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  1. This new version of the Nightstar carrier... I can't wait to take this one for a deep-space ride!!! As for the new shield fx, it looks spectacular!!! The thing that most amazed me is this shell-like shape it takes around the ship's hull when it's been hit. I guess that's exactly most of us think when we hear the word "shield". It's colour variations are also fantastic! In one phrase: very, very goooood!!!
  2. Very, very good work!!! I guess whoever did this knew exactly how to behave to a milestone, an BCM Gold is such one! I'm sure whoever sees that box will have the following expression: ... and when he will install and run the game-considering he knows what he bought...
  3. quote:Originally posted by Eclipse: I believe that AI entities are not allowed to enter flux fields.That's what I knew until I discovered they can. How? I just issued the order and the shuttle just... jumped! The same happened also, when I gave the same order to my CC while it was under AI control. I have recently done a clean BCM install and patched 1.008RC23 and RC32 (RC33 isn't out yet as I've seen) so, any possible glitch is out of the question...
  4. AI doesn't do scary, but nice things, also... Until recently I was convinced that my crewmembers's AI was been utilised only to their assigned jobs. Fortunately I was wrong. Once upon a time, I sent a shuttle through a fluxfield that was leading to a BH among other destinations. I did it considering that instead of destroying my CC and killing all onboard (including my AE), a shuttle's and a marine's loss was acceptable. So I sent that shuttle first and it passed to the other side, fortunately not a BH. I sent it a new "JUMP through FLX-x" command, and guess what? My "obedient" marine drove the shuttle right in front of the FLX and then stopped!!! "No I won't pass", he said!!! Anyway, after giving the same order five times with the same result I decided to jump through the FLX with my CC. "Black Hole???" BOOOOM That marine refused to jump through the FLX again because he knew exactly what was waiting him on the other side!!! I crosschecked it later when a similar situation occured: I set AI AP on my CC and jumped through an other FLX. When I decided to jump again, My VIDEO tab suddenly showed "NO TARGET" although my CC was right in front of the FLX. The CC wouldn't jump! When I switched to manual and designated that FLX again... "Black Hole???" BOOOOM Listen to you crew! They seem to know more that you could ever imagine...
  5. quote: Originally posted by Kalshion: ...all mine refuse to load up nowI have a possible treatment for you. Load a saved game that has absolutely no relationship with the saves SC asked you to send him. Then quit the loaded save and reload the one you're interested to. That works allways on my PC. I don't know the exact cause of that, but I think it has something to do with system cache... ...hope this helps
  6. I've seen it happening too, comparing a cruiser's and a heavy carrier's turrets. I don't prefare to command a super carrier, due to it's inability of artifact implementation, so I don't have much experience on it. Based on what SC has allready said about characteristics variance on ships, from type to type and from class to class, the PTA's low performance on a heavy carrier could be explained as below: 1. A super carrier can not run or turn as fast as a heavy carrier or a cruiser, so it's PTA turrets are more efficient. 2. A cruiser can turn and run really fast, but it's much smaller than any carrier. So, it's PTA turret's are designed to work more efficiently than in other types(it's noticable ingame) 3. A heavy carrier stands right in the middle. In any capable hands it can dogfight any cruiser, but it should have a weekness, preventing it from being "The Ultimate Multipurpose Assault Craft": the PTAs are just not as effective as in other classes, or as we would like.
  7. Don't bother searching, I found the mission's description myself. Your primary objective is to stay in your assigned primary patrol zone (PZ), which is VARAN, as long as the mission lasts. As for the UNKNOWN CONTACTS, some of them might be cloaked. As long as they cause no trouble, you're OK, since you can only smell them (cloaking distortion on your MFD's). CRONUS is been allready patroled by the Empirians, so you do not have to worry about it. You can send if you like one or two FC's to patrol Cronus. Same to TREAS. But you must not leave your PZ under no circumstances! When the mission ends it will be successfull since you were there to maintain the area clean from hostiles
  8. Would you please remind me which was the exact purpose of this mission?
  9. Normally a Firestorm does not support artifacts as system upgrades (see appendix). As for the PAD, if it's an exception of the general rule, it should be operational just after you decouple your main guns ("Scroll Lock" button couples/decouples main guns).
  10. So many things to do, to see, to... ...That's why I'm never gonna get bored with BCM, or the upcoming BCG
  11. quote:Originally posted by mihau: ...a ship of a strange design... ...really huge... ...I tried to shoot at it, but I missed.What class of ship did you have in command when this... ...showed up? This could help the rest of us in the estimation of the unknown ship's dimensions. Did you try to identify that ship's design in the appendix? If it doesn't match with anything, we 're dealing with an unidentified class of ships, maybe an entire new race. Entire new race??? Who said Galaxians ever left the neighbourhood? As for the shooting stuff, I don't think you should open fire. Allow me to remind you: ERRATA's 1st rule: "Do not fire unless you're fired upon" If they were Galaxians, or High AI entities, (assuming they don't use conventional crafts as we originally thought), they propably ignored you, as they will ignore me, or anyone of us who actually meets them... "Navigator, set course to Krystar! It seems we just joined a ghosthunt..."
  12. I have to say that I have encounetered 3 GAM/MIL cruisers also, marked as UNKNOWN CONTACT. They were patrolling the Falkerie homeworld. The thing that surprised me was that the first I encountered, pointed his guns on me 1 second after I exited the fluxfield! The good news? He had no chance of survival when I started dogfighting with him. Yes, it's true, a Nightstar CAN dogfight!!! No PAD, no artifacts, just pure conventional heavy firepower!
  13. I don't know... he started firing at something in the jumpgate... or the jumpgate itself? I've seen him in battle too and he allways follows the book. I should talk to him and make him see that following the book isn't allways the right way to take an enemy ship down. "Resnig, come to my office immediately! We have a little conversation to make, son."
  14. Mihau, this tactic you mentioned above seems to be enough logical. Although they can't be seen, they can be taken down, since they will try to pursue me. As they will be following my flight pattern in order to get a clean shot, it's very, very possible to hit them enough to disable their cloaking systems and then... BOOM! I've also seen Resnig(!) take control of the main guns and shoot to nowhere, when AI is enabled and a cloaked ship is in the area. Does he know something I don't... yet? Anyway, blind or not, it's worth a try. Thanks Cmdr once more!
  15. "Once again, Order is restored in BCM Universe..." ...Who do I think I am? George Lucas???
  16. I wasn't going to post again at this time, but a great idea came up to me, just right now. I will create a new profile, use playmod and RANDOM Earth to see if some of the fireworks are in the current BCM, too (since I haven't used RANDOM before, still newbie)
  17. I think I saw another just-like-Earth planet somewhere else in BCM Galaxy. Maybe that's why the Nebula is different, as I've noticed, too. I will search a little and I'll come back.
  18. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Nova: playmod's more than cheatingDid anyone think that I tried to... Oh no, not at all!!! When I started playing BCM I wanted the artifacts, the high AI of my crew and ofcourse, the Supreme Cmdr's Rank from the begining of a game. Me, too... So, if anyone asked me what from the three above would I choose, that would be 3! Playmod's more that cheating, I agree. BCM, like BC3k, has many variables that can be changed, as I've seen in docs and personal testing. I wouldn't like to use the word "cheat" for playmod. To me, it's something like a "reality" modifier. It CAN be used for cheating, though... Invinvcibility? That's a true cheat!!!
  19. Has anyone wondered why SC releases cheats for his own game? I have thought 3 possible reasons: 1) "Why bother searching the net for cheats? I'll give them to you, myself!" 2) "Would you like to see NOW the game's full potential and possibilities? Here's a way!" 3) "Don't you have enough courage, or patience, to come into operations theater as a common mortal? Well get in as an immortal, even if you don't deserve it!"
  20. Thanks mihau. Although I've allready completed the Campaign and returned to ROAM, I guess the Rheingard might still be out somewhere, since I haven't found it yet. I'm thinking of rerunning an ACM and see what went wrong.
  21. Back in BC3K, I used to name my CC as "GCV-Adrasta". The name was taken from an old StarWars-like comic I had read. When I came back to BCM, I used something related to my nickname origins. APOLLO was originally the God of Light and Music in Ancient Greek Mythology, and his favourite instrument was the Lyra. (I think there's a star constellation called "Lyra", too). I happen to be a proffessional mucisian among others, so I chose to be APOLLO and named my ship as GCV-LYRA. This whole thing somehow reminds me a scene from Ghostbuster's where Gozer, a Soumerian God, was asking Ray: Gozer: "Are you a God?" Ray: "No..." Gozer: "Then... DIE!!!" As Wenkman concluded (in the movie, ofcourse): "when someone asks you if you're a god, say yes! YES!!!"
  22. In one of the ACM missions, I had to find a lost craft, the GCV-Rheingard, with no results. On the last ACM mission I ended up in LV-104/ALPHA CYGNI where I found the Rheingard's shuttle. Launched one of my shuttles, recovered it's stores and four guests that were inside. At this point, all were OK. Now, the four guests I've brought in, refuse to get out of my shuttle and go to the Guests Quarters. I even tried to deliver them to GALCOMHQ, with no result. Note: Those Guests are not shown on any of my lists, so I can not give them any orders. The only way I can see them, is to get my AE to the shuttle, launch, dock with a station, go to LOGISTIX-->CARGO-->PERSONELL and voila! They are there allright... Is there any way I could bring them to the Guests Quarters?
  23. quote:Originally posted by IceCold: So Apollo, How far have you gotten into the ACM missions? Last night I finished the TOD 3/5 Mission, which was the last one of the Campaign. No I'm on my way to Krynon to see if an artifact is still there. Took out about 3 GAM/MIL UNKNOWN CONTACTS. Getting to Krynon is a bit harder than I originally thought, since I have to pass through the entire Gammulan Quadrant. With the Supreme Cmdr's rank on my back and Karl Rheines still on-board, many Gammulans would like to take me down, but... ...as I usually say every time they come: "You want my ship? Come and get it!!!"
  24. quote: Originally posted by Greg Miller: Did anybody try to take a Fighter down and fire on the probe...?I'm planning to do it as soon as I complete my Campaign. If I can't have that probe, noone shall!!!
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