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  1. GT123


    Hey GaryW....is part 3 coming along pretty soon?
  2. GT123


    Ok, I'm hooked. Looking forward to furture chapters. Cheers.
  3. GT123


    Nice job!!! Looking forward to more.
  4. GT123

    324, the magic number

    Also, the power level of the engines will affect the ammount of thrust you can produce. By default, it's halved. You can go into Logistics and adjust it.
  5. GT123

    Name your favorite ship!

    Welp, gotta say it's the Megaron for me. Love that ship. Fast, reliable....deadly! A close second is the MK III.
  6. Hi all, I'm pretty sure this is the correct forum (hopefully). Anyway, what I'd like to do is import the officer pics from BCMG to UC - yet - give them the green/black green lines of the current UC pics. I only have Adobe Photoshop Elements and the MS Paint. I know where both zip files are located. Anyway help is appreciated. I searched but to no avale. Gary
  7. GT123

    Universal Combat - A World Apart Announced

    Howdy all, I don't usually post much in the forum but I just couldn't help myself this time. SC, can you and your remarkable dev team come up with any more software to keep me up all night, get lost in another world, lose lots of weight? I am bustin a gut here waiting for UCAWA. I've been a customer of 3000AD ever since the Take-Two days. This just keeps getting better. Because of the supprt and attention to detail, I get MORE than what I pay for. Great job! Gary Wheat, CMDR GCV Sojourner
  8. GT123

    Universal Combat Tutorial Discussions

    Great tutorial, SC. IMHO, it makes the game seem less daunting to first time players. Heck...I learned quite a bit from it and I've played for a long time!! What's so nice is that there is always something new to discover. Again, super job. Gary, Houston, TX
  9. GT123

    Gal Civ

    quote:Originally posted by Bandus: I'll have to get the update for Enigma, I haven't gotten it yet. Thanks for the heads up. You're quite welcome, Bandus. With the update, it's like a whole new game almost. Truly a great naval commander sim.
  10. I have to agree with ya, Fallout2man. I must say that I don't support what is happening in the various cities in the US. We have laws...and laws can always be changed by working within the law. Citizens have always been discouraged from taking the law into their own hands and that applies here as well. Many countries in Europe (from what I hear) have separated the marriage ceremony and the civil ceremony. Thus, if you have a religious ceremony, nothing legal is implied until you have a civil service. I do ponder something. Athiests are allowed to "marry" and no one seems to object. They certainly don't have it done in a religious institution. Civil ceremonies are becoming more and more common place (heck, go to Vegas and get hitched). So I don't really see the "beef" about letting a loving couple (meaning 2 consenting adults)enter into a legal aggreement/partnership.
  11. Welp, as a gay man (and living with my partner of almost 18 years now), neither of us want to "marry". However, it would be nice if we could be legally recognized. I don't give a flip about the religious aspect of it (your religious beliefs are just as personal as who your "sleep" with and I don't think religion should crammed down anyone's throat). How many "marriages" are performed by civil servants (outside of a church). In all the years that we've been together, we've never once encountered a problem. He was in the hospital for an appendectomy a few years back. The doctor's and staff treated me well. The doc came to me after the surgery to discuss how it went and the like. But they aren't legally bound to do that like they would be with a man/wife sitch. I don't see the need for "marriage" but civil recognition would be nice.
  12. GT123

    Gal Civ

    MP in Enigma won't be released til after March. They are having some kind of convention/seminar type thing in Eugene this month and the MP will be previewed and played during that one day event. Oh yeah...Gal Civ is great. I tend to stick closely by these indie developers.
  13. GT123

    UC Review - Game Raiders

    I think her name shoulda been *snip*(KNOCK IT OFF!! LAST WARNING GUYS!) ...not Gaming Babe. Is it just me or does it seem like some of these reviewers write after seeming a few minutes of play? I mean, the resources are ALL there to provide the player with info to play the game. I see ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with the graphics!!!! I'd better stop....I'm getting abit testy..... [ 03-04-2004, 08:23 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  14. GT123

    Gal Civ

    I agree with ya on both counts, Bandus. Have you gotten the update for Enigma: Rising Tide? Really makes MULTIPLE improvements.
  15. GT123

    Outpost 2 - 1997

    Interesting. I didn't care for Outpost II. I certainly enjoyed the original Outpost (especially after they patched it to take advantage of features that were advertised).