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    The PTA turret sweet spot

    I think this deserves a shamless bump, with some modifications for UC. 1. The Aestrom sweet spot is no longer in that location. Above and behind seem to be the new places. A few of the models changed and therefore so did the arcs. It would be nice if someone could compile similar screen shots showing where to put the dots for the new ships. 2. Not really a UC issue, but a msg board one. When searching for "PTA" is there a way to filter it for just the whole word "PTA" instead of finding every word that happens to have "PTA" in it? Such as "caPTAin"? That word seems to be a favorite in just about everyone's signature...
  2. CedricB

    Training BC AI

    Wow! I can kill Resnig multiple times and he actually get's BETTER! SWEET!
  3. I still seem to have problems with the shuttle periodically deciding to drive around in circles, never reaching their listed target for COLLIDE or what have you. I read in another thread that shuttles should have a minium distance between objectives, but was under the impression that was only planetside to prevent the craft from trying to cross the near-infinite delta in density at the air-ground interface at high speed. Yes, that long sentence basically means "Crash"... Anyway, is that a related problem?
  4. CedricB

    Less time in dry dock

    Just make SURE if you are REALLY banged up you have repaired the CRITICAL systems... "Launch from dock!" "Um sir..." "I SAID LAUNCH!" "You'll have to get out and push... which is easy as the hull is swiss cheese."
  5. Mining really isn't the way to get to the big bucks. Buried in these forums is a thread about a very lucritive run in Droidian space in BCM, however, once I got there in UC, I only discovered that all the items necessary to make it work were in drastic short supply.... Then the Insurgent bastages blew up Wraith... Look in the Tips area for good trade runs.
  6. CedricB


    You start renaming parts of your house "Deck 2 Aft Corridor" and "Officer Quarters" and such. You whine about lazy system engineers when you take out the trash. When someone makes an obscure joke, you call them a Galaxian and tell them to go back to Esoterica. (This one isn't mine, heard it here before somewhere.) You put your house plants on searching duty. You tell someone their AI is too low when they ask simple computer questions repeatedly. Everytime something breaks you either blame Resnig, intruders, or both. You look at a map of where you live and plot waypoints to land marines by shuttle and T-pad. (I live in Vegas. A city in the middle of no where like every city in the BC universe.) You're glad growing up didn't require you to delete your save games.
  7. CedricB

    The Galaxian Probe

    Has anyone tried exiting as a different player race? Droidian perhaps? EDIT: Somewhere I think I remember reading something about the commanders being somehow physically different from the other crew members. It could have been something about an implant or something... Or I could just be on Resnig's crack. Look! Intruders! *plays gameboy*
  8. CedricB

    Intruders Tip

    I had one incident where the intruders went from the T-pad all the way to the SC bay grabbing what ever wasn't nailed down. Silly them when they found out launch control had no power. "All marines please report to Shuttle 2"
  9. I logged on right now with the sole purpose of posting this very same technique. However, I find it easier to keep a marine in the shuttle. It gives someone to talk to, and after he's done dropping you off at the bridge airlock, he can go park the thing, AND you don't even have to tip! I use it when I go galavanting off in a shuttle to do some shopping.
  10. CedricB

    Best Carrier or Cruiser???

    Back to the PTA's really quick. The SC knows what he's talking about. He put in some long hours inspecting them
  11. CedricB

    Solar reactor

    Read the first sentence in the first paragraph starting with "Theory:"
  12. CedricB

    CIOPS Roll Call

    Spooks... I hate spooks.
  13. CedricB

    Fleet Database

    Heck if I remember. Just stick me where ever. I just want a Zodiac..... that sweet sweet Zodiac.
  14. CedricB

    The best trading plan

    I don't even bother with trading really, just the cargo pods my victims leave behind. Usually there's a juicy SDM in there or something worth lots. Have my ship upgraded in no time. Running SDMs from Galcom to Wraith has always been profitable. [ 08-05-2004, 02:42 AM: Message edited by: CedricB ]
  15. Good idea for friendly stations too.
  16. CedricB

    Low on Power?

    You could also order all of the personell into available shuttles so they use the life support there to stay alive and get towed back to base.
  17. CedricB

    Solar reactor

    Ok, here's my theory, based on some simple points. 1. SC wouldn't put it in there unless it did something. 2. DOCs about the battery are gone, but the system is still modeled apparently, according to SC, and evidence in some other posts. 3. Therefore, that energy must go SOMEWHERE. Theory: It's how much power you are shunting to your batteries to charge them. Someone posted that the sheild and engine zip online for a VERY short period of time even with no fuel for either. (Remember the engine and reactor are two independent systems) I believe this is the battery trying to possibly restart the systems as a sort of capcitor to give them a powerjump to get them going before they start using their own powersources. Jet engines today have similar one shot devices to restart them should they loose power mid-flight. Another possibility is that the batteries actually power these system before they are RAPIDLY drained by the power reqs of said systems. Weapons, engine, and shields are all high drain devices. It would be a feat to power said systems from something like the SR. However, things like the life support and other necessary things could be powered by the SR since they don't require massive amounts of energy flow to run, making it perfect for those emergency situations until you get the reactor online. I think the SR was designed more as a back-up system than anything. Most people seem to be trying to use it as a primary system which is something it probably was never designed for.
  18. Did a search and all I found was something in "Fun Stuff" when someone tried it way back when. So here's my experience.... You can drive the smaller vehicles into the gunship and actually take off, however, the heading of the vehicle will not match that of the gunship, so when you turn, the vehicle tries to keep pointing to the same heading, eventually resulting in the vehicle falling out. It is also either really really difficult or impossible to do this on anything other than absolutely flat ground like that found in a city or base. Any thoughts?
  19. CedricB

    What's Your Playlist?

    The old BCM music.
  20. CedricB

    The best accessory since the joystick

    You can buy these at most electronics stores. When I think about it, this is an excellent idea.
  21. CedricB

    Detection Ranges

    The general rule for active and passive sensors is that you can always detect ACTIVE sensors MUCH farther away than you could something that wasn't trying to scan you with anything. The real joy lies in the fact that the enemy is broadcasting their position and probably can't detect little ol passive you while you can detect them. Let me get all Mr. Wizard...... say that nasty gammy jumps in system with active sensors. Now, the max range is what? 150km or whatever? Now that's just for the sensors on that ship to read the RETURNS (the energy bouncing off those objects and coming back to the ship). The energy that said sensors are throwing out there keeps going and going, and that's what you can pick up, far beyond your normal detection ranges. Of course it works both ways, so when you run around with your active sensors on, everyone can see you. Of course how the model works exactly in UC is something only the SC knows.
  22. CedricB

    Best Carrier or Cruiser???

    I was about to comment that the smaller cruisers are more like destroyers and the SC beat me to it. Those big carriers and cruisers are just targets, especially considering that while hyperjumping, a Sunflash can get their first and blast you when you come out of HJ. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! All your cargo pods are belong to me.
  23. CedricB

    Need Help Keeping My Escorts Close By

    I'd suggest just hanging around Galcom and killing the hostiles that turn up there every now and then as a way of "training" your pilots before you go galavanting off into the great unknown where the meaner nasties live. And place every marine on Search duty, save for the 10 which are split between the Medibay and detention center... and put a few in each shuttle to reduce the threat of theft.... I can hear them... they're in the air ducts....
  24. CedricB

    Fleet Organization

    My name isn't Ben, but I'd worry when one Ben gets a divorce... >.> <.
  25. CedricB

    Fleet Database

    Been busy with school. Had to get things in order, because I can't get paid for playing UC apparently. Unless of course there's some sort of position SC hasn't been telling us about.