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  1. Ok, fixed the sig. Building on what Zane already has, I think it would be better to have a core competency course first that covers all the similarites between fighters and the larger ships, and then break down into the individual differences. The first 2 and a few from three to start with.

    I've been messing with the game more to find out what works best as a fighter pilot. I'll post more on the indivitual fleet board on the homesite once it's back up.

  2. I hate the DVD for one simple reason:


    I was so looking forward to hearing QT babble endlessly about this film. Hopefully that cut together edition will have a voice-over.

    Other than that though, the movie is AWESOME. But I give major props to "De Mehican" Esteban who was also the Texas sheriff in the first movie. Esteban was an awesome character.

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