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    ISS Fleet Multiplayer Board

    Okay, I've finally got some semblence of an internet connection at home. It'll be interesting to see if this game can operate on a 56k connection at all. : Sorry guys, the best I got right now.
  2. I've noticed sometimes UC just suddenly decides to cancel the current target or suddenly choose another one. Is this the tactical officer or something? It's kind of annoying when it does it right before I'm about to initiate a hyperjump or launch a missile in the middle of combat. I know I'm not hitting any buttons by accident because a few times I didn't have my hands on ANY controls when it happened. Here's the situation for a few times I can remember... 1. Targeted a Stormcarrier and it's fighters were swarming around me. Range was in the 60s. I activate my EMD using J and suddenly I'm targeting one of the fighters. Had to reselect the Stormcarrier to launch my missles. 2. Hyperjumping from TO EARTH in Jupiter to the wormhole. Midtransit I loose the wormhole target for some reason. Was in manual flight, not auto-pilot. Bug or WAD? (Works as designed)
  3. CedricB

    ISS fleet training program pinboard

    Ok, fixed the sig. Building on what Zane already has, I think it would be better to have a core competency course first that covers all the similarites between fighters and the larger ships, and then break down into the individual differences. The first 2 and a few from three to start with. I've been messing with the game more to find out what works best as a fighter pilot. I'll post more on the indivitual fleet board on the homesite once it's back up.
  4. CedricB

    ISS Subdomain @ Galcom.net

    anyone remember what rank I'm supposed to be? As a flight officer I'd assume at least a Lt.
  5. If ever there was a need for a simple IRC room...
  6. CedricB

    Normal life

    Jon, 24 yrs. old Attending UNLV Graduate in May, Marketing Single and availible Interests: Drawing, Anime, Aikido, Flight sims of all types
  7. CedricB

    ISS fleet training program pinboard

    Since I seem to be the closest thing to a fighter pilot, want me to come up with some sort of training program for that too?
  8. CedricB

    Roll Call

    aw criminey... too much time in the OC again... *hic* (Still no internet access at home, but that should change in the next few weeks hopefully)
  9. Ebert and Roper split on it. I loved it though. It's a fun pulp style science fiction. Frankie sabotaged the plane.
  10. CedricB

    Do you believe in Derek Smart?

    Of course, there is the population of gamers that consider SC our savior.... There are just as many that consider him the very personification of satan..... (lamespacers...)
  11. CedricB

    Man Arrested After Leaving Small Tip

    quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: It's up the people to vote those in the Supreme Court out in order to provent stuff like this from reaccuring(sp) I assume you are talking about the State supreme court because you don't vote for the US Supreme Court. They are appointed by the president and serve "life" terms.
  12. CedricB

    Sims2 forum a mess

    I've seen forums turn into *($&-fests far too often. Thank the gods of the boards for keeping this one so clean.
  13. CedricB

    OTS problem?

    As a member of the 3000ad department of redundancy department, of which I am a member, I would have to say... He's right. I have 1 gig of ram and a 9800. The only hiccup at all is at scene loading. After that, smooth as silk.
  14. CedricB

    Oh, God!

    Wow... give something for all the religious nuts to get all violent and protest about.
  15. CedricB

    ISS Subdomain @ Galcom.net

    PM you on the site or through here or....?
  16. Okay, this started in another thread.... quote:CedricB I still seem to have problems with the shuttle periodically deciding to drive around in circles, never reaching their listed target for COLLIDE or what have you. I read in another thread that shuttles should have a minium distance between objectives, but was under the impression that was only planetside to prevent the craft from trying to cross the near-infinite delta in density at the air-ground interface at high speed. Yes, that long sentence basically means "Crash"... Anyway, is that [related to having Marines fly shuttles as a low AI issue or is it a bug maybe]? ----------------------- Admiral Tigerclaw You could call it 'CRASH' but I prefer to think of it as the transfer of momentum from shuttle to planetary surface, while compressing the shuttle into a more compact and higher entropy model. Of course, this does little good for the guy on board, as he gets reduced to a higher entropy version of himself as well... I lamens terms: "He gets splattered right messily all over the inside." None of which achieves the goal of retrieving that mining drone and gathering the minerals it contains. (I also note this weird event you described, but I only see it happen with my Shuttle MK1s... I think it might have something to do with craft pathfinding.) -------------------- A quick search on "Shuttle" and "circles" turned up an OLD thread back from 2002 about how the shuttles seem to fly circles around stationary objects when they get close. However, sometimes with my CC moving and giving a dock order results in the same behavior. The original fix was to give a halt order than then reapply the original order to break the AI loop. I've tried that and the shuttle (any type apparently as my Mk IIs are fond of the same thing) just goes back to flying in circles again. I don't remember for sure, but I think one of my FCs once exhibited the same behavior. Anyone else have any ideas what causes it and how to avoid it?
  17. CedricB

    Fleet/wing logos - long or short

    I have no preference really. So what ever you guys want to do is fine with me.
  18. CedricB

    War of the Worlds

    blorg. Well, he's got to make MI:3 first, then WOTW. Yeah, I think the movie is going to blow chunks.
  19. CedricB

    Best Carrier or Cruiser???

    The Carriers are just that. Carriers. Use your fighters to kill stuff. The IODs on them are pretty much just for self-defense should something sneak up on them, which is near impossible if you're using your cloak right.
  20. CedricB

    What's Your Playlist?

    Shamless bump as the above post changed a lot.
  21. Tell me about it Wolferz. In Vegas we get lots of "California Rollers". Apparently in Cali, you don't have to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, as long as you yeild to traffic. That last part seems to fool a few people.
  22. CedricB

    Readiness Review

    unfortunately due to circumstances outside my control, I have no internet access at home and will be unable to participate. *sniffle*
  23. I hate the DVD for one simple reason: NO AUDIO COMMENTARY I was so looking forward to hearing QT babble endlessly about this film. Hopefully that cut together edition will have a voice-over. Other than that though, the movie is AWESOME. But I give major props to "De Mehican" Esteban who was also the Texas sheriff in the first movie. Esteban was an awesome character.
  24. CedricB

    Ubi to take over Eidos

    There are weapons you can unlock by doing all the missions with Silent Assassin Ratings. At least in the latest Hitman game, Contracts.
  25. CedricB

    An Analysis of MMOG Subscription Growth

    Awesome data. I want to abuse it statistically.