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  1. If you will not debate properly, then there is no point in continuing this. Either address my arguments point by point, or shut up.
  2. Ah yes. Ignore my post, and attack me. How typical of you, when you know I'm right.
  3. Weather or not Bushco accepted or even wanted the endorsement is irrelevent - the fact that they have expressed a serious preference for Bush is troublesome. quote: Republicans are NOT using scare tacticsCan you truly be so ignorant? What's all this "a vote for Kerry is a vote for the destruction of western society" rubbish that Cheney is spouting? Scare tactics, of course. quote: they are not trying to set up this election so that they can take it to court if they lose The left doesnt want it to have to go to the courts. quote: they are not sending 100's of thousands of voter registration cards in in order to overwhelm registars offices to such a point where they can't check them Ever heard of 'get out the vote'? That's what this is. I wont deny that a few of them are double registrants or whatever, but there are those sorts of people on BOTH sides of the fence. And also, methods used to deal with the torrent of registrants by Republicans in power (like Florida) or Republican-funded groups are rather worrisome. Like this, this, this, this, and this. Want more? There's plenty more GOP garbage floating around. quote: They are also NOT doing their best to take Nader to court in EVERY state to keep him off the ballot. Democrats are legally contesting Nader, winning some, and losing some. But of course you ignore what Republicans do, such as when Glenda Hood put Nader on Florida's ballot - against a court order not to, due to not having enough legitimate signatures. quote: I KNOW who the anti-democracy forces in this country are, and it sure ain't the Republicans. Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.
  4. Link and another link. Looks like the anti-democracy forces like to stick together.
  5. I've got a .txt file, dated June 4th, with the password for servers, 2, 3, and 4. I can PM you the password (its the same for all of them), if you want.
  6. Tried it again, this time, waiting longer then before, and lo & behold, it works. I guess I'm just too impatient. Takes like 10 to 15 seconds. I remembered it being less. Though on a side note, the registration page does not seem to have the password, just the current patch.
  7. I'm finally starting to come around. IE, my hiatus is over. I was even going to log in an hour or two online tonight, but the servers are refusing the password from june-july. Is there a new password or something?
  8. LIS: Your 'proof' is bogus. That newsmax article is similar to most right-wing propaganda, claiming a Al Qaeda-Iraqi link, jumping to conclusions. So one member of the Iraqi army was a member of Al Qaeda. Timothy McVeigh was a Bradley gunner, does this mean the U.S. bombed the Alfred P. Murrah building (AKA Oklahoma City bombing)? Lee Harvey Oswald was a Marine sharpshooter, does this mean that the American government ordered the assassination of Kennedy? Of course it doesnt. The affiliations of one person does NOT mean the entire group has the same affiliations. Freerepublic is me-tooing, conservative propaganda, and parroting whatever republican talking point happens to be the most prevalent. So there was another person affiliated with Al Qaeda, who was also in the Iraqi government. It's entirely reasonable to say that some people in Iraq were involved with Al Qaeda. But by no means does it prove that there was a concerted effort at the higher levels of the government to help Al Qaeda, like you're claiming.
  9. I had discovered it a few months ago through HOTU, and fell in love with it. Been spending a bit too much time on this, instead of UC. (sorry ShoHashi) Describing it, in a nutshell, is Freespace (with semi-newtonian physics) meets Starcraft. It's a space sim with a commander who basically plays the game like an RTS.
  10. So you only want to count the time serving on the swiftboat, Jag? Fine. That's still more then four months, yet, apparently you can't do basic math, as he served six months on the swift boat. Stop making yourself look like an idiot.
  11. Jaguar, when will you bother to look up the truth? Distorting history to belittle Kerry is so pathetic. But, since you are likely to just dismiss what I say, comfortable in your far-right belief and trust in Kerry-haters, I'll provide the truth for you. Kerry spent 10 months doing basic and officer training, like any other future naval officer. Then he spent four months on the USS Gridley, which spent time in the Gulf of Tonkin. Then another four months training for swift boat duty. After that, he served on a swift boat from November '67, to April '68. If you can do basic math, you'll see that this is more then just four months.
  12. Kalshion. You're being just plain ignorant here. Ever hear of compression? You could easily compress your 45 gig file down to a gig or two, maintaining decent quality. and your 1 gig file? that could be dropped to like 50 megs. Now, I'm not an expert on video codecs, so these figures wont be exact. But I'm fairly certain you can drop the size by something like 90% with little reduction in quality. And uploading large files will damage a computer? ROTFLMAO. You truly have NO idea what you are talking about. It will take some HDD space, some RAM, processor time, and some bandwidth, but that is what it will take. And this is hardly damaging a computer. And your FTP provider saying you can't upload it? Again, ROTFLMAO. You mean your ISP, as FTP is a method of transferring files. And an ISP is not going to deny you the use of your bandwidth, unless you have a cap. Also, you would not need to put the file on an intermediary FTP server, it can be transmitted directly between yours and Takvah's (or whoever's) computers. Summary : You've been talking a load of bulls**t. But let's see the statement from your ISP saying that uploading a large file will damage computers. Since if they've really said something like that, it's obvious the person who said it has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. Likely a low-level tech support person.
  13. National sales tax = totally idiotic. It would hit the poor HARD, as they spend a much greater percentage of their income on necessities like groceries, then the middle or upper classes. 10% of $50 is a lot more, when you've only got $15,000, compared to $50,000.
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