart!!!"

  17. I almost forgot - I launched a sr probe while sitting on earth. It was great. It took off and flew around...then it stopped and crashed. It layed there in the dirt for a while...then it jumped up and flew just above the ground to the top of a mountain where it launched itself. It kept gaining altitude slowly....at 50K feet it nosed over and rocketed back towards the ground. I jumped in a SC, flew to it to tractor it and pull it up to orbit but the tractor beam blew the probe to smithereens. (ok, I'm a BC:M billionaire...I can afford to waste a probe for my amusement.)

  18. I can't wait for the day that we can jump off the bridge and join the search for intruders in FP. At that point in the BC universe, it will be fun playing an as a assassin and beaming to another ship and taking out the bridge crew and stealing their ship.

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