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  1. quote: Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: ...and mp is gonna rockI have this feeling that BCM's MP will be much harder than in other games. Players from all the world, having developed gaming skills and techniques all this time, eventually will face each other. GALCOM, we've got trouble...
  2. About the 1.0.08 RC32 Patch... What can I say... I applied it and no more crashes, no more hangups during resume, just smooth gaming!!! SC that sound system revision you did, really did the trick for me. We love your games, and the way you take care of them! Keep up the good work!!! (although I know you didn't expect from ME to tell you to keep it up)
  3. quote:Originally posted by kalshion: I might *MIGHT* be dumb, but I ain't stupid I hope you don't suppose I thought anything from above. After all, anyone of us could try something like that, just by curiosity. Who said that I didn't think to try it, too?
  4. quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: when I exited my ship I diedIf that atmosphere could damage your CC, what do you think it would do to your AE? Anyway, I understand that you saved your game before trying suicide. Thanks SC for giving us a 2nd chance!!!
  5. I 've started wondering if they are those high AI entities SC was talking about, considering that they mostly remain cloaked. I've also met 3 insurgent capital ships marked as TER/INS UNKNOWN CONTACT. They were planing to capture STARPATH but their appetite was suddenly cut... ...maybe because I showed up in MARS!
  6. quote:Originally posted by IceCold: It is possible to take support craft down to the planet's surface without taking damage. I've seen this happening with my own shuttles, too. But, is it possible for an LRT or an MRT to enter Obsidia, or any planet with similar environmental conditions, without taking damage? For example: "DRO/DIP LRT-15 FLEE OBSIDIA"... As for the second note, I have to admit that nothing is impossible in BCM's world, so we'd better sit tight and wait... After all, "Patience is a Virtue"
  7. Yesterday, during the TOD3/1 Mission (as far as I can remember), I encounered two Insurgent Fighters tagged as TER/INS UKNOWN CONTACT! These guys were very, very smart and they seemed to be able to avoid every missile attack (with EMD ofcourse). Later, in DARAIN region, while we were assistng the Credians having trouble with an Insurgent covert fleet, me and another TER/MIL carrier, realised that a cloaked ship was in the area, just watching. So, I launched probes in the entire TRENIS system. Eventually, he had to uncloak for a few seconds. What a surprise! A ZEL/MIL UKNOWN CONTACT!! Again!!! After a fast visual scan, before he cloaked once again, I identified the shape of a Firestorm Carrier. I suspect he's the one who beamed 5 intruders in my ship. But, as allways, they became light breacfast for my marines. But... ...that @#$%!&* seems to be following me wherever I go! If I ever have him in main guns range... I'm gonna vaporise him!!! Anyway... if anyone has encountered them before, I'll be much greatfull if he tells me his opinion about it...
  8. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: There is no station there. Any capital that warps in, is either using an HSD or is auto-generated.I guess I misjudged the tactical situation while I was in Obsidia region. The fact that made the cloaked station possibility stronger to me was that, many transports were indicated to "FLEE", having designated Obsidia as destination target. Obsidia's atmosphere has a really bad effect on any ship's hull and subsystems and I assumed every Cmdr (even AI) should be aware of it and under no circumstances go in there. So, the following question came up to me: "If not the planet... where else? Why not a station with the planet's name on it?"
  9. I have to agree with Cmdr Nova's conclusion. The best explanation is that Droidans and Syrions have a very close relationship with the Galaxians, although they try to cover it very, very well. Otherwise, why would they spend so much Iridium to maintain an entire starstation in Obsidia cloaked? If there isn't a starstation out there, would someone explain to me how could Droidan and Syrion cruisers appear out of nowhere at a certain orbital position, very close to the planet itself? As we know, a cruiser can not cloak, so... what else could it be?
  10. quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: I spent 4 hours in Vega Eridani and didn't find the probe..Sorry but, right now, I can't figure out a better way to say it but... 4 HOURS??? What happened out there? Anyway, I guess anyone can have eventually a blackout... By the way, have you read the Supernova 02 topic? Me and others have a few posts about that probe and... more...
  11. quote:Originally posted by Steve Schacher: I can't bring myself to play this game without the glasses anymore.Steve, I know exactly what you mean!
  12. quote:Originally posted by LBM: Are there any more secrets apart from these supernova areas, the probe and the artifact on the Nightstar?By now, all I know is what I've seen with my own eyes. And when I encountered it, I came here to share it. While waiting to find anything else, "I have my eyes and ears open, and I pay attention to everything that's happening in the galaxy."
  13. quote:Originally posted by Epsilon 5: you mean obsidia or the HSD? I don't think that Obsidia's big secret is the probe, or the Nightstar with the HSD in it's cargo bay. Just imagine the scene: Several types of Syrion and Droidan ships, including carriers and cruisers, appearing out of nowhere(!!!) and then "fleeing" to Obsidia,(the planet? Are they crazy???) while your CC scanners are full of cloaking distortion ???
  14. Intel Reports an artifact in Vega Eridani... I guess I was lucky. The Diplomat had eventually docked on MAJORIS, so I went after the artifact, leaving my FC's in Majoris patrol the region. I passed through the Fluxfields without any problems! Arriving on Obsidia, there it was! Launched a Shuttle and retrieved from the patroling Nightstar my HSD. Scanned Obsidia, and the crashed Galaxian Probe was down there, half buried. Kept Shots of that historical moment (at least for me). But there was a something strange out there. All sorts of crafts were going and coming from Obsidia, with no visible star station or starbase in the area. My CO kept saying "there's something out there". what? Maybe it was a cloaked star station, i didn't stay to futher investigate. At least for the time... I jumped through the SNOVA Wormhole, and there was Stargazer, the Uncharted One. Left a probe in the region, and returned to Obsidia, where I had this marvelous idea of retrieving the Galaxian Probe. what happened? The probe seemed to be unmovable and my ship got all sort of damage by Obsidia's atmosphere. The final clue? Don't try this at home! I think it would be much interesting, being able to actually retrieve the probe and have it examined by the RE...
  15. Now that I remember, I have encountered this with my onboard sound chip. Somehow the sound seems not to be synchronised with the video signal. To be more specific, sound seems to start first. After much observation, I figured out that when this happened (it didn't happen all the time) the game frozed solid. The FAQ section says something about decreasing the sound's acceleration from the dxdiag Control Panel. I think you should try also the dxdiag's sound accel slider bar. After all, It's DirectX 9.0 we are talking about...
  16. quote:Originally posted by Bandus: Ok, BCM was working just fine. No problems at all. I installed DirectX9 and... I happen to be using the same drivers and DX, and when i saw the topic, I went to try it. I got absolutely no problem at all!!! The game works fine to me. I think we shouldn't blame DX9.0 or BCM about that, not even the new VIA Drivers. Remains of the old drivers might still be inside your system, causing the game to freeze. My best advice: Copy your saves to a partition which OS doesn't use, format your system partition, reinstall windows. First thing to do after windows installation is installing the new drivers before everything else! Alternatively, before getting into such a procedure, disable the sound enhancements by adding to your BCM shortcut the extension /X0. I just saw a SB Live! in your system...
  17. quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: I didn't even know someone was experimenting with time acceleration. Possibly, SC mistook you to be me. All I did was to try if Debug Mode 1 (/d1) was functional, not only in the previous title, but in BCM also. It worked and among other features (unlocked for testing purposes, surely), I fell onto time acceleration. My opinion about it? You can read it, if you like, in the following page: Time Acceleration in Debug Mode SC is right, in Debug Mode is quite easy for the game to crash under certain conditions. But this forum supports only normal gaming issues. Any others are left to us to resolve. This is the way things work and it's the right one, I think.
  18. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Well, IIRC, weren't you the one experimenting with the debug time acceleration feature? No it wasn't Kalshion, I was the one (and the only one, I guess) who eventually found and tested the debug time acceleration. I ran it for about half an hour and then left it. Crashes??? Even if I had any, I wouldn't think of posting anything related, since I knew what I was doing, and a possible one was an acceptable loss. Without complains...
  19. I have tried this myself with a pair of 3d Stereo Glasses from E-Dimensional. The result is HOT, not only in the E1 and E2 Demos, but in the retail BCM also. Yes, I have the same 2D screens corruption too. But, I assume that Derek never designed BCM to work in Stereo Mode, so I have no complains.
  20. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Its not what you think it is. But good luck using it though. Boss, when you say something, that's it and noone questions it. Honestly! I never claimed that time acceleration operates in normal game conditions. Debug mode is what it is and nothing more, nothing less. Personally, it's not my intenesion to run the game again in d1. Some things have to be done the right way, which means, the hard way! Have a nice day!!! (did some changes in my profile, but I'm still nasos073)
  21. About that time acceleration thing... You guys, are you sure it's been COMPLETELY removed??? That's not what I saw... at least in Debug Mode 1. I accidentelly found it, although I don't use it. 8x Acceleration? It's too artificial, seeing time pass by in that speed... No magic at all... But, if you don't want to wait and see your mining drones take that much time to fill, or your repairs to complete, just jump to an other region and make somthing usefull... beat a Stormcarrier for example!!!
  22. Thanks for the advice. I 'll be watching for such situations. The lost EP's match with those of a destroyed diplomat, do it's obvious what happened. I'd better read again the chapters about classes and EP's...
  23. Sorry guys, but a question came up to my mind about a certain situation. Let's say I'm in MARS, and decide to go to TREAS, leaving my mining drones in Mars to keep mining. Do I still lose EP's when a transport is destroyed in that area, just because my drones were mining in Mars?
  24. As a matter of fact, it happened to me last day and I was wondering why! After 5 hours of playing, I managed to get 3500EP's. While checking the ship's subsystems, I looked on the Roster Tab and saw - Oh, s**t - [-1500EP's]!!! All these happened in the POLARIS region while I was following a suspicious transport in the PROCYON's front yard: ACTIS IV. Who said that any region is ever been cleared?...
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