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  1. I only have a minor war story but a great experience. I purchased this awesome game a week ago Friday. Played around with it till Sunday night. My wife went to bed and I let her know I would be along shortly as I just wanted to get a few things done on the computer (ha!). She started snoring and my computer locked up. I rebooted and it errored and then died, beeping a horrible death. Seems my stick of 256 Meg memory decided to suicide. I spent the rest of the week doing a few hours of BC:M at work (after hours!) still learning. This last Friday I got the latest patch and brought my work computer home (no $$ for new memory yet). So I am playing, the first thing I noticed is that the crew will not go off of station as ordered. The bastards just loved working I guess. Then one of them got radiated. I don't know how that happened. At this point in the game, I still figured you had to take each shuttle out and load up its drone and then fly the ship to the spacestation to sell the minerals. Of course, I used cloaking the whole time to prevent the intruders. Anyway the radiated crew member refused to go to Medibay and subsequently infected the whole crew (I did not see any leaking reactors or anything). So, I deleted the game, reloaded it and patch six. Now the crew does what it is told. I parked my Battlecruiser (the Heavy Hammer 23) on earth and proceeded to mine. I quickly discovered that I could grab those drones unload them on the shuttle and send them right back out. Cool. I started making money selling minerals to Galcom. Then eventually sold all the Cloning Modules they had to Genesis. I made several million and started buying extra fuel and upgrades for the ship. Saved the game when I had 30 million. While waiting around, I decided to check out some other places and ended up in the Alpha Centauri system at Tramis and noticed that Aleri Station had an inflation rate of 30%. I quickly went back to my ship and got all the stuff I could and sold it and went to Genesis and started buying their Cloning Modules (Galcom was out) and making 1.3 Million per module. When I made about 49 million I saved the game (smart ehh?) and when I resumed, I found out that Aleri's inflation rate had dropped to -1% and I stood to lose 7 Million. I reloaded the game when I had 30 million and by chance looked at the price of Bugnors and realized that I could make 3 million per bugnor and I could cart 20 of them at a time ($60 million a trip) and Galcom had 910 of those babies in stock. I did this and made 500 million from 1 PM to 11 PM (game time) in the next hour I made another 500 million. I now had a billion dollars so I went on a few more runs so that I could take 20 bugnors home with me. At this point I have 1 Billion, 62 million dollars and 20 bugnors on board with almost all of my crew ai above 20. I saved my game as it was late and then decided to try out the nuclear weapons that I just bought. Went into orbit around earth and nuked several insurgent bases. Very nice. I started getting experience points. A fighter attacked me (a fighter??) and my Ralix missles and something called FATAL seriously hurt that fighter. It was stranded in space doing the SOS thing and I targeted another missle and one of my crew says they are getting a friendly response (I bet and smiled as I blew him up) Then, I got intruders on board but they didn't get anything but dead and then ---- my freakin computer went dead...talk about major deja vu! It was just a power outage though so no biggie. The only downside I can see to this game is that I have an addictive personality and this game is better than a drug. My wife is so understanding too...when I was *****ing about the crew she reminded me that with such low AI numbers that they were like a bunch of retards so I should go easy on them.
  2. Even worse, Asscroft requires that his staff sing too...
  3. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: I stopped playing BCM several years ago once the novelty wore off. Now I play only when I'm developing, testing or bug hunting. I don't remember the last time I actually sat down, fired up the game - and played - without doing that specifically for dev purposes. Is that good or bad? LOL - I have a feeling that will change when MP is finished...(hmmm...wouldn't that make you a deity in the MP universe?)
  4. I am curious about something. I searched and read multiple interviews about you before I purchased BCM and you stated in several of them that you started the Battlecruiser series because you wanted to create a game that you wanted to play. Do you actually play BCM or is the creation of this software taken over that role in your life? If you do play, what do you typically do in the virtual universe you created since you KNOW the game inside and out?
  5. I recently purchased BCM and I must say that it exceeds all my expectations. I bought this simulation to remind me of what is possible when you put your mind to it. Thanks Derek for putting this program together. I love complexity and this game delivers in spades. If there was a programmers hall of fame then you would definately be a member. My favorite part so far was landing in Africa and standing on top of my ship. Outstanding!!
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