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  1. Next : Inflatable court house, with inflatable lawyers. Get divorced anywhere you want!
  2. I have come across a bug(?) regarding the PTA turrets on heavy carriers. They're not firing nearly as often as they should. The capacitor appears to work fine, discharging, and recharging, but no PTA fx or damage done to enemies in range. Both sets of cruiser turrets work fine, and so do super carrier turrets. However NPC heavy carriers appeared to be unable to fire as much as they should. I have uninstalled BCM, deleted the directory, reinstalled, and patched to 1.0.08RC23, then to RC32. Same problem. Any idea what's causing this? [ 01-21-2003, 01:03 AM: Message edited by: Kartoffel ]
  3. SC had said that Obsidia's probes, and SN10's planet were just a scratch on BCM's secrets. Keep on looking.
  4. Happy New Year. -1st post of 2003 [ 01-01-2003, 12:06 AM: Message edited by: Kartoffel ]
  5. Good for a laugh. Especially the fine print.
  6. You'd need RC23 & RC28 to get BCM up to date. MP is still a while off.
  7. Words of advice: while not essential, neaten up your post. Use better spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. It makes it MUCH easier to read. How many times have to tried to capture the station, anyways? If only once, try again. [ 12-04-2002, 05:28 AM: Message edited by: Kartoffel ]
  8. Self-obsessed idiots are on the rise... just yesterday, I was playing a game of BF1942, and I was screaming for someone to spot for artillery so I could hit stuff, and make their lives easier. One whole game goes by (approx 30 minutes) and out of half a dozen scouts, one person is actually intellegent enough (or not completely stupid) to spot for me... about 4 seconds before the game ends. Spotting isnt even that hard anyways.
  9. I tried playing Soul Reaver 1 on a laptop... That's the extent of my laptop gaming, but IMO, keyboard's just too compressed, and unless you got a mouse to attach to it, control is likely going to be a b**** until you get used to it. While I'm sure there are people out there who like gaming laptops, I do not believe that it's truly feasable.
  10. Never played WW2OL, what is it like compared to BF1942?
  11. How had you sent the fleet? Did you just send em all to attack the station, or did you time arrivals so they all arrived at once?
  12. And I just got me a Ti4200... $%^%*%^$&$%&%!!!
  13. rant I'd say go carrier- they're quite a bit more versatile, albeit slower. Sure, 1 on 1, most cruisers can kill carriers, but that's what fighters are for. Fighters also let you reach out and crush something, while cruisers have to go there, wasting fuel (can be critical early on) to annoy something. Carriers do require more cash to operate, but they generally have more cargo space then cruisers, and they have a _USEFUL_ cloaking device. Pair it with a PAD, and you can take about anything out. While I'm ranting, I might as well mention that intruders can cause a LOT of trouble on cruisers, since they only have 5 or 10 marines, compared to the 20 or 40 on carriers. All in all, it's basically speed & manuverability vs versatility. /rant
  14. It's due out in January, adds a bunch of stuff, like the Italians, a few italy-area maps & the like. Anyone planning on getting it?
  15. Good idea: Beaming a party of intruders onto an enemy ship. Bad idea: Beaming a party of intruders into Operations on the enemy ship. Dumbest intruders I've seen yet. [ 11-14-2002, 06:07 PM: Message edited by: Kartoffel ]
  16. Doubt you guys have ever played it, let alone heard of it, but Ys 4's opening theme is among the best written music I've heard. So is most of the other music in the game. [ 11-06-2002, 06:08 PM: Message edited by: Kartoffel ]
  17. Utterly clueless fools like those in that VE3D thread are always good for a laugh. So many things they say that are so blatantly untrue, its almost sad. About ground/air vehicle shots, is there some bitmap I can change to get em back to what they were before? [ 11-03-2002, 07:48 AM: Message edited by: Kartoffel ]
  18. Not the point I meant. Havent you gone onto battle.net or something and been assaulted by bots spamming something like 'join our l337 clan'? That's what I mean by spammer-bots, and hoping SC doesnt leave a loophole that lets em on.
  19. All fine & good, but might it be possible to make the ground and air vehicles have easier-to-see shots?
  20. Unfortunately the internet is practically like this... Fortunately there ARE fairly reliable pop-up-stoppers out there. *prays that SC wont leave a loophole in MP that lets spammer-bots in*
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