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  1. First thing before coming and posting, was to look at VCF. Indeed I didn't notice anything that could affect performance in any way... About my sound card, after i read the related topic, it was the main reason I reformatted my system-dedicated partition, so that I would be sure that I eliminated any chance of remaining parts of any driver that would conflict with my configuration. After some further reading, I disabled ingame soundFX just to see what would happen. Still the same. Unless... ...without trying to be picky or something, who packed Regnow's 1.00.04 version? 3000AD or the vendor himself? ...on the other hand, RTPatch would hang if something went wrong during update (bad package or something)... Anyways, I'm gonna re-download the UCAWA package, although I didn't get any faults on my original download... glad that I paid for that extra 1yr download avaibility.
  2. First of all, I have purchased and installed UCAWA download version from www.regnow.com, which comes at v.1.00.04 When I first installed it, my system (see profile), would pull 50-90fps in space, 20-25fps on planetside, showing minimal impact on various ingame or graphics driver settings. As soon as I updated to 1.00.06 and 1.00.07 later, I get 35-75fps in space and 7.8-11.4fps on planetside. I've tried everything that came to my attention: defragging, reverting to older audio and graphics drivers, checking BIOS settings, lowering ingame settings, 2 Windows repair attempts and finally reformatting HD/reinstalling Windows (this costed me my activation slots but SC was kind enough to give me one more round). No result so far... Ofcourse, reinstalling UCAWA and keep it on v1.00.04 would be an easy way, but, updates contain fixes and therefore are meant to be installed, don't they? I've run out of ideas here, any suggestions? [ 10-05-2005, 05:15 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  3. My opinion on that is that if that battery was truly an artifact, it should be listed on the ship upgrades in the UC manual. So far, SC has been wide sincere about ship upgrades (he hasn't hidden yet any artifacts existense). Therefore, we shouldn't mess it with something like the Galaxian Probe , which indeed has to be found ingame (although it's lodation is almost crystal clearly described in the manual appendixes). It has to be something all ships have... Oh well, i have made a test game on the ROAM peacefull scenario, i'll leave it running all night, and when i wake up, i'll chk the situation out. I hope this will work...
  4. quote:Originally posted by DennyMala: Basically I can't see a way of shutting down the solar reactor and panels as they keep supplying energy to the CC if properly oriented regardless of anything else... Denny, I share your concerns, i really do... I too have noticed that thing, yet if SR hasn't changed much since bc3k, there has to be a battery hidden somewhere inside that just needs to be charged (orelse what's the reason of having a power switch for that?) My speculation after all of this, is that SR works in both passive and active states: 1) Under passive state, it can power up most subsystems around, only if ship is perfectly aligned. 2) Under active state, that legendary internal battery is charged (i would expect a low charging rate) and for some time, the ship operates without needing to be aligned to a sun... IF that thing can powerup our fuel-driven primary systems too, (i need to reproduce a fuel-less reactor startup for that, something i still haven't done), that would be our best example of SR's true capabilities... Let BC community be sure that if and whenever i'll be able to reproduce such a thing, i'd be glad to upload the savegame somewhere, and my ship's log as well, for further investigation.
  5. ...so far i haven't seen any physical evidence of an existing SR internal battery... Has anyone tested SR on a 5-10 ingame days old game? Or we are all searching for that thing on a newly made test game? I'm just wondering if we can't see that thing, just because it hasn't been charged yet... I don't want also to believe that we need to have to let the NRCoolant get blown, wait for the system to shut NR down and then see that battery working... EDIT: the more i think about it, the more i believe it... SR is able to power subsystems at direct use, BUT it's battery might be possible to be used to power engine, main weapons, and shield... i know what i saw, and it was my reactor turning on with no fuel, but i had this game playing for at least 3-4 game hours... this might be the key, and i'm putting my main campaign save under serious testing. [ 08-12-2004, 12:36 PM: Message edited by: APOLLO ]
  6. Dunno, what i'm planning to to next is to shutdown both reactors (NR and SR), align the CC and wait to see if i'll get any power drops. And i'm afraid it's gonna be a loooong waiting time lol
  7. quote:Originally posted by DennyMala: In UC and AFAIK in BCMG too the solar reactor is always on and you don't need to activate it to use the energy it produce..... maybe in the original game it worked differently... That's true, and it's also true that you can turn SR off, or increase it's power supply. Having the SR allways on since the game start, doesn't mean that what the old manual says is wrong. On the contrary, it says how this thing works and what will happen if you shut it down
  8. quote:Originally posted by ScottyBeamDownMyClothes: *something to make you think (more)* ok, just to experiment, i re-aranged my ship, so it had 99 SR power, shut down the NR, and I left my ship in a shuttle to go mining, and powered up life support sys. aux life support and launch control. when i returned in my shuttle, everyone had lost health and was off duty so that either means: A: something is wrong with my game B: something don't work with SR and life support or C: everyone threw a wild party while i was gone and drank way too much space-beer hehe, next time remember to a) put your engineering officer to DETENTION, so that he doesn't get any "ideas" set your CC to HALT c) don't stay away for long, because after a period of time, the ship loses optimal lock of the sun and needs to be realigned
  9. Ok, i take back everything i have posted on this thread... Just downloaded the old BC3K manual (which is way more comprehensive on technical matters, from my point of view). From the hand of SC himself: "If the nuclear reactor cooling system is destroyed, the logic control system will automatically shut down the nuclear reactor to prevent overheating. It then attempts an auto-power reallocation. The ship has an auxiliary solar reactor which converts solar power retrieved by the solar panels to raw power. When the ship is close to a solar source, the solar panels automatically convert this to power and store it in an internal battery. This power is then added to the total amount of power available to the ship. Once the solar batteries are exhausted, they will automatically be recharged again when the ship is near a solar energy source. The status of the solar panels determines the amount of solar energy extracted. In order to convert solar energy captured by the solar panels to raw power, the solar reactor needs to be activated. It requires 10 ten (5 for UC) units of power to do this otherwise the energy will not be converted. Once the solar panels are extended, they will effectively charge the solar reactor with solar power which is then converted to power that can be used by the ship. If there is no power to this system, extracting the solar panels will have no affect and the solar reactor will not be charged. Once the solar panels are extracted, the solar reactor battery is charged at a constant rate and the power immediately stored in internal battery cells for use. The stored converted power will eventually be depleted." oh well... In UC, SR needs 5 units to operate, and 5 more can be allocated on (10 units in total). Then, those additional 5 units could be used to increase the internal battery cells charging rate in order to be ready faster, or to prevent power from being depleted... [ 08-11-2004, 11:38 AM: Message edited by: APOLLO ]
  10. hmmm... after some experimentation to reproduce some previous results, i have came up with this: Solar Reactor can effectively power almost all non-fuel-operating systems EXCEPT Tactical Display on HUD (i don't know why, but, if reactor shuts down, so does tactical too...). What can this mean in practice? 1) Under normal conditions you should be able to save Radine when Solar Reactor is up and running. 2) When you run out of fuel, you can still have vital systems on, (and weapons control, launch controll, comms etc). Which means that you can launch a shuttle and tell it to tow the CC to the nearest neutral/friendly station, park somewhere close to it and: either dock and buy the goodies, or (if you can't dock for some reason) jump to another shuttle, buy the goodies and get your ship back on normal status... As for the "what does that SR power setting bar do?"... It could be the amount of energy rerouted to the appropriate systems, thus relieving the NR of that additional load. If SR was NR driven, using max power setting on it should result in more power, something that just doesn't happen. In fact, SR power output remains the same, even if power setting is set to zero (0). Now, the terrifying question: Is this it? [ 08-11-2004, 07:30 AM: Message edited by: APOLLO ]
  11. Was it: 1) a fighter of your own carrier? or 2) a fighter you disabled during combat? If (1), then you should be able to tractor and recover it at anytime without problems. I hadn't any problems with repeatable recovery attempts so far. If (2), i don't think you could recover it since your fighter bays are allready occupied by your own crafts. Yet i still haven't figured if we can replace a destroyed fighter by capturing an enemy craft of the same type like the one we lost...
  12. Well, i have seen some of the solar reactor's uses in the most dumb way i could ever imagine. I am in front of a station, no radine, no plutonium, a swarm of fighters, cruisers, carriers and flying grass cutters buzzing all over the place (yes, i was playing ACM), no shields, no tactical info, no weapons, nothing. Don't ask how or why i got myself into that... "Praise the Lord! I can still steer! Ok, let's see what that solar reactor is really capable of..." Final clue: I got all of my essential systems (including shields and reactor) back online and managed to get out in one piece (being lucky enough to be close to a starstation helped as well). I'm gonna test this again tonight because i can't fully understand yet how i managed to bring my reactor and shields back to online state, unless ofcourse solar reactor works as a charger too and CAN substitute fuel-powered devices energy demandings such as those above, for a short period of time (how short? 1 fuel unit consumption time-cycle maybe?)
  13. What can i say in all of this... GameStop asked me to verify credit card info at Feb 4 2004, and a few hours later, after i had sent the updated card info, my UC copy was indicated as shipped. UPS shows it "in transit" and it's in France atm. They're propably waiting untill Monday, to bring it here. I was quite busy in RL, so i had no idea of what was going on, untill i saw the reduced game's price in my order's data...
  14. to be honest, I hadn't checked it out, nm though, what's done, is done
  15. Pre-ordered mine too from Gamestop. It costed $74.98 total because I live in Greece and International Economy was the only shipping method available for me... 25$ shipping and handling... God... anyways, it worths the money, so, see you in the field
  16. I have to admit that my name is allready in the BCG buyers list!!! When BCG reaches the stores, I would like to see the faces of all those who blamed the Battlecruiser Series in the past. If I had a chance just to see their faces...
  17. This new version of the Nightstar carrier... I can't wait to take this one for a deep-space ride!!! As for the new shield fx, it looks spectacular!!! The thing that most amazed me is this shell-like shape it takes around the ship's hull when it's been hit. I guess that's exactly most of us think when we hear the word "shield". It's colour variations are also fantastic! In one phrase: very, very goooood!!!
  18. Very, very good work!!! I guess whoever did this knew exactly how to behave to a milestone, an BCM Gold is such one! I'm sure whoever sees that box will have the following expression: ... and when he will install and run the game-considering he knows what he bought...
  19. Don't bother searching, I found the mission's description myself. Your primary objective is to stay in your assigned primary patrol zone (PZ), which is VARAN, as long as the mission lasts. As for the UNKNOWN CONTACTS, some of them might be cloaked. As long as they cause no trouble, you're OK, since you can only smell them (cloaking distortion on your MFD's). CRONUS is been allready patroled by the Empirians, so you do not have to worry about it. You can send if you like one or two FC's to patrol Cronus. Same to TREAS. But you must not leave your PZ under no circumstances! When the mission ends it will be successfull since you were there to maintain the area clean from hostiles
  20. Would you please remind me which was the exact purpose of this mission?
  21. Thanks mihau. Although I've allready completed the Campaign and returned to ROAM, I guess the Rheingard might still be out somewhere, since I haven't found it yet. I'm thinking of rerunning an ACM and see what went wrong.
  22. In one of the ACM missions, I had to find a lost craft, the GCV-Rheingard, with no results. On the last ACM mission I ended up in LV-104/ALPHA CYGNI where I found the Rheingard's shuttle. Launched one of my shuttles, recovered it's stores and four guests that were inside. At this point, all were OK. Now, the four guests I've brought in, refuse to get out of my shuttle and go to the Guests Quarters. I even tried to deliver them to GALCOMHQ, with no result. Note: Those Guests are not shown on any of my lists, so I can not give them any orders. The only way I can see them, is to get my AE to the shuttle, launch, dock with a station, go to LOGISTIX-->CARGO-->PERSONELL and voila! They are there allright... Is there any way I could bring them to the Guests Quarters?
  23. quote: Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: ...and mp is gonna rockI have this feeling that BCM's MP will be much harder than in other games. Players from all the world, having developed gaming skills and techniques all this time, eventually will face each other. GALCOM, we've got trouble...
  24. About the 1.0.08 RC32 Patch... What can I say... I applied it and no more crashes, no more hangups during resume, just smooth gaming!!! SC that sound system revision you did, really did the trick for me. We love your games, and the way you take care of them! Keep up the good work!!! (although I know you didn't expect from ME to tell you to keep it up)
  25. quote:Originally posted by Steve Schacher: I can't bring myself to play this game without the glasses anymore.Steve, I know exactly what you mean!
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