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  1. *shows up drunk* wha? Oh um... Reporting in.
  2. I have been a long time subscriber to PCGamer and am actually glad they review the "rubish" games, especially since some big titles coming out turned out to be, well, rubish that you would pay the big $50 for. I've been kind of out of touch recently and am glad to hear the "no support" thing has gone away, and I'd like to see how the legal aspects turn out. Bankruptcy to jerk publishers I say.
  3. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by CedricB: Sounded like they were talking about the MI ROAM mode... initially I'd have to agree with the reviewer about that one. No he wasn't What? You too don't know how to use your squads to hop to a hostile base? I said initially.... I did figure that one out and had a blast. Except for that mouse drifting discussed in another thread.
  4. This would imply that people put down their availibility times so we can schedule something?
  5. Sounded like they were talking about the MI ROAM mode... initially I'd have to agree with the reviewer about that one.
  6. Would it be possible to slow down the mouse movement when you've zoomed the FP view all the way in? I frequently find the target to be between two aim points. I think it has something to do with mouse resolution, but I don't know a lot about that and don't want to talk out of my rear orafice. Plain English follows: 1. Zoom in all the way in FP 2. Try and track target 3. Aim off to the right 4. Move mouse left 5. Aim off to left 6. Move mouse right 7. Aim off to right When ever I try and get the crosshair on target, it won't stop on the target no matter how small an increment I move the mouse. It always jumps too far. *goes back to playing cards with Resnig* Go fish!
  7. That's it, I'm posting when I'm free to play MP on like the one server that's up right now and full of people saying how the game sucks... Weekday nights starting around 9pm PST Weekends pretty much any time Let's get a meeting time down so we can struggle through MP together... heh.
  8. Hmmm... I see a future for putting in dialoge and other things to create REAL BC movies with a script and plot and such... Hmmm.... The Misadventures of Resnig
  9. Wow... note: Pre-load takes a long time to load the game. hehehehe. EDIT: yeah yeah... I got it. [ 02-13-2004, 09:58 PM: Message edited by: CedricB ]
  10. Recruit? I was wondering when we are going to meet up in MP so I can show off my mad fighter skillz d00d.
  11. Yeah, I know you can drive one direction and shoot with the turret pointing in another, but you're still looking out the front of the tank. Is there a way to look where you're shooting? Kinda defeats the purpose of a 360 deg turret if you can only see out the front 30 degs. Just wanted to clarify.
  12. I was running around in one of the tanks (ACV) and it doesn't seem like the crosshair is on target. It seem to be off down and to the right by a lot with the controls uncoupled. The fixed foreward gun seemed to be fine. I did dig in the manual and can't seem to find an option to look through something akin to a gunner's sight so I can see where the gun is pointing and aiming. i.e. Aim behind me and be able to see where I'm shooting. Maybe I just missed it. If it is, just let me know and I'll dig around more till I find it.
  13. I've been getting some pretty bad stuttering too, I have 1gb of ram (oh! have to update my system config...) and I'll give preload a shot... so... is it /preload or -preload in the shortcut?
  14. Excellent. I was about to weigh in and say I liked the old system much better. I would still like to be able to switch the controls of the x-axis and rudder. i.e. have the x-axis control yaw, and the rudder control roll. This was an issue for me in BCM, as I used the yaw controls MUCH more frequently than the roll. This meant I had to use the more imprecise rudder rocker switch insead of the more accurate X-axis. And yes, I know there is a control that says it switches the assignment, but that's only if you don't have a rudder axis. I do, and would like to be able to switch them.
  15. I just submitted my app... why was I kicked out? Oh yeah, I disappeared for a while there. heehee...
  16. Is ISS still even in the game? I can't pick it as a starting station... haven't trying flying there myself yet.
  17. Yo! Still alive and kicking, and still unable to intercept other fighters with guns! I'm getting better methinks....
  18. What is this DB you speak of?
  19. I rather liked it. And I really hate UC now, because it's not out so I can get on it and blow stuff up. I had to go play HW2 instead... bah... The space scenes were nice, but the handheld thing is getting a little annoying. I want to be able to see what's going on. If I want shakey camera footage of combat, I'll go watch CNN or History Channel's "The Color Of War". No one seems to have pointed out it takes place supposedly 40 years after original show. Which can explain away some of the obvious discrepencies. As far as acting goes, what were you expecting? I thought there was some pretty decent acting, even from Starbuck. And I see a lot of on-screen chemistry between the characters. Can't wait for Ep. 2 tonight. I know it's the whole "chicken-egg" thing... I want Space Above And Beyond back.... <.< >.>
  20. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: RubbishSee! See! I speak truth and you do not listen!!!
  21. Marketing tool, not advertising tool. There is a difference.
  22. I do really wonder all the good stuff SC is keeping under wraps until relase....
  23. CedricB

    I live

    It's okay, I'll drink both of them for you! So when do we all get together and blow stuff up now anyway?
  24. CedricB

    I live

    Never thought you'd see me again did you? Well, someone brought UC to my attention so I'd though I'd come back and see how everyone was doing.
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