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  1. Yeah, I didn't initially suspect spam because I have heard of something similar to this, where women could (this was one of those "women" type sites) post information on guys they knew. That one was about spreading information about nice guys who don't get enough attention, in an effort to increase their chances by telling women how nice they were. (whatever) But no, clearly and quickly it became apparent that this is BS. It makes me sad though because I am sure someone has actually paid $20 out of ignorance.
  2. Or possibly, if someone has a membership at this site, could you find out whats been said about me and let me know? I highly suspect that this is a ruse to get me to join the service, I just can't imagine that this site would have enough users to make it practical. Please PM me if you can help me out in this regard, thank you. [ 05-21-2003, 08:48 PM: Message edited by: GoalieJerry ]
  3. https://www.word-of-mouth.info/[email protected] Seriously, I recieved this thing in my email and have no idea what the h*ll it is. I read all the info and from what I see it looks like some major scam, but I just don't understand what the fricken premise is. What the h*ll is this? Why would anyone ever see a need for this site? And lastly, just how big of a fricken scam is this thing???? Is this for real or what? I can't believe it is. [ 05-21-2003, 08:51 PM: Message edited by: GoalieJerry ]
  4. My question is how long until we plant some WMD? I mean, how long are we going to admit that there are no WMD until we decide to, uh, *find* some, thereby justifying this whole war? I honestly would not care if the government did this; without any WMD being found, our motives for going to war will be called into major question and our national image will be tainted. Now actually finding some, that would be great, but I'll make due with the plant; all it incriminates is Saddam, and he's now part of Iraq's infrastructure; which is now composed in large part of rubble. My two cents.
  5. "Do you have any Udays?" "Go fish!"
  6. Seriuosly, DOD could make a killing selling those cards. I know I would buy them!
  7. Cmdr. Skowronski Reports! Still in stasis 'till we can get this fleet into battle formation. Until that day...
  8. Seriously - Aaron Brown is an AssClown. Watching him report is like watching the Warner Middle School News Cast - He's eager enough yet so out of his league. Considering that FOR A LIVING all he does is watch CNN and report he's amazingly ignorant. And listening to him talk, as if he is talking to children, just makes me want to punch him in the face. This man, for the sake of the nation, must be removed from his position. BUT on a serious note: I just wanted to register my support for this nations fighting men and women, and wish them god speed on their endeavour, removed from all political debate on whether this war is just. They have a job, they'll perform it as best as any soldiers this world has ever seen, and will, if required, lay down thier lives. God Bless our fighting men and women, and God Bless the USA. And to comment on reporters with the troops: so long as they don't get in the way and abide by whatever censorship is needed (I'm almost positive that each reporter is accompanied by a military public affairs rep) I'm all for transparency. I bet that every single piece of live footage needed to be cleared before it was allowed to be shown, and in truth, the Iraqi military is so concerned with not dying, that information on US positions will only go towards perpetuating their retreat, because they'll know we're coming. Just my two cents.
  9. The real beauty of this game is in the inter-regional politics; I'm attempting to take over the delegation from the current delegate. The issues and UN votes are fun, but for me, the most fun has been gaining support for me to be regional delegate. This sort of interplay of nations, back scratching, diplomacy, and actual work is just such a fun experiment in human interaction. Very fun!
  10. It's just a very advanced cloak - she'll have to vent radiation eventually. Watch the scanners
  11. Cmdr. Skowronski reporting as ordered!
  12. AVAILABLE NOW! Amazon sent me an email, saying that since I bought Medieval Total War I might also want this one, which I DO! Anyone else gonna scoop this one? Any one play it yet?
  13. Another top notch aspect that I just love about this game is the whole "valour" concept, whereby troops with experiance (or certain building upgrades where they orginate) gain valour, which directly affects their attack, defend, and morale figures (use F1 to see these figures). And when a decent general is in command, through different vices/virtues as well as his command rating, he can turn a fearful, timid, and apprehensive low valor army of commoners into a gritty and determined fighting force, who will never back down from a fight. I think this more then anything is what makes this game so real; the reputation of the general is a huge factor, just like real life. (ex. Alexander fighting Darius who had something like 200,000 men, compared to Alexanders 40,000 or so professional battle hardened soldiers; Darius fled the field, leaving his family and his riches; Alexander showed mercy and allowed his family to live I believe. Upon capturing the royal jewels, Alexander said something akin to "look at me, now I can live like a king!" -- Classic!" In this way the game accounts for great generals, and as a result, you can win battles of 2-1 or even 3-1 odds; your soldiers morale will be so high that they will fight and die to the last man. Talk about badasses! In contrast, a mediocre general will find it hard to motivate his troops in battle, and not only will they be less effective fighters, and therefore die easier without taking as many men with them, they will be more prone to turn tail and run at the first sign of trouble; "I'm not dying for this jackass cowardly general, I'm out!" And seeing your commander flee, as Darius's troops did, well there goes all hope of success. Keep the general safe and centralized and he'll be better able to command his troops. And if he dies in battle against a realitively high valor foe, well get ready to watch your line disintgrate. God I seriously will NEVER get sick of this game! If this game could birth children, I'd want it to have mine, no question about it! P.S. GreyFox, I believe the quote is actually "Ahh Kettle chips...the perfect sidedish...for Revenge!" I believe so, but I'm not absolutly positive, however I do love the simpsons too! It's on here in East lansing 3 times a day! 1700, 1830, and 2300! I watch them all and they NEVER get old! HA!
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